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Azealia Banks - Fantasea II: The Second Wave

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Ray


    *Azealia herself
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  2. Movin' On Up's chorus is sheer gorgeousness. I'm borderline obsessed.

    She really is movin' on up and it's so great to see her shine again.
  3. I don't want to hex her with my optimism but (whisper it) I think she could have another hit, I honestly do. But I'll downplay my expectations. She's definitely here to stay.
  4. she started following SOPHIE on instagram! i hope there's a collab
  5. I was geniunely saddened when the Mel B collab in ANNA WINTOUR didn't happen, it's just that I found her facebook post so endearing, she seemed SO happy it was all coming together for her FASHION ANTHEM. Wasn't there a time she said she was done with music or did I just make that up? I'm so glad to see her so passionate about new music. Broke with expensive taste (and her music in general at that) still goes OFF.
  6. Bopped to this on the way to work, flying 45 in a 25 wig flew whew
  7. Arca's a big fan to, they play a show together in May so let's hope they meet and link up.
  8. I absolutely love Movin’ On Up, the final version is so much more polished which is great. I preferred the previous cover art as it matches up more with Escapades!
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  9. I think she’s been following SOPHIE for a while. She does hip-hop really well, so a collab with Azealia would probably be insane. Something like this:

    A lot of people from PC Music are fans of Azealia, actually. I’m surprised nothing has come of it.
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  11. Like clockwork, the single has changed!

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  12. "Why is she like this?" I say for the 500th time.
  13. I want her to collab with her idol Stacie Orrico tho
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  14. Vince is amazing.
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  15. I hexed her with my optimism. Let's hope she isn't going to derail her new era with indecisiveness!
  16. "Escapades" has really grown on me! I think it will shine in the context of the album.

    "Movin On Up" is good, but seems like less than the sum of its parts and feels like treading water.

    "Chi Chi" is by far the best thing since "The Big Big Beat" and I'm so glad it's gonna be on the album. Azealia's attacks on Cardi B are certainly petty, but when something as middling as "Bodak Yellow" goes to #1 while no one pays attention to something as incredible as "Chi Chi", I can sort of see where the anger comes from.
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  18. Once the vocals and mixing are fixed, it'll bop. Kii this could be any song we've heard so far.
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