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Azealia Banks - Second Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. (took down the video)

    I think I'm over her at this point. I know Rihanna has had her immature childish moments on IG years ago but shes clearly grown from that and she even reached out to Azealia. Azealia is crazy talented and I love her music but we not gonna body shame black women and women in general in an industry where they are still body shamed. We are entering the 2020s. There is no need for any body shaming. I do hope she gets help and I wish nothing but happiness for her.
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  2. She can't help but go for low hanging fruit and either body shame or rag on people's looks. The amount that she does this to people like Cupcakke, Lizzo, and now Rihanna. It's gross.
  3. I'm sure it won't be hard to find someone else rapping/screaming over house beats.
  4. I was hesitant to even post about this because I hate seeing her manic. The way she genuinely hates “fat” people and addresses them is just plain disturbing. There’s more of where that came from on her stories, naturally.

    Also Kesha. Now it makes sense why she went after her for seemingly no reason. I believe she called Lana fat as well when they were going back and forth. It’s such a basic, childish insult but you can tell in these videos there’s a lot of hate behind it that isn’t always there when she’s dragging someone.
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  5. He


    She has such deep issues on so many fronts, besides her mental health struggles. I wish her well but it’s awful seeing her stumble and be horrible this way.

    I hope she learns eventually, and gets the help she desperately needs.

    edit: I also realize I’ve written this same message here, several times before. Sigh.
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  6. She needs help.
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  7. I’m so repulsed.
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  8. Doing self-harm by opening this thread and hoping to see new music instead of this nonsense
  9. Imagine watching Savage X Fenty and hate is your first feeling.
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  10. It's deep-seated envy likely coupled with whatever may be happening with her mental health. I have extreme empathy for Azealia but at this point I genuinely just wish better for her, whatever that may be. She's an extremely talented, beautiful person but the peek-in's that we experience of her headspace are just so unfortunate.
  11. The way she always turns her hate into some weird graphic design/product flex these days...

    Wish she’d put this much effort into herself

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  12. She clearly has her own issues, but maybe she's also... just not a nice person. When do you start calling a spade a spade? It's hard to know where to draw that line.
  13. Yeah blaming her awful views and monologues to mental health is lowkey insulting to those people who, you know, still suffer from it but are not awful.
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  14. It's honestly just boring at this point watching her go on another nonsensical rant against successful women because of nothing but blind jealousy. I adore Azealia and have since the start of her career, but even her recent musical output is trash. She has way too much time on her hands to be dragging people who aren't even checking for her all day.
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  15. It's sad when you see her sit down and be so level headed in some interviews and then behave like that. I'm not even going to speculate on her mental health but it's just a sorry state of affairs all round.
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  16. Except mental health isn't some vacuum that presents itself in one singular or predictable way. Mental health is as unique as the fact that there are seven billion people on this earth who are dealing with their own levels of trauma, generational or not, and more. Mental health has its own role in intersectionality and everything else that anyone, not just Azealia, might be dealing with. If anything it's insulting for you to try to say that her shitty behavior exists outside her mental health when it will always be a factor. There are people with mental health concerns that "are not awful" (because that's how their mental health manifests) and people with mental health concerns that "are awful" (because that's how their mental health manifests). You don't get to pick and choose what type of mental health demonstration fits the bill for empathy. She says shitty things. She's done shitty stuff. But what you won't do is try to say that her mental health isn't a factor and that her concerns are "insulting" to those that you deem as legitimately deserving of consideration. Some of y'all should just stop talking shit for your own sake and desire to cast your opinion on her, because that's part of why her mental health has been impacted so much. People outside her experience trying to decide the narrative of her own.
  17. I feel really guilty watching her Insta feed when she's like this - it's not funny or entertaining, it's just sad and I want her to get the help and support she needs.
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  18. Of course she turns off commenting
    The things that’s sad is that she could be vulnerable and just admit “you know what I’m hurting” or “I’m jealous” and NOT have to drag people who she doesn’t even know or did anything to her (different when it’s a Russel Crowe situation). It makes it harder for herself when something DOES happen for people to rally for her.
    Girl, you could’ve been at Fenty show or still being fashions favorite emcee if you would just shut your mouth and release music. At least talk your shit in music!
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  19. I think an issue is that people are quick to paint things black or white, when things are never that simple. Above anything, it really is sad that she can't seem to move out of this behaviour. I don't know how to phrase it without sounding condescending, but I hope one day she gets to a point where she doesn't feel the need or want to say things like that.

    EDIT: And yeah I deleted the 'loser' comment, it left a bad taste in my mouth with hindsight.
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