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Ayumi Hamasaki

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Atomix, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. This making me feel even older…

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  2. Come on ayupans, it’s time to cry:

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  3. I love the Momentum PV, the opening shot is like a Christmas card!

    I wish she would do a Winter Best of in the vein of the first A Ballads (as opposed to A Summer Best!)

    I like how there's now a Winter Song playlist on her Youtube channel but why include Dearest?
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  4. Setlist for the CDL:

    Dreamed a Dream
    Depend on you
    Beautiful Fighters
    Last minute
    Powder Snow
    We Wish
    Haru yo koi
    Theme of A Nation 03
    How beautiful you are
    Love ~Destiny~
    Surreal ~ Evolution ~ Audience ~ Trauma
    My All
    23rd Monster

    My favourite section was Rainbow/Haru yo Koi/Theme of A Nation 03/How Beautiful You Are. Loved the new arrangement for Rainbow and, despite not being a fan of How Beautiful You Are, it was a touching performance after she brought out the surviving cast members from the HBYA PV (and other PVs) and shouted "Be who you are, no matter what people say" in English at the end!
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  5. 24th anniversary concert at PIA Arena MM on April 6th

  6. Already here for her next tour: ayumi hamasaki Just the beginning -20- ~5th Anniversary~ THE NEXT TROUBLE TOUR 2022.
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  7. The logo is so cheap looking!

    Stick a 25th Monster on there and we're done!
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  8. The logo is giving

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  9. I immediately noticed Koda Kumi but initially missed Ayumi because I continued counterclockwise.

    This sounds fun but what is this exactly? Why are all these artists here doing a rendition of one song?
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  10. Listened to LOVEppears for the first time today and needless to say, my wig was thoroughly snatched. Gonna finally do a proper dive into her discography now.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. You are about to be blessed!
  13. New song "Nonfiction" will be out on 22nd April.

    Live DVD/Blu-ray includes "CDL 2021-2022" and "24 the party" will be out on 1st July.

    and New full album in autumn.
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  14. I hope it’s a bop.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Was this just wishful thinking or actually confirmed?!
  16. Attached Files:

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  17. And tonight’s show set list.
    JUSTICE FOR from your letter!!

    00. Prologue
    01. A Song for ××
    02. Microphone
    03. taskinst
    04. 1 LOVE
    05. (don't) Leave me alone
    06. Trickstar
    08. Party queen
    09. Depend on you
    10. HONEY
    11. HOPE or PAIN
    12. GREEN
    13. SCAR
    14. Present (screen film)
    15. poker face
    16. ayu-mi-x Mega-Mix 2022
    17. too late ~ from your letter ~ Hana
    18. Free & Easy
    19. ourselves
    20. Nonfiction
    21. One Night Carnival
    22. Boys & Girls
    23. Who...
  18. upload_2022-4-6_10-55-10.png
    what a feeling look!
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  19. Looking like Namie AND calling her single Nonfiction? Oh @BEST FICTION you better lock your doors, she's coming for your ass.
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