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Azealia Banks - "New Bottega" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rooty, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. She was definitely being sarcastic and seeing who would actually send her money dd
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  2. I know people have been making jokes about how booking Azealia at a pride event is just asking for mess, but she’s generally been (as far as I’ve seen) very professional when it comes to performing in the past. It’s part of why she has continued to be booked at events a decade after “212”. So this is very unfortunate to see.
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  3. I thought it was very strange they had her booked for 1am… it seems like they really set her up to fail. I still believe she has so much potential and won’t be writing her off anytime soon. Also, throwing the drink at her was completely unnecessary.
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  4. The second year she was booked at Glastonbury, she cancelled like a few hours before her set. We literally found out on the way to her stage, via a screen. So I’m not sure she is the most professional when it comes to performing.
  5. Are you referring to when she was put on vocal rest in 2015? I think that is extremely different to what happened last night.
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  6. This is such a boring way of talking about her. Every artist has constant dramas but the media actually focuses on their music and work as well and that outweighs it. Would you have come into the thread to share an article if the performance went well? She's been made the villain for 10 years and yeah it's much easier to find all the negative but what does anyone achieve dropping into her thread with "more drama" but not contributing to the conversation when it comes to music?
  7. I think you’re over-sharpening your pencil into someone simply posting an article about her since it hadn’t been mentioned by a user prior.

    Given the fact her releasing official new music is still as complex and sparse, this is unfortunately to its detriment, a new topical subject to discuss about her.
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  8. And this on a thread that completely drew a veil over her anti-Ukraine comments and stanning for Putin. You couldn't make it up.
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  9. kal


    She did what? On one side, I'm honestly not surprised.. on the other side, I really can't with her bullshit anymore.
  10. I didn't know. But also not surprised.

    I pop into this thread hopeful that she has got better and has an album full of bops to come. It'll probably never happen.
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  12. You act like this thread is always active dd. The last page is literally the entire months of February and April and May. It’s also just… not very fun to discuss her, because it’s usually some bullshit, just like the Kanye thread barely moves when he does anything.
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  14. She really is a moron. It needs to also be said, why did she get booked for a pride event given her previous use of homophobic slurs and her support for Putin back in April.
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  15. Azealia almost exclusively plays queer events, and has for years now. Most people just don’t care.
  16. You'll get a multi-paragraph post about how she's just misunderstood, mistreated and her words taken out of context nn
  17. I understand sharing the article, I'm referencing "another day another drama." I don't hear people talking about Taylor, Demi, Halsey etc that way who have just as much drama (and often more annoying and self centered). It's just a reductive way of speaking about her and people wonder why she acts the way she does but the consistent lack of attention towards her art and always poking the bear and mocking a Black woman who pretty clearly has mental health issues is just sad.
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  18. I mean, that is usually the case. Especially when it comes to how white media or… white gays on a pop music forum post about her. Is it surprising that people want to offer grace to a queer black woman who clearly suffers from mental illness? Why would anyone come in here just to kick someone when they’re down? Your post actually really rubs me the wrong way, considering it’s usually black members on the forum explaining the situations surrounding her more in depth than the media or stans on ATRL will. Comes off extremely belittling. That doesn’t minimize or excuse what she’s said or done, and it doesn’t mean people are avoiding the discussion. But it’s weird to come in here and be like “why aren’t we all talking about this??”. Like if you want to come in here and drag her then do that, don’t hide under some faux concern.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Because neither of those peeled potatoes have two good songs to rub together and literally nobody on this forum are turning to them for inspiration or cultural nourishment. They also both operate under completely different circumstances to Azealia which i'm sure i don't need to elaborate on. Azealia has suffered irreparable damage to her career for her endless cancellable takes. I don't think the forum who largely enjoy her music feel the need to boot someone who's already lost it all. If you want to see people make fun of her you can literally turn to any hip-hop/meme page or Twitter
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