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Azealia Banks - "New Bottega" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rooty, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. It's just too good.......she has to shoot a video for this.
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  2. The one off singles (and this download) are so frustrating because she has the talent but there’s not enough material to keep people invested.
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  3. As I said I understand her refusal regarding the big streaming services but damn it is annoying that this isn't widely available.

    The multiverse version in which Azealia actually did all she could have done is the one in which she would just rule the world really.
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  4. New Bottega is so good that it has spurred me, FINALLY, to take a deep dive and actually listen to her material beyond 212.

    It's a crying shame that she's such an abominable asshole, because she honestly has more raw talent in her little finger than many other artists are able to muster across their entire careers. I don't actually like most of the songs (not really a rap or house fan), but the creativity and skill are undeniable.

    Also, has someone made the obvious point already that Beyonce's entire new era (which I like, before you jump me) is essentially Fierce with a budget?
  5. Well, Beyoncé and Azealia are obviously drawing from the same pool of influences. Both have their own personal relationships with it; Azealia being a bisexual black woman who grew up around the ballroom scene in New York, and Beyoncé having a close relationship to her uncle who was part of the scene in the 80s and 90s – both excel at it.
  6. Azealia herself did it excessively on Instagram. Not exactly nice things have been said and tons of tasteless accusations have been made. Also within the ballroom scene there is huge discussion if it's fine that Bey went into that direction and Azealia is brought up as the credible example from critics.

    As a white men I have no right to judge anyone here really. But I can say that most music has always been about taking existing things a a) take them further or b) distill them into something for the masses. Azealia did and does something very exciting. So does Bey. Pitting them or anyone against each other is never a good idea.

    All I can say is Azealia has a couple songs that deserve to be at least as big as most Beyoncé songs but sadly aren't. And that New Bottega is top tier music and one of the best songs that dropped this year.
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  7. Oh no, that's not at all what I was trying to do - as I said, I ended up really liking Renaissance despite expecting to hate it, and there's absolutely no reason why multiple artists can't mine the same influences when done well. I was just peripherally aware of the whole Kelis debacle over an alleged drumbeat sample, but hadn't heard anything about Azealia, which surprised me. Guess I just wasn't looking in the right places.
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  8. Oh I didn't take your post in any bad way. I just wanted to say Azealia was very vocal on this and that it actually is a topic. It wasn't directed at you personally. It was just a chain of thoughts started by your post.
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  9. Fuck Him All Night is the Top 5 best songs of the last decade
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  10. No two opinions on that. 212 is also one of the best of this century really.
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  11. It's gonna grate on me that she mispronounces maraschino but then gets Moschino right.
  12. For whatever reason "mare-uh-sheeno" is by far the more common pronunciation in the US, even if it's not Italian accurate. Honestly comes across a little pretentious if you pronounce it correctly nn. Same way if someone said "karaoke" the way it's pronounced in Japanese, they'd get a look.
  13. It would be the more common pronunciation in every English speaking country but my point was that if you're gonna go with Mo-skeen-oh then probably say maraschino correctly too given it's the exact same sound in both names. Esp in a song namechecking Italian labels and imitating the accent! But truly 'my point' wasn't really a point at all because I was only joshing.
  14. How does she keep doing this?
  15. nn she already caved. New Bottega is coming to streaming services!*..

    *which could be anywhere from 2 days to 2 months because Azealia exists within her own concept of time and deadlines.
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  16. Yas. It will slot in perfectly after her other runway classic “I Rule the World” on the playlist.
  17. Anna Wintour
    Fuck Him All Night
    New Bottega

    All three would work so well in an album together.
  18. I can't stop playing this, it's so addictive. I think it's missing another rapped verse towards the end for it to amp it up a bit more, but it's just it.
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  19. Her best song since Anna Wintour, I fear. Single cover is in the bag so let's hope she logs her ass into TuneCore and gets uploading! Pra-da-da!!
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  20. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    she's been on Nicki's NECK for MONTHS
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