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B*Witched - Love and Money (Comeback Single)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by FanofFans, May 4, 2013.

  1. Lindsay deserves every bit of happiness.
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  2. The girls are in the studio!

  3. Oh wow, the girls are switching on the Christmas lights in Hamilton on the 25th. Guess I know where I'll be that day!
  4. Blame it on the Weatherman is still so stunning.

    I have such fond memories as I left high school around the time of its release.
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  5. Their cover of Coming Around Again always gets me
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  6. Sounds like a typical night out at G-A-Y.
  7. Edele was at the Christmas lights switch on in my hometown which happened virtually outside my flat. Weird hearing her do 'Jesse Hold On' (of all the B*Witched songs) in my street rather than an arena!
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  8. I didn't even know Keavy was pregnant, Congrats to her. Can't wait to hear the new album and what they got cooking up
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  9. Is there more music on this earth that sounds like "Let's Go (The B*Witched Jig)"? I really need more Irish Drum n Bass in my life.
  10. I hope we get some news soon about their upcoming album.
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  11. Just wanted to.post this throwback of the girls singing Rev It Up with Lindsay on lead, then mashing it up with Jackson 5's I Want You Back was genius
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  12. To You I Belong remains flawless. It's their Viva Forever.
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  13. Does anyone know where I can buy a physical copy of Champagne Or Guinness? Was naive to think that they would eventually sell it in stores rather than just through Pledge.
  14. She's fantastic!
    Hmmm wasn't Jump Up Jump Down recorded in Cardiff?
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  15. I get what you are saying but seeing these two songs being compared in the same sentence is triggering.
  16. Yeah!

    Brilliant show they put on, I never tire of watching iti
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  17. I had to bid for one on eBay.
  18. I don’t mind selling you mine?
  19. So i came across this old music video i made of Are You Ghost, i made this soo long ago man. Thought I'd share it

    Plus here are a few updates on the girls:

    Keavy has given birth to a girl Jan 31 named Freya

    Edele and Lindsay recently a gig in Dubai Feb 2. (Sinead wad unable to attend)
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  20. It will be interesting to hear their new music. I wonder if it'll be a continuation of the EP or something very different?
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