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Azealia Banks - Second Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. A whole mess, yet suddenly everything makes sense
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  2. Her ex-boyfriend still has ‘guitarist for ke$ha’ in his Instagram bio because he played in her band for a short time in 2010 and she then introduced him to Julian Casablancas from The Strokes. Yet, he’s calling her a gold-digger.

    She has the worst luck in people. I’m glad Azealia saw the light.
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  3. I’m glad Azealia is seeing the full picture now (although putting Lizzo and Charli on the same level as Kim is...a bit strange, but I know there’s history there)
  4. Ok she spilled... Also she’s right about Jameela and her stupid bangs.
  5. Dd someone needs to tell her Lizzo has only worked with Jesse once. I’ve noticed there’s a very strange, but widespread misconception that they’re frequent collaborators
  6. Probably because Jesse comments under her socials all the time (and she ignores him every time, nn)
  7. I'm rooting for her, even though she makes it extremely difficult too sometimes. I just hope she apologises to Kesha, they probably have more in common than they think, maybe she will privately.
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  8. Probably exactly the perception he’s going for, much like him acting he was directly involved with “Truth Hurts” even though his credit comes from Lizzo using the line he wrote on “Healthy”
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  9. I see him commenting on so much random shit from popstars to Brooklyn queens - his thirsty vibe has always creeped me out. Must get rid of toxic in the community.
  10. Seeing Jameela having to make an apology is just *chef's kiss*
  11. Her verse for the Kim Petras song, you can faintly hear the track before she goes in.
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  12. In typical Azealia fashion, she is not letting this go and some good might actually come of it

  13. Azealia crashed Elon Musk's shares with a few tweets. Jesse should be no problem whatsoever.
  14. Jesse Saint John scamming his way into a Grammy nomination today and simultaneously being registered on the Sex Offenders Registry is PopJustice.
  15. Really glad she's speaking out. Azealia can be exhausting but I have an immense amount of empathy for her and I think her exposing these creeps is a bold and honorable move.
  16. This one is FIRE

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  17. Billboard wrote a piece about 212 after it was named as a song that defined the decade. Truly an iconic song.
    For what it's worth, it sounds like someone has reached out to her in regards to helping her get her Broke With Expensive Taste royalties, atleast that's what she's said in her IG comments. So things might be on the up for Miss Azealia.
  18. Her stories thanking Billboard are so cute and you can see the best part of Azealia in them. "Thanks for letting me know that I did something right, that at least something went right."

  19. Sam Smith named "Anna Wintour" as one of their favourite tracks, it now sits second on the Out Now playlist on Spotify (620,000 followers) which he's curated. Anna, ha revenge.
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