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Azealia Banks - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rooty, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. I'm not a huge fan of Fuck Him All Night unfortunately, but I honestly didn't know I needed Azealia going Bathhaus Bauhaus in my life until this moment.
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  2. I’m glad to see there’s still a thread to discuss Miss Banks. Rewatching her Hot 97 interview earlier and hearing the passion in why she makes music was really inspiring.

    I continuously come back to BWET and the 1991 EP because they were so FRESH. The last slew of singles (I would say since Anna Wintour) lacked that special magic her earlier work possessed. I truly want nothing but success for her, so to see the sold out shows and new material has me a bit excited.
  3. Fuck Him All Night is fantastic. It’s on repeat.
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  4. Yes she promotes the vaccine... with the caveat that she thinks COVID-19 is "a bioweapon cooked up in a lab" dd but anyway... I was happy to see her commit to her tour recently, she's been making some positive moves so I hope it leads to a new full length project soon.
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  5. Tuning out any social media messiness because her music and aesthetics have been SO good lately. I still want her to win..
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  6. The way she goes viral on Twitter every week for something new.. truly the summer of Azealia. Even if this is shade nn.
  7. I'm so glad someone else said it. I think it's weird rap masterpiece. Also, I'm so glad she's performing and making music again. Her looks have been brilliant too. Fingers crossed everything goes well for Azealia this time.
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  8. She killed these two gigs especially. Selling out all 4 of her NYC shows was a good sign things aren't completely dead either.
  9. A London/Manchester show is an essential for 2022
  10. I’m so annoyed that the air wasn’t working at Webster Hall her opening night of that 4 show stint there last month, because what she gave was pretty phenomenal, even though she didn’t start until 12:45am and gave us a 40 minute show dddd. Still, she openly mentioned being nervous as it was her first gig back since pre-COVID and she honestly killed it. Happy she seems to be flourishing at the moment.
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  11. Ah, nice to have a thread for her where music can be discussed. Anything else is rather tense, unfortunately. That Tarantula demo is very up my alley. Her musical influences and style in which she draws on them for her own always manage to surprise and entertain me.
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  12. Once again, she teases me with “Icy Pisces.” I neeeeeeed it.

    I’m lowkey glad she has a thread again, because I’ve been hammering “Fuck Him All Night.” I’ve also been revisiting Fantasea and 1991. What classics. She really impacted how pop and rap intersect for me.
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  13. Yeah, I've been [redacted] him all night
    I've been taking raw [redacted] since 11
    It's 4:05 in the morn', in the dawn he still freaking me out
    Got me lock-jawed, [redacted] deep in my mouth
    He mesmerized by my eyes and my feminine thighs
    If he decide he wanna [redacted] then I'm ready to [redacted]
    Put a surprise in his bundle, lil' kundle inside
    He getting high on this [redacted] now he sweating it out
    'Cause we can [redacted], we can [redacted], we can [redacted]
    And we can [redacted] to the [redacted] if you ready to [redacted]
    I got some [redacted], a little waist and a strut
    So seductive and plush, feel the [redacted] deluxe
    He got a crush on me, now I got him spending his bucks
    He wanna touch on my body while his [redacted] in my [redacted]

    Sis was in her Lil' Kim Hard Core bag!

  14. She needs to come North of the border next time she's on this cursed island. I need to experience her live with a Glasgow crowd.
  15. Screaming at this from page 1
  16. I got to see her live at webster hall and WOW what an electrifying show it was. Ending with that yung rupunxel pt 2 moment was insane I swear her power caused that hurricane we all walked out into. I feel like good things are coming hope she stays on this trajectory.
  17. I like the sound of that demo and all of the clips from the NY shows, so I'm very much looking forward to more from her. Can we get a release date, though?
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  18. Oh my god, that whole page is hilarious in retrospect. People comparing her to Rye Rye, who I barely even remember now, and only remember at all because she sampled Robyn.
  19. I'm so glad this thread is back on so we can reminisce on the drag of the century:

  20. Everything she's teased from what I assume to be the long overdue Fantasea II has sounded amazing. Then again... she pushed back the release of Tarantula because she wanted to add Wings of a Butterfly as a b-side, but we should have had it since last Friday now dd.

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