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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Atomix, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Shes getting married!

  2. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    Ayumi Hamasaki is officially married now! Her and Mannie married in Las Vegas and the link below shows a picture of them as well as a message she wrote on Team Ayu.
    They really do look happy together so I wish them both a long and happy marriage^_^

    Also, apparently she will be staying in the U.S for 3-4 months:)
  3. Rmx


    Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    My girl got married! I could shed manly tears of happiness, but I'll keep my tears for when the reality really hits me that she's MARRIED and will never produce sad angry lonely songs like Because Of You again. We'll have to prepare for a world of Sweet Seasons, Thank U's and Crossroad's.

    OR she could just pick a different producer for her next album, because Love songs is kind of a snorefest let's be real about it. Last Angel and blossom are the only songs to come out of it I actually love. And usually the amount if songs I love on 1 Ayu album is a lot higher than that.
  4. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    Well congratulations to her. Is it kinda wrong that I'm already anticipating the post break-up album which is bound to be all sorts of amazing?
  5. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    Her new husband is a cutie!
  6. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

  7. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    Oh well so much for the wedding dress lol! That's a really cute pic of them though.

    Wow, I'm surprised they got married so fast - I was expecting a big buildup and a huge amazing wedding.

    Still waiting for my copy of Love Songs, hopefully it will be here by Friday.

  8. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    Awww, married and Happy. Hopefully she'll shed the rock chick/self rip off/crap era and do decent music again (Where her albums don't sound like one hour long song).

    Electro HONEY all round ... Or a happy Next Level.
  9. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    Congrats to the happy couple.  It's funny I've just been following Ayumi for the past few months on Twitter and not fully knowing I was watching some of her courtship with Mannie on there.  Also her English is really good.

    Also her fans where posting news from their native country about the wedding. I'm surprised of no big news from japan.
  10. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    The best Ayu is the one who is an electro crazy bitch making interesting screaming noises with a heavily distorted guitar in the background, while also writhing in a mud pit.
  11. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    Got my copy of Love Songs last week!

    At first, although I was liking most of the songs, I was a little bit disappointed. (I usually am when I first get Ayu albums, prob cause I'm anticipating them so much!)

    But now I think it's great! Bit different from her usual albums as in the feel of each song is similar. (I notice other people saying it flows better than her previous albums, but I'm not going to say that as I like the way her other albums "flow" with the interludes seperating each "section" of songs)

    I can see why people weren't that excited by the singles though, but they do sound better in the context of the album. Although I kinda enjoy them I do find it hard to remember how Moon, Crossroad, Blossom and Sweet Season sound.

    Liking the interludes though they don't stand out as much as the ones from her previous albums (which are as good as the songs) but take you into the next track. Though was surprised to see this album didn't start with an intro!

    Songs I like:

    Love Song - Love the piano intro! Actually I like a lot of the intros on this album.
    Sending Mail - it does sound like Mirrocle World but it's catchy
    Last Angel - again very catchy, seems like the most "jpoppy" song she's done
    Like A Doll - the english jars a bit but loving the violins
    Do It Again - love the build up. Sounds like it would be a great running song...if I actually ran
    November - love it! was so hoping I would enjoy it as November is my birth month. Love the "dark" section
    Virgin Road - took a while to grow. It just has such a "sad" feeling and feels quite straight forward for an Ayumi ballad.
    Seven Days War - loving the retro TK sound! And her vocals sound OK, was a bit apprehensive about how they would sound.

    I was actually quite isappointed by the PVs though. Hate, HATE Blossom, Crossroad and Sweet Season are a bit boring (Crossroad being especially uninspired) and what's up with the quality of the rest? Mon was so crisp and sharp like her videos usually are whilst Virgin Road, Last Angel, Song and Do It Again are quite grainy. (Is it because they were shot in the US and they were using different equipment or something? I figured maybe that's the look they were going for in VR)

    And lasty it was interesting to hear some TK compositions as I wasn't sure how relevant he was anymore, but enjoyed hearing his sounds.

  12. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    Sweet Season is such a great video, though!
  13. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: Married in Las Vegas!

    Yay for house Ayu mixes. This is going to be particularly good for me, because they will probably mainly feature mixes if her last 3/4 albums, which I thought were all pretty good.
  14. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: 4 new remix albums, RnRC Tour DVD and new song Making Fate!

    The House Remix CD is mine for sure. I love her remixes, and lately they have been better than her original output.
  15. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: 4 new remix albums, RnRC Tour DVD and new song Making Fate!

    Definately wanting the RnRC blu-ray! Probably get the Acoustic Orchestra album. I do like some of her orchestral remixed like Green & Hope or Pain, though wasn't that keen on My Story Classical as it seemed a bit too "dramatic". The only AC album I have is Ayu-mi-x IV which I only liked a few songs off (Never Ever) but as this is her first AC release in years, I'm tempted to buy.

    Unsure if I should get any of the other remix albums. I like Rule (80 Kidz No More Rules Remix) and Blossom (Clockwork Yellow Remix) but unsure which of the albums I would like most.

  16. Rmx


    Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: 4 new remix albums, RnRC Tour DVD and new song Making Fate!

    So glad I pre-ordered the Limited Box weeks ago! It's such a great release, definitely the best cover out of the bunch, and it got all 4 jewelcases inside + bonus non-stop remix CD + 15 posters omg.

    I can't!

    Here's the gorgeous Limited Box cover slightly larger:

  17. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: 4 new remix albums, RnRC Tour DVD and new song Making Fate!

    Still haven't ordered my copy of Acoustic Orchestra or Trance - am gonna hold out and order it with the blu-ray. Perhaps the OS versions will be available by the time of the blu-ray release.

    Covers aren't bad - much better than Gold & Silver and the LE box cover is really pretty! But they're no Ayu-mi-x IV

  18. Re: Ayumi Hamasaki: 4 new remix albums, RnRC Tour DVD and new song Making Fate!

    Can't wait to get my hands on this!! I love Ayumi.
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