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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rooty, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. I mean, it's not something I'd do but it's also, like, not illegal or uncommon and it just generally feels weird commenting on something culturally that is not my own, so.
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  2. I don't care if it's cultural. There is a way to do things especially relating to one's own culture. Filming it and the general tone of the video, having a kiki while pulling the body out of the ground etc. is undignified but I'll let ya'll sit in here and defend her. I'm out since this is getting too weird for me.

    Also I want it stated for the record I have never cancelled her for anything else nor am I trying to cancel her for this, so don't get me confused with someone else.
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  3. I mean, Fiona Apple has a tin filled with her dog's bones that she used as an instrument on her latest album that we all stan... So if this is really the case and it's more a matter of her taking her beloved pet to stay with her forever, I understand. It is a bit morbid and really unfortunate that she chose to do it this way instead of just... I don't know, a shoebox she can then bury in her new yard perhaps? But yea... I guess I understand this more than eating it after 3 months of decomposing.
  4. No it didn't take very long at all actually.
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  5. Broadcasting it is what's bizarre, especially since she's smart enough to know it'd elicit a reaction. She more or less anticipates (or goads) a reaction in earlier videos.

    Anyways, I don't think any of this is worth giving much more attention because, at the end of the day, it's not good for whatever is going on with her. I think it's worth sort of letting the thread die in the same way Kanye's threads have.
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  6. Where did the eating part even come from though? People saw her boiling it and immediately assumed she was gonna eat it? Come on. This was the PJ equivalent of clickbait dd
  7. I haven't watched the videos, and I do agree it was certainly a choice to broadcast that, but it was all over Twitter (of course) that she ate her cat. When I asked if anything is even good after being dead and in the ground unpreserved for the last 3-5 months, someone mentioned she was just boiling it for the bones and not actually consuming it
  8. Maybe it just needs a little push considering that 90% of PJ follows her on social media anyway and can see what she's up to 24/7
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  9. The kitty in heaven watching us fight while she snacks on smoked chicken cold cuts:

  10. Maybe people are comfortable suggesting the worst about her because she's spouting xenophobic nonsense on the daily, shaming other women publicly and relishing in the attention she's getting by doing it, has a Parler account and is a conspiracy theory nut? I don't know, that may have to do with all that, not sure though!
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  11. Soup!
  12. I really do think we should just close the thread and not give her the attention. Someone can open a new thread when she drops something worthwhile, and by worthwhile I don't mean a shitty underproduced demo she made in a day.
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  13. Wasn't this thread in the Comeback Corner anyway, or was that another one and an older one just got bumped?
  14. I can't believe I fell for this:
  15. I haven't seen the video but she's always had her own cultural traditions surrounding animals, whether we understand it or not. With that said, there was absolutely no need for her to film it and of course she knew what she was doing. She will probably stay awake on her slashed air mattress for the next 72 hours relishing in this new found attention.

    I think the outrage should be directed at her disturbing statements on Parler, that's where the true horror story lies.
  16. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I will say what I said in the moderator's chat and someone else completed: I agree that she's done and said a lot of awful things and at this point there's no justification for it whatsoever. But every single time, without fault, it goes into a place of discussing her mental health, and how @Mr.Arroz also put it, questioning the mental health of other posters who are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt when it comes to assumptions that she's boiling her dead cat to eat its meat. Your sarcasm is not appreciated as I'm not an ignorant child without awareness of Azealia's wrongdoings.

    Anyway, if people find it best to lock her thread and keep it that way, I'm sure the mods will have no issues with it.
  17. There are probably only a handful of people who actively post in this thread at this point, and most of us don't bump it unless there's something beyond the bullshit to discuss. I don't agree in locking threads when the discussions surrounding problematic actions can be educational moments, but I think we can all agree that rarely happens in here anymore because it gets so dark that nobody really knows what to say. If not locking it, maybe move her to the Comeback Corner until she releases some semblance of a project (be it an EP or album) instead of these songs that come out every 6-12 months.
  18. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Yeah, the mods agreed it would be best to keep this thread locked. Any posts about her actual recent music were moved to an album specific thread by @londonrain and if anyone wants to talk about the music, they can do it there. At this point there's nothing educational to take from the discussions about Azealia anymore, so we better let that shit rest.
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