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Azealia Banks - "New Bottega" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rooty, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. She’s returned to Instagram with a new (verified) account @azealiabanksforever just as she was about to hit 1 million followers. nn that’s so Azealia!
  2. New Bottega officially drops January 20th through Parlophone + Warner, according to the guy who mixed the song.
  3. SOTY 2023 sorted early then.
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  4. Oh my God she's really coming back.

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  5. Did Anna Wintour have any major label backing or was that fully independent?

    Honestly, that feels like the last time she did something ‘major’ feeling so hopefully this will follow suit.
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  6. She was on eOne when she dropped “Anna Wintour” and “Treasure Island” I think. But yeah that was the last time she had any sort of backing.
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  7. The backing was minimal too. Anna Wintour didn’t feature on hardly any New Music Friday playlists (none of the majors) though it got a cute push to Dance playlists. Treasure Island got zero push.

    Will be crazy to think that New Bottega could be the first time she ends up on New Music Friday US and UK, 10 years into her career.
  8. OH yes.
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  9. Kaytranada stanning as always… now put her on one of your albums!!!
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  10. New Bottega needs to be a hit (or whatever passes for a hit in 2023). I will sacrifice the chickens myself to make it happen.
  11. 1991 really represents top-form Azealia for me; killer bars, hooks upon hooks, fantastic production, amazing video-on-a-budget, etc.
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  12. 1991 is Azealia's best song. I said what I said.
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  13. Well it isn't ATM Jam, that's for sure.
  14. I certainly didn't care for it at the time but I kinda stan that one too nowadays
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  15. Liquorice is also having a cute moment on Tik Tok right now. Nothing ground breaking but it’s approaching 40,000 streams a day (was at around 5,000 at the beginning of 2022). 1991, Miss Camaraderie, 212, Paradiso, Count Contessa and obviously Luxury have all had moments to varying degrees on Tik Tok over the last year. It’s definitely helped Gen Z discover and stan for her which gives me hope for New Godttega.

    I don’t think there’s been a better time for a relaunch.
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  17. DJs are already spinning New Bottega... I've heard it in small bars and huge thousand-person venues and it goes all the way off. I hope she's shot a sickening visual.
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  18. She was reaching out to new choreographers recently (she's dropped M*tthew who was a leach quite frankly) so a video should be in the works.
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  19. "1991" and "Movin' on Up" appeared on my Spotify Wrapped playlist. The chokehold this hussy has on me after 10 years is wild.
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  20. I genuinely think New Bottega could be a hit. At least in the sense that Anna Wintour was.
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