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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Atomix, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. The look in black... she looks like someone pulled her out of the ourselves PV ffffffff does she even age!?

    Sadly, the song and video are far from that level. These You & Me/Feel the love type of songs... whoever suggested she should try that sound deserves jail time.
  2. Hmm! If that came out about 10 years ago I'd definitely be losing my entire mind about it. In 2022 it does feel quite dated. But it's not bad per se and there are definitely some moments that bop. It's ... fine, ya know. Ayu sounded good though, and she looked good in the MV. Speaking of which, it's pretty decent - it's not the most exciting but it doesn't look painfully cheap either. Very nitpicky but all those slightly different pinks drove me a little crazy ww They should've been different tones of the same hue. Overall I'm just kinda "yeah, sure" about this release. But that's better than the "eh ..." I felt for most of her output the last few years so, I'll take it.
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  3. It does sound a bit passé alright… Though the composition itself is attributed to someone who seems relatively unknown (小山寿), the arrangements are credited to tasuku, who has arranged a significant portion of tracks in Ayu’s discography already. I think that’s where the dated sound and my main gripe with this track is coming from.

    I would love to see Ayu start fresh with brand new producers and a new sound that suits her. Put Alexis Michelle on the case!

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  4. tasuku's interludes are some of my faves and many of the full tracks he arranged are certified bangers but the quality and originality definitely started to wane from Party queen on imo.

    I feel bad sounding so negative about Ayu tho ww But it's only because her music has been a massive part of my life, ever since I heard Fly high back around 2004, and there was a time when her discography was almost literally all I listened to, so the stagnation of her sound since ~2012 has just been kinda disappointing. I'm always hoping she'll get off this track and release something that gives me that transported feeling her music used to, you know? But at the same time it's like ... if the music she's been making makes her happy then I'm happy for her and all. So yeah idk what the point of this was except I guess to clarify that I'm not a hater ww
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  5. No, I totally get you and I find a lot of comments on Ayu these days rather harsh and uncalled for. The absolute worst are those involving moralising judgements on her persona and private life, which are frankly disgusting (not here but based on what I’ve read elsewhere). Leave a girl be.

    Ayu is a brilliant artist, performer and lyricist who deserves the utmost respect. While I may wish for her to try a new sound, at this point, she’s done it at all as long as she’s happy with what she’s putting out, then that’s what matters. I hope to see her in concert one day.
  6. I like the Nonfiction video. It elevates the song a bit. Especially the scenes in the pink room are nice.


    Someone on the ahsforum said she has also recorded new music with Tetsuya Komuro (aside from 'Dreamed A Dream'), so prepare yourself.

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  7. I wish it leaned hard into the Industrial/EBM sound, then it would sound less dated.

    It’s not bad, and the video is nice. The dancer next to her in the pink scene is hot.
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  8. Well, I liked that quite a bit. Loved her in the black wig. She kinda looked like Kuu with the ponytail, dddd. This and "23rd Monster" are quite good actually, so I'm definitely looking forward to the new album.
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  9. I just go back home from her final date of Kobe show.
    Her sing was better than I thought.lol
    Really loved “like a doll”!

    2.Dreamed a Dream
    4.Real me
    5.Like a doll
    7.Party Queen
    8.Depend on you
    9.Fly high
    11.Curtain call
    13.Memorial address
    14.Last minute
    15.My Way
    ・Movin' on without you
    ・Feel the love
    ・Many Classic Moments
    17.23rd Monster
    21.MY ALL

    Attached Files:

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  10. Nice, glad you enjoyed the show! Thanks for posting the set list.

    Ever since hearing Non Fiction I can imagine the album opening with an epic intro, followed by Non Fiction and straight into Dreamed A Dream! And if these songs aren't together in the final tracklisting then I'll make my own playlist!
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  11. Happy for you, @masahiro ! It's a great setlist. After all these years of touring, 'Like a doll' and 'NO FUTURE' made it. And the medley: bop after bop.
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  12. Yeah, Medley section was IT.
    Bit disappointed "Sparkle" was just [NO NO NO] parts. (and ENDLESS!!)

    The setlist was mixed from original tour and 24th anniversary special.
    There were no filming camera at Kobe Dates,
    So that means "Like a Doll" and the other song footages are won't be released perhaps.
  13. We know you're not a hater! I enjoying reading valid critique of Ayu's work and having a balance discussion about it. I can see where you're coming from with her sound - I think the ballad/mid-tempo tracks on Trouble are a perfect example of this. I do like how she always sticks to her Ayu sound though, made me think of when she was being interviewed a few years back in China I want to say (?) and she talked about how she's not interested in doing what's trendy.

    Still, (miss)understood is one her best, if not the best, album and I think part of that it was a mix of her usual producers and the Sweetbox songs which they added their touch to. I loved a bit of Sweetbox back in the day but their stuff starting getting too formulaic and Ayu's versions are a huge improvement.

    Re the Non Fiction video - loving the pink! All the pink! It's got that classic Ayu vibe to it and I enjoyed the choreography. I always love it when Ayu and Hikki use some armography in their performances - just shows even if you aren't the best dancer, it can look so effective!

    Also just finished watching the Music for Life concert again and I think this may be one of her best? The only dud for me was the Evolution arrangement. I think this concert might be available on Youtube on Saturday btw as part of the Youtube Music Weekend.
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  14. Looks like Nonfiction is getting some traction on social media. The song has been growing on me quite a bit! I love that she’s been reposting videos from fans on her story. Also Ayu using "bloody hell" SENT me dd. I love her.
  15. Love seeing her reply in English to fans! Especially saying "bloody hell"!
  16. Oh, and that's Bentley Jones, who worked on music for Sonic games and produced "My Bass" for May J.. Neat.
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  17. As she did for the best part of her career. True ally.
  18. My friend invited me out for drinks that night in Shinjuku but I declined cuz I was tired. Yesterday he was telling me all about how she just stepped out of a limo and started walking down the street ddd I’m kicking myself so hard I didn’t go!
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