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Azealia Banks - "New Bottega" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rooty, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. “Leprechaun ass b******” was iconic though!
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  2. No it did not. There was tons of press for Glory. It had a Top 20 single in the US and charted in the top five. Even the Glory 2020 cover got a ton of press. Literally Google "new Britney album" or "Glory review." You are making that up.

    Now her personal life might get a lot of attention, nobody is denying that. Which is why I said:

    "Every artist has constant dramas but the media actually focuses on their music and work as well and that outweighs it."

    Acting like her music goes unnoticed is blatantly untrue.
  3. I’m all for the Azealia thread to turn into a Britney thread. Britney’s albums are always going to have high chart debuts but we can’t ignore the chart free fall.
  4. That has nothing do with my point - can you go back and read my point? That the media does indeed pay attention to both the music and personal drama of other artists, but Azealia's music gets little to no coverage compared to her controversies.

    It's really not a hard concept to grasp, nor is it an opinion it's just factual. Maybe you should go talk about Britney in her thread since you don't think she's getting enough attention. Head over to comeback corner!
  5. Well there’s not much in the way of new music to speak of. But it was widely picked up in the media at the time that she wants fans to transfer $100,000 to her for a new album.
  6. Saw her last night and New Bottega is hilarious and excellent and I genuinely believe she could have a moment with it if the stars align. “NEW BOTTEGA PRA DA DA” feels like perfect TikTok fodder.
  7. Oh, was this one of those free Central Park concerts? How was the show overall? I'm headed to NY today; missed it by a day!
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  8. I realize she's independent, but I truly have no idea why new music comes so... sparingly at this point? There's certainly an audience willing to support, and CheapyXO seems successful enough to funnel into releasing music. She's sitting on a mountain of undoubtedly great unreleased material. Is it really just down to producers not clearing the samples she uses? Part of me feels like she has a big vision for what she wants to do and she gives up when that can't be achieved within her means.
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  9. It was not free! I thought she was great but I also expected her to complain about sound issues and leave three songs in so my expectations were low. She will always be a theater kid at heart (she bailed on doing Anna Wintour because her DJ started playing the track while she was still doing her a cappella intro) and she will always have the patronage of gays who don’t wear deodorant. A pleasant evening.

    Also, realized this: the Italian accent on New Bottega isn’t Gaga as Patrizia, it’s Maya Rudolph as Donatella.
  10. We need New Bottega / Playhouse double release, she asked (begged) Lone for the stems recently.
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  11. The way I would snatch in two seconds if she ever put together that mythical double CD + lyric booklet version of Fantasea.

    Even if doing something at that scale would be a bit much logistically for her at this point (?), I agree that she should at least release music more steadily. I still adore the "Tarantula" / "Wings of a Butterfly" double release in all its bizarreness, which to me means that she still has so much more to offer in music. I get where she's coming from, but it annoys me greatly as a fan when she goes on her Instagram rants implying that she wants to become a full-time soap maker or whatever dd.
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  12. Collaboration with Leiomy on the way. She’s claiming it’ll be out on September 29th.

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  13. New Bottega is out and is a major bop ! Not available via Spotify/Apple Music - WeTransfer download and Physical only.

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  14. He-he-hello, ya ***** be fuckin' me in my Gucci stilettos


    Her rolodex of flows remains unmatched.
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  15. Where did she say it’s out physically?
  16. That truly slaps. Really gives first EP vibes in terms of house throwbacks and her flows are indeed unrivalled!
  17. Sam


    Physically?? For Azealia??? In this economy????
  18. This woman is stuck in 2011, we want the streaming link sis! Song is a major bop though.
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  19. That song is fire. When Azelia gets it right she really gets it right.
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