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Azealia Banks - 2021 New Music + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rooty, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. “In a crib in the west wing CHA-CHING” is still SENDING me
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  2. Okay DON'T @ me for looking this song up but I completely forgot this other video for it existed:

    On reflection the sample-intact version of the song is a lowkey bop but don't @ me for that either.
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  3. That single cover is unreal. Great song for this heatwave. She’s at the top of her game.
  4. Has she changed her Twitter handle?

    Oh, her brilliant brain remains brilliant. The two best singles if 2018 and a future degree in chemistry?

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  5. Now I'm dying for a photoshoot inspired by a mad scientist lab. I want shit blowing up.
  6. Treasure Island > Anna Wintour, sorry I don't make the rules.
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  7. I can't make the choice. Take my cats instead.
  8. Is that her actual twitter? It only has 35k followers and some of the posts don't seem like they're Azealia.
  9. It's her, she just changed the handle from cheapyxo.
  10. She's still locked out from her main Twitter account and all her followers. It makes no sense.
  11. She really doesn't play around this time, does she?

    Also, while we're on this page, let's appreciate the song that has introduced me to her. See you 1779 pages later.
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  12. Her giving her songs detailed backstories will always be amusing and brilliant

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  13. Treasure Island is fucking beautiful; atmosphere for days. The only criticism I have is that it feels like there should be a better transition between the verses and chorus.

    I need a whole album that sounds like this!
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  14. D e c e a s e d @ Chi Chi being for trade
  15. Happy page 212 xo
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  16. The transition is a TAD jarring, I feel like the background music comes in too early and starts it off on a weird vibe
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  18. Scream at those descriptions. The accuracy of Treasure Island and the sheer precision of Along The Coast.
  19. This kind of ruins the song for me. It's so jarring and quite surprising given how stunningly well Anna Wintour flows between its various segments.
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