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Azealia Banks - "New Bottega" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rooty, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Jesy Nelson can also secure a top five single in literal blackface whereas Azealia, despite releasing great music, is laughed at and dismissed since 2013 so I really don't see the point of that shit comparison.
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  2. I mean, you weren't wrong, except no-one seems to have bothered with the last part because laughing at the deaths of thousands (perhaps millions) of innocent people is really just another "cancellable take" and not even worth addressing.
  3. This is absolute fire

  4. Wow this is great.

    Never not depressed when I think where and what Azelia could be.
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  5. dddd that accent…
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  6. Patrizia got bored haunting Gaga apparently
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  7. This explanation is accurate, but does that really make the double standards logically or morally sound? Something is still just as wrong regardless of the quality of one's music or the number of good songs that one has. For instance, Ariana Grande definitely got more of a pass on the blackfishing than Jesy (even before she stopped doubling down) on PJ because she and her music are well liked. Of course, Jesy did end up doing more damage with her blackfishing because Ariana Grande eventually seemed to re-evaluate her behavior, but Ariana's blackfishing definitely deserved the same initial response. It didn't get said response because a lot of people were hesitant to go in on Grande because of the quality of her music (among other things).

    I mean, I understand this dynamic completely. It is easier to go after someone who is not inspiring or culturally nourishing, but I think tying song quality or discography to moral concerns is going down the wrong path. I feel people used similar logic to dismiss the charges against Michael Jackson. I've literally seen people in real life dismiss the charges because they love his music and it was a big part of their childhood.

    That's not to say anything Azealia has done even comes close to Michael Jackson's crimes, but I'm just using it as an example for my argument that song quality (or cultural impact or nostalgia factor or whatever else) really shouldn't matter in terms of critiquing behavior.

    I get this, but it seems a little off that enjoyment of one's music should play a factor in feeling sympathy for a person who has lost it all. Honestly, as much as I think Ed Sheeran's music is unoriginal shite and as much as I dislike his personality, I wouldn't really want to fun of him if his career followed a similar trajectory to Azealia's. Unless he really really deserved it.

    Furthermore, even though Jesy's situation is different from Azealia's in some key ways, she also has mental health struggles and her behavior has not really been any worse than some of Azealia's greatest hits. So while I understand why people are more willing to give Azealia a break, the way this thread tends to brush off the things she does (I know someone is going to challenge me on this but I know what I've seen) versus the absolute savage glee at Jesy's downfall is pretty jarring. I don't expect the responses to be the same and honestly Jesy's blackfishing does admittedly piss me off more than most of the things Azealia's done or said, but it's the stark contrast that's a bit weird.

    I don't take any pleasure in what's happened to Azealia, who is one of the best female rappers of all time and easily one of the most original talents out there. It's a sad situation and her subject position/mental health does introduce a factor that makes the situation different from some of the forum's anti-faves. But I really can't with her or her music until she apologizes about her Kesha comments. There's a point where the comments just become too vile to forgive without a sincere apology.
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  8. This reaction is WAY over the top considering that the poster you quoted simply said "Another day, another drama," which is a pretty benign comment to make about someone who has literally gone after a rape victim.

    After the anti-gay comments she's made, posters are under no obligation to talk about her in a positive or even neutral way.

    That all being said, I do think there are some posters who go after her for unsavory reasons, but it's definitely not all.
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  9. She apologized for this ages ago and said she was upset and alienating people because nobody rallied to support her after she was assaulted by Russell Crowe and after she had been roofied and raped as well some time after that. She said she never actually previously knew anything about Kesha’s case, and only ever heard stuff about it from Luke and people around him when she worked with him on “Treasure Island”
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  10. Not that I don't trust your word, but how/where did she apologize?

    If she did apologize, then that's a great development.
  11. It was on her stories back in 2019. She just explained why she had the stance she did on Kesha at the time. Then she started feuding with Kim Petras and Jesse Saint John.
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  12. Well, I have to give her credit then. In an age where apologizing is seen as weakness or whatever nonsense, it's a big step forward.
  13. I mean, she apologizes all the time and usually explains why she did whatever it is she did (hint: it’s usually because she doesn’t have all the facts), but most people aren’t paying attention to that. That’s not to defend anything she’s said, but she’s incredibly jaded and reactionary and has a taste for self sabotage. Her views are constantly changing, sometimes within a matter of hours, which she gets a lot of shit for. So it’s never going to be easy with her.
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  14. True. It's also the level of offensiveness that makes this all so hard. I believe in redemption and I do think that people should judge the trajectory of one's behavior rather than permanently cancelling for past behavior (which is why I am now going to listen to her music again), but I can also see why some people have to hop off the train.
  15. She's a really complicated character - I thought I was done with her a few times myself but her artistic talent (and humour to be honest) always win me back.
  16. People give apologies all of the time without actually apologising. The fact she keeps on making these sorts of mistakes makes me think she’s not sorry.
  17. Britney says hello.
  18. To all the press for her song with Elton? Britney's music gets plenty of attention, shes just not released any for six years.
  19. That’s a very recent thing. Britney’s last album went unnoticed despite her being everywhere.
  20. I love a redemption but she lost me when she called a flight steward a “f**king f***ot”. As a gay man I struggle to think of a worse slur to be yelled at me in public.
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