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Azealia Banks - Second Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. A reward for brown nosing.~
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  2. kal


  3. I high-key hate it when new music comes out at a random time on Fridays, I just want it as soon as I wake up
  4. Welp. It’s next week now, sisters.
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  5. Is she aware that you have to submit your material in order to receive a Grammy nomination? Because her post about “Electricity” being nominated over “Anna Wintour” was kind of a mess, since I don’t think she ever submitted anything. Sad because she probably could have snatched it.
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  6. *disappointed groan*
  7. Pitchfork names Anna Wintour as one of the best songs of 2018, coming in at 88.
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  8. The acclaim continues. Dazed named Anna Wintour the 18th best track of 2018.

    Such a shame she can't just drop the bullshit and solely focus on the music. Anna Wigtour really was that bop, the scrapped Rankin video should've been a real comeback moment to.
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  9. What was it?
  10. Her insta story from last night begging for someone else to mix and master her Christmas EP because she keeps getting kicked out of the home studio she was using by her producer's Mum is thats_so_azealia.png
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  11. He


    Oh, wow.

    I guess it makes sense the EP sounds like that.
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  12. No, that part is still intentional.

    She found someone to finish it though

    And posted another preview
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  13. The instrumental at the beginning gives me light Pat Metheny vibes
  14. I'll save you a listen: it's terrible.
  15. Oh dear
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  17. I don't expect much from a Christmas EP. I can't listen to festive music when it isn't December so by the time she releases it in March, I'll hear it at the end of the year.
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  18. She has to be trolling with these vocals ddddd there's no way she recorded that, played it back, and thought "nice". Wyd zee?
  19. Oh so she recorded the entire EP off key and tempo
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