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Azealia Banks - Second Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by 1991, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. It's never about excusing behaviour but rather adding context to a situation. Kanye's outbursts are always followed up with sympathy in response to his bi-polar disorder. There's this weird romanticisation that he "lost his mind" after his mother died and Kim is to blame for his behaviour. There is a large corner of the internet that aims to support him during his "manic" episodes. When has Azealia ever been offered the same respect?

    I hate to list the trauma's she's experienced but the woman has been through a hell of a lot in her life. Much of which has never been dealt with. Sexual abuse as both a minor and adult, the death of her father, abusive relationships, racism in both her personal life and career, homelessness as a teenager, being in and out the prison system, mental health issues. No one ever touches on these points, instead she's just angry and jealous, whereas Kanye is the victim of fame and heartache who needs to be saved.
  2. Entirely agree but the GP rarely see the context just the sensationalisation of “events”. I think this is even moreso for AB, whose behaviour is more famous than her music and her background is virtually unknown. I’m in no excusing how she’s viewed, just suggesting factors that might be at play in how both her and Kanye are perceived.

    Aside from all we’ve said, gender is most certainly a factor at play here.

  3. Fags made Lana fat and Charli look old according to her.
  4. He


    Her point of female popstars being at the mercy of queer men who feel so entitled to their creativity and life, to the point of continuous abuse, is as usual, incredibly valid.

    Her usual fat shaming ain't it, though.
  5. ‘Fag pressure’ sjshdheiakzbxbxnamajsh

    The alchemist.
  6. The spoken word version has me screaming
  7. Fave Mylo song
  8. Did she say "Lady Gaga out here limping"? Pfffff
  9. She’s bald now, I believe she said it was so that her wigs could sit properly. She actually kind of suits it
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  10. I lost it when she started singing “Feels So Good” as she’s shaving her head. Iconic.

  11. That made my entire morning, she also looks incredible with a shaved head. The bone structure lets get it.
  12. She seems at peace right now.
  13. What a queen.
  14. Do we know why she still has her braces? It feels like she's had them on forever at this point.
  15. She‘s had them on her bottom row since 2015 (?), but I think she only just got them done on the top within the last year or so.
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  16. Ok werk
  17. I mean... It's still Azealia sksk. We're working with a different baseline.
  18. the difference being Azealia is just a vile human, period.

    no wonder she’s been blacklisted in the music industry.
  19. He


    Wow, you nailed it. Congrats.

    Clearly this is the main reason her life and career have gone this way, nothing else.
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