Azealia Banks - "New Bottega" + General Discussion

I know the first reaction will be go blame Azealia, but I was concerned when that recent interview of hers said they pushed back New Bottega to the spring. It seems like they were dragging their feet and I’m guessing that’s what made her want to leave.

These labels will sell you a fairy tale to get you to sign and often will keep artists benched. She would never go for that so this doesn’t surprise me.
It's not surprising this didn't work out. Azealia Banks isn't the most lucrative artist so for a major record company to sign her it would have involved a lot of caveats that relinquishes a lot of artistic control over output.

Just go independent and keep the money for herself.

She gets so much love from the fashion crowd.

She also looks fantastic.

New Bottega is still not out.


From what I understand, Azealia signed a one-single deal for New Bottega. She was told a contract for Fantasea II would come soon after but claims they didn’t follow through with it in the timeframe that was promised.

I would imagine the deal will dissolve once the song comes out. Independent, signed or otherwise, I just want this bop on streaming!!