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Azealia Banks - "New Bottega" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rooty, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. She mentioned in the comments that she’s going to press physicals and merch—I cannot imagine she means vinyl—and how it’s not worth it for her as an artist to put things on streaming for the fraction of a cent she’d get for a stream while continuing to line the pockets of execs. She also said, “music is an advertisement for everything else I do these days.”
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  2. Oh okay, I thought that meant it was already available nn. Definitely not holding my breath for that then.
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m tempted to buy the soap bundle ddd.
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  4. This local files gay really can’t complain about a wav download, we won! She really at least should look into Bandcamp, surely that would be a good avenue to actually get revenue from the music? She could even put it as “pay what you want” if she wanted.
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  5. Or just put it on Spotify really.
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  6. I understand why she wants to release it independently, but surely she would get more clicks if it was on some form of streaming? I know I don't mind downloading a file and then transferring it, but most people don't have the attention span or patience these days ddd
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She’s trying to actually make money, which is why she’s not putting it on streaming.
  8. With a free download. Ok.

    I understand her point and that it’s just advertisement for her now but it’s that decision between obscure releases or actually making music available despite the terrible circumstances. And I get it. But I would have forwarded this to 20 people already on Spotify while knowing that if I send people a download link in 2022, maybe one or two would bother opening it at all.
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  9. She’ll change her tune quick once some fan uploads it to streaming themselves and starts making money off her dd
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  10. It's a smash hit I fear
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  11. On the WeTransfer charts
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  12. Is Lil' Kim's Paypal charts record still intact though?
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  13. I mean it’s really so fucking good, isn’t it?!

    It showcases all her tools at their sharpest and shiniest—fire, deep-in-the-pocket flows drawing from across cosmopolitan cultures; camp theatricality; and her aughts NYC indie rock fantasy. And it all hangs together as undeniably her.

    It’s so cool to see her continue fortifying and exploring her unique artistic identity after everything she’s faced.
  14. I hate that it's actually good ffff
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  15. Charli is shaking
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  16. I cannot fucking believe she's gonna leave this to rot on mp3/we transfer/Youtube etc, put it on streaming Amanda!!!

    New Bottega and Fuck Him All Night are her best songs since the Anna Wintour and Treasure Island drop.
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  17. If she’s actually going to do physicals, she should honestly chuck these tracks together as an EP.
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  18. A decade on and her new music still feels so lived-in and singular in perspective. This is a banger.
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  19. Me and you have been in the game too long to know those physicals will never happen nn. An EP with New Bottega, Fuck Him All Night, Playhouse and another new house flavoured track would've been a great move but ah well!
  20. She made that Christmas EP happen so I’m gonna hold onto the sliver of hope even though I know you’re right
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