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B*Witched - Love and Money (Comeback Single)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by FanofFans, May 4, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Can't wait for The Saturdays 20th anniversary.
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  2. LOL that was my inspiration ;)
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  3. I hope they come back soon. Love and money was great.
  4. I don't see how this can work on the same scale as Steps actually. The music seems less timeless, but then they're saying things like they don't wanna rely on nostalgia that they wanna make music they're comfortable with now. I don't know, I think if the public weren't there for them to even get to release a third album, they won't be there now. Maybe a very limited small theatre tour and an independent album is possible, but costly for them and I'm not sure if they have much money.
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  5. Nope.
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  6. What the heck are they on during "B*witched Quiz Show"? They sound like the Irish Rugrats, but in a way less fun way than Irish Rugrats would actually be.
  7. B*Witched is such a random girl group to me. They never stood out to me, and I never downloaded any of their songs. So this reunion or comeback is just random to me. I wish it was the Spice Girls or Atomic Kitten doing another album.
  8. It'll be interesting to see what musical direction they go in for a modern sound. I can't see them being too different. I think it will still be pop but mixed with more dance music. Sorta like what STEPS are doing. Although I could see them going in a guitar direction. Something like The Corrs maybe.
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  9. so does this mean they have finished recording the new album?
  10. I saw the picture, didn't bother reading the caption. Interesting. Could just be demos at this stage?
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  11. Good for them. I wonder if they have a full new album or another 5 or 6 songs to add to the EP?
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  12. I dunno. Note she put 'to choose' not 'to listen to' so perhaps they have songs they're listening to and deciding what to use or even what to record (if songs have been submitted to them)?
  13. What just happened there?

    I literally read two posts, blinked and they disappeared!
  14. Chat shit, get banged.
  15. Were there not some valid questions in that post?

    I too would be curious who is footing the bill and how this is happening or what the plan is. Have they been active since the EP a few years ago? It's odd for the comeback to be so staggered isn't it?
  16. Well, whoever it was that posted 'dog sisters' deserves to be deleted. Vile.
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  17. I'd be here for a new album
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  18. That user used to post such nasty things about the girls on DenDen.
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  19. Lindsay's back! I'm not sure if it was ever "offcially" revealed why she hasn't been touring with the the girls but it turns out the "personal" reason was she was on maternity leave and she gave birth to a baby girl
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  20. Two B*Witched babies so close together
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