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Azealia Banks - Fantasea II: The Second Wave

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. A reward for brown nosing.~
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  2. kal


  3. I high-key hate it when new music comes out at a random time on Fridays, I just want it as soon as I wake up
  4. Welp. It’s next week now, sisters.
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  5. Is she aware that you have to submit your material in order to receive a Grammy nomination? Because her post about “Electricity” being nominated over “Anna Wintour” was kind of a mess, since I don’t think she ever submitted anything. Sad because she probably could have snatched it.
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  6. *disappointed groan*
  7. Pitchfork names Anna Wintour as one of the best songs of 2018, coming in at 88.
  8. The acclaim continues. Dazed named Anna Wintour the 18th best track of 2018.

    Such a shame she can't just drop the bullshit and solely focus on the music. Anna Wigtour really was that bop, the scrapped Rankin video should've been a real comeback moment to.
  9. I got three tickets for me and my friends to see Azealia in Dublin on January 22nd, and now have an exam on that day in different city so can't go, friends hadn't book flights yet. So, does anyone need one, two or three tickets at face value? It's sold out now so maybe there is someone here who didn't get one.
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