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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Atomix, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Exciting news and such a special setlist!

    For now, let's forget that the new album could very well be:

    1. Taskintro
    2. Nonfiction
    3. 23rd Monster
    4. Dreamed a Dream
    5. 春よ、来い
    6. オヒアの木
    7. One Night Carnival
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  2. Exciting news and loving the NEW LOOK dd. The description translated from her website make the new track sound like a bop:
    Ayu ready?
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  3. Here's a snippet. It sounds a little bit like Party Queen.
  4. I’ll reserve my judgement until the studio version comes out, but I like what I hear so far and I think there’s potential for this to turn out quite good.

    I’m not sure there’s something quite like it in Ayu’s discography - though I could see it as a distant, twice removed rekative from an unholy union between Lelio and Sparkle dd.
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  5. It’s very… 2008-2010 Western Electro-Pop.

    But I do like it!
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  6. Well isn't that exciting.

    EDIT: I'm late.

    EDIT2: This pic though. Whew.
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  7. And here I was thinking this was gonna be her renaissance.

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  8. It's a bad Womanizer.
  9. It’s really not bad but it’s not exactly something I want to hear again and I feel like it’s a waste as a single. Should’ve just been one of those album tracks with a music video.

    I do not recognize her!
  10. These new songs from the last 2 years hardly sound innovating or new. But the songs are also definitely a lot better than TROUBLE. At this point in her carreer and considering the amount of albums she already has, I'm grateful she's still active.
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  11. Yeah it's definitely a bit of a retread of a sound she's already done several times by now but it doesn't sound bad per se. And I wouldn't mind a Party Queen-esque track without Timmy's ... special vocals on it, ngl.
  12. You forgot My All (Chinese Ver)!

    Getting strong BoA Adrenaline vibes from Nonfiction. It's not blowing me away but think I need to hear the studio version. Either way it will sit quite nicely on the album. New Hikaru, Kumi, Ayumi, Mika and BoA (yes, I'm counting The Greatest!) in one year?!

    Sounds like only the 24th anniversary concert is being released to CD Japan, YesAsia etc and the 2 concert set is a Mu-mo exclusive. Hopefully there will be a Taiwan version available like with Saigo no Trouble and Music For Life. Still deciding if I should preorder the 24th anniversary show or wait and see if there will be a Taiwan version.
  13. I was listening to Duty again… and although it has some less memorable moments, when it reaches its heights, it goes really high. The title track, for one, is a standout - the chants, strings, instrumentation and dark and brooding atmosphere envelop every part of your body in a way few tracks manage to do.

    Kind of gives credence to the fake tea that fired up chain emails at the time that the album was an MKUltra-style brainwashing device dd.

  14. YAS!

    And the rearrangement she did for the Cirque tour was gorgeous:

  15. "Duty" does have some amazing tracks like "End of the World", which still destroys me with its final chorus.
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  16. It's all about the bass and guitar solo in End of the World! The PCDL performance is amazing but this song needs another concert outing soon!
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  17. Looking forward to checking out the PV when it's released. Loving the "You're full of shit" line!!
  18. It's out.
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