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Ayumi Hamasaki

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Atomix, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. A TK production is a TK production, this oe sounds like it has potential. Hope she finds her balance again and does what she wants how she wants it. She definitely deserves it.
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  2. Yeah, she has had such a long stretch of releasing a new album every year that a break isn't that bad. She kept on touring as well, including deeper cuts from her catalogue that were never performed before like 'NO FUTURE' and 'Like a doll'.

    Talking about TK productions and before we forget, it's that time of year again.

  3. I feel like TK doesn't have much of an ear for melodies and his production is just... tacky. So we'll see.

    I do wonder what's been going on with her life after reading that post. I honestly thought she was on an hiatus because she was enjoying life.
  4. I'd say that his productions are dated, since they have barely changed since the 90s, but his melodies are gorgeous.
  5. ñññ I'll accept crossroad and Virgin Road and that's it!

    Still not convinced :(
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  6. I'm actually loving the production in all its 2011 datedness!
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  7. The first 15 seconds sound fresh with that piano. The last 20 seconds sound generic, but like a bop.
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  8. Love me some dated 2011 bop, honestly. I can't wait!
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  9. The rest of Lovesongs would like a word with you. I'd even say that I learned that TK worked on it way after my first listen and was so surprsied that the guy revamped his sound for Ayu.
  10. This, “Nonfiction”, and “Summer Again” all sound like they’re from 2011! This is the ayu album 2011 needed!
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  11. It's here!

    That last minute is a nice change of pace.
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  12. I like it, but don’t love it like the previous two.
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  14. New Album will out on 25th Jan.

  15. Some really beautiful imagery in that music video. So only 5 new songs for the album. Kinda cheap of them to include Ohia no Ki and Haru yo, Koi.
  16. I don’t mind so much as it’s like a little pandemic era singles compilation. Totally excited for it!
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  17. If we were being realistic, it was always going to be something like this. (Though I didn't expect 'Haru yo, Koi' to make it.)

    At least the album will have 12 songs with 5 new ones, instead of 10 songs with only 3 new songs. Let's pray they are 5 proper new songs and not 1 or 2 intro/interlude/outro's. 'One Night Carnival' would've been a great 13th song as a bonus track.

    The Google Translation of the last part of the announcement made me laugh:

    Ayu, who has delivered songs that touch the hearts of many people across generations, now expresses all of her creativity in the format of a “full album”.
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  18. The 7 songs we have already collectively make this quite a good album for me.

    If the 5 new ones make for a cohesive listen then it'll be my fave album since Love Songs and, in all honesty, good for her. I've only kept up with her the last decade out of a kind of nostalgic loyalty but am now actually excited for a new Ayu album.
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  19. I'm going to jump into this. It's been a while since I threw myself into Ayu. The last time I really soaked into her was NEXT LEVEL. That was a fantastic album. 'Bridge To The Sky' will always be uplifting!
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