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Ayumi Hamasaki

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Atomix, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Mr.Arroz

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    DUTY is her best album, I think. I really like tracks from all of her albums, but I listen to NEXT LEVEL all the way through.
  2. The only two Ayumi songs I ever became obsessed with are Alterna(rock) and Ladies Night ~ Another Night (FUCK AWESOME REMIX)
  3. Great performance. She has a voice that is distinctively "Ayumi", love her vibrato.
  4. I am loving the performance of I Am... from CDL 09-10. Don't usually like to use this word to describe a performance as it is so overused but it is epic. Granted she's drowned out a bit by the drums initially but still great! Love the drummers, violins etc.

  5. From what I have heard from that album so far its a great,
    Im loving Ladies Night,Step You,Bold and Delicious,Missunderstood, Criminal and I havent even heard all of it yet^^
    I just brought the 2CD/DVD "Next Level" Album and am slowly listening to her older songs.
    Im loving the "Sparkle" and "Girls Night" videos alot currently aswell^^
  6. I love her songs 'Because of You' and 'Inspire' and I have heard a few others, not sure if most of her stuff is like those two songs but yeah I would love to hear more stuff like that.
  7. Sophiemoph Ooh yeah I love Inspire - so catchy! Unfortunately she doesn't have any other songs like that. If you like Because Of You then I'd recommend End of The World and Game.

    koolhk Glad you're enjoying (miss)understood! I wasn't sure about B&D at first but it is kinda fun! Plus there's a great performance she did of it on tour with a gospel choir.

    There's so many of her videos I like - not sure what my favourite would be! Though it used to be Alterna, but I think I watched that one too much. Again I think (miss)understood has a lot of my fave vids on it (Fairyland, Rainy Day, and Ladies Night is pretty cool!)

    I do like Next Level even if Curtain Call is one of my most hated songs of hers!

  8. I really dislike Ayumi. Her material up until "RAINBOW" ( and some of "MY STORY")was amazing, but everything since has just been dirge (imo ofc), she's practically a parody of herself nowadays.

    I think everyone should listen to "I Am.." however, as far as pop albums go, it's near faultless. "M" can still give me chills.
  9. I have heard Game before, thanks for reminding me! Love that song too.
  10. About You came on my mp3 the other day - first time I heard it in a while and realised how good it was! I always tend to write it off in favour of her other rock songs.

    Another great song and video - Momentum. I love snowy vids! Plus I think it sounds very Ayumi-ish.

  11. thats a difficult name to get to grips with!
    shame they didnt come up with an 'artist' name like 'blue clouds' or something..
  12. Seeing as there is a general thread for Namie Amuro and Kumi Koda why not one for the Empress of J-Pop^_^

    Anyway, with Ayu's recent 50th single "L" being released she now has the female record for the most #1 singles sold in both girl group and solo categories. She originally tied with Matsuda Seiko who had 24 #1 singles but after "L" Ayu now has 25 #1 singles.

    Incase you haven't heard the new songs on "L".
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJCI6X5egwU (Virgin Road),
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luL9zDxpLOc (Sweet Season),
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzWcT50gG9k (Last Angel).

    Congulations Ayu^_^

    This can also be a general Ayu thread too:)
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  13. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki takes the record for most consecutive number #1's (General)

    Congrats to her. I wonder how it compares to other artists globally. I know Madonna and Mariah are nowhere near that.
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  14. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki takes the record for most consecutive number #1's (General)

    Her new songs are shit.
  15. 3Xs


    Re: Ayumi Hamasaki takes the record for most consecutive number #1's (General)

    Ayumi has so many #1's because she releases about 27 different versions of her singles. Her fans eat it up and buy multiple copies. "L" had 4 different versions!
  16. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki takes the record for most consecutive number #1's (General)

    At least Madonna and Mariah are known worldwide, ayumi is only known throughout eastern Asia
  17. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki takes the record for most consecutive number #1's (General)

    Different people, different opinions. In my opinion her last two albums (especially Rock N Roll Circus) have been really good and her new singles are great.

    For the comment above, atleast Ayumi's music has consistently stayed great, both Mariah and Madonna have got alot of criticism lately over their music and Mariah especially isn't really that important in the music industry as much these days.
  18. 3Xs


    Re: Ayumi Hamasaki takes the record for most consecutive number #1's (General)

    LOLWUT? Is this a joke?

    I'm not an Ayu fan by any stretch of the imagination but even I an hear/see that the quality of her music and videos has gone down over the years.
  19. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki takes the record for most consecutive number #1's (General)

    Well I personally still like it, she changes her sound nearly every album and I think some people don't like that about her but I do.
    For example, "Sexy Little things", "Microphone" and "Sparkle" among others are some of her best songs I have heard (I admit I have not listened to all her discography yet).

    You must agree with me though that she has stayed most consistent in her music then Madonna or Mariah?
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