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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Atomix, Feb 21, 2007.

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    If only she would upload her entire discog onto Spotify already! Here we only have the stupid playlist albums available.
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  2. Screaming:

    Imagine being there in 2001 though, Ayu at the height of her ~ queendom ~ setting fire to clubs in Tokyo alongside Above & Beyond behind the DJ booth:

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  3. It's that time of year again.

    This month (November 17th) "Cyber TRANCE presents ayu trance 2 -COMPLETE EDITION-" will be released:

    01. independent (Cyber NATION remix)
    02. independent (Cyber NATION Original Extended mix)
    03. independent (Cyber NATION Dub mix)
    04. HANABI (Lange remix)
    05. HANABI (Lange Extended mix)
    06. HANABI (Lange Extended mix Instrumental)
    07. HANABI (Lange Dub mix)
    08. July 1st (Flip & Fill remix)
    09. July 1st (Flip & Fill Extended mix)
    10. July 1st (Flip & Fill Extended mix Instrumental)
    11. July 1st (Flip & Fill Dub mix)
    12. Dearest (Rank 1 Vocal mix)
    13. Dearest (Rank 1 Instrumental mix)
    14. Free & Easy (Minimalistix Club mix)
    15. Free & Easy (Minimalistix Club mix Instrumental)
    16. Free & Easy (Minimalistix Dub mix)
    17. Connected (Ferry Corsten Extended 12" mix)
    18. Connected (Ferry Corsten Instrumental 12" mix)
    19. Connected (Ferry Corsten Ambient mix)
    20. Connected (Push remix)
    21. Connected (Push Club Mix)
    22. Connected (Push Instrumental Dub)
    23. I am... (Ramon Zenker remix)
    24. I am... (Ramon Zenker Extended mix)
    25. I am... (Ramon Zenker Extended mix Instrumental)
    26. I am... (Ramon Zenker Dub mix)
    27. Daybreak (Orion Too remix)
    28. Daybreak (Orion Too Extended mix)
    29. Daybreak (Orion Too Extended mix Instrumental)
    30. Daybreak (Orion Too Dub mix)
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  4. Happy November everyone!

    I noticed on Insta she said the two CDLs would have different performances!
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  5. Love the attention the ayu trance albums have been getting, and these tracklists are giving me 1999 all over again. Looking forward to this next release.
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  6. So the trance remix album news has got me good, there are some proper smashes on there.

    I’ve known about Ayumi for years and years now but I’ve never dived into her discography. Does anyone have recommendations on where to even begin?
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  7. Allow me to refer to me:
  8. @Orange In general, she has an amazing discography. Every album has at least a gem or two... except TROUBLE.

    I don't think you can go wrong with starting with her first 5 albums. Rock solid. My personal favourite album is 'Love songs' though.
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  9. My favourite album is (miss)understood!

    I tend to work my way backwards through an artists discography when discovering them. Trouble may not be her best work, it does have We Are The Queens which I enjoy! It is a mini album though, her latest studio album being Made In Japan.

    EDIT: I feel the last few songs released are a good indication of her music - Ohia no Ki, Dreamed A Dream, Haru yo Koi and 23rd Monster although I must admit Ohia is not a favourite.
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  10. Three of my favorite Ayu dance, ballad, and creepy R&B (in that order) classics:

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  11. True, these 4 songs of single quality are a good, current representation of her sound.

    It may be old-fashioned, but I'm still hoping we'll get a proper new album one day: 16 songs, 70+ minutes. There's nothing wrong with short and sweet, but something more demanding to listen to from the beginning to the end can also be a great experience (like 'I am...', 'RAINBOW' or 'Love songs').
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  12. She broke her ankle.
  13. I hope she'll take it easy, but from what I understand (according to Instagram), she'll still perform this weekend in Nagoya.
  14. Yesterday, she performed and even expanded the setlist with 2 songs (Curtain Call and Boys and Girls).

    Afterwards, she was hospitalized though and was diagnosed with anaphylactic shock. Today's show is cancelled.

    I hope she'll be okay and will take it easy.
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  15. I really hope she's all right, that's scary. She should probably take a bit of a break after all this.
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  16. Fucking hell Ayu, please rest up!
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  17. The more you act tough
    The easier I see your weakness
    The more you bare your fangs
    The easier I see your pain
    Just be yourself
    Because I will accept you
    Don't be afraid
    Because I understand
    That we look like we're laughing
    When our tears flow
    And we look like we're crying
    When we laugh

    This hidden gem.

  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  19. Not this making me feel ancient

    It’s still probably one of ny favourite Ayu albums. 1 LOVE and momentum were on repeat back in the day ññ
  20. I feel you sis. I became a fan during the MY STORY era, and it’s crazy to think I was eleven years old back then dddd.
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