Ayumi Hamasaki

At least she’s giving herself time for this one. Secret going from mini to full album a couple of weeks before its release was a scream back in the day, but you can tell she doesn’t care for some of those songs fff
I was listening to Duty again… and although it has some less memorable moments, when it reaches its heights, it goes really high. The title track, for one, is a standout - the chants, strings, instrumentation and dark and brooding atmosphere envelop every part of your body in a way few tracks manage to do.

Kind of gives credence to the fake tea that fired up chain emails at the time that the album was an MKUltra-style brainwashing device dd.

It was my first album of Ayu and I love it. Best cover art too!
Love Nonfiction!! It’s got throwback 2010 vibes but feels modern.