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Azealia Banks - Second Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. He


    Did she remove it?

    I can't see anything like that. I hope she is ok, that would be awful.

    I just saw some post shadding SZA because of a dress they both wore.
  2. I saw it but I didn't hear the audio. I hope she's okay.
  3. The sight of Azealia with sparkly skin, clutching that doll as she answers questions is prime pop art weirdness. I love it.
  4. I listened and they were harrowing, she was begging for someone to hit up her team or manager to pick her up as they weren’t answering her. She also said she doesn’t want to do music anymore as she can’t even think about it, and she’s gonna delete all her socials. It was all over the place, as it would be. Wish I didn’t listen to them.

    Hope she’s okay.
  5. The full video is on Twitter but it's highly disturbing watch at your own risk. She was on her own but she's with family & friends now, she can't catch a break.
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    Fuck. I hope she can get a lot of support. I haven't listened to anything but I trust you guys.

    I'm so sad for her.
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  7. oh my god, i hope she's okay...
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  8. Just when things were looking up for her. Poor girl. I hope she's being looked after
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  9. I feel bad for her. She deserves proper therapy and a break. instead of 'anger management'. I'm sure her emotions she struggles with are very valid.
  10. Oh no, I heard the video and it was heartbreaking.
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  11. I hope they take whoever this person was down. Awful.
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    Fuck, this is so upsetting. There is no reason anyone should go through something as horrific.

    And now that things were looking so promising for her...
  13. This is terrible. I hope she’s alright.. just 4 hours ago she was leaving comments on her SZA post.
  14. I believe the SZA post came right before all this.
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    She said she is safe now, and that she'll be ok. She also says someone spiked her drink.

    She's incredibly strong. I hope she takes the time she needs to deal with this.
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  16. This is horrible. I hope our girl is OK.
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  17. Whew, was catching up, and this thread took a 180 real fast. Hope she takes the time she needs and knows we support her.
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  18. Hope she really takes the time she needs for herself. I swear she can’t catch a break at all it seems.
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  19. How horrible. I hope she's got good people around supporting her right now.
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  20. She was slapped by some guy the other night as well. I really don’t understand how people think acting like this is okay.
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