I am truly not fully functioning in the brain area, and clearly haven't been since 1998.

I just decided to look on YouTube for the magnificent "Blame It On The Weatherman" and have only just realised that the video is set in a flooding London. This is more stupid because I am a Londoner and know the Square Mile rather well.

I was just watching the showbiz section on Sky News active when the video for C'est La Vie came on and then Neil Sean said...

The girls reformed at Edeles (the lead singer) wedding last month and are all set to have their greatest hits remixed and re-released. One of the B*Witched girls also let it slip that they have been approached and asked to do a tour next year and apparently are all very keen on doing so!.

Could B*Witched be the next band from the 90's to reform?.
People in the UK, go to Sky news, press the red button for sky news active, go to showbiz and watch until 'Showbuzz' comes on, Neil Sean will talk about the new Bond movie before talking about B*Witched.. so check it out as it wont be there for long!.
I wouldn't entirely trust everything that Neil Sean says, he seems to have some rather amazing sources, and he always has camp exclusives where the biggest stars tell him personally.

Saying that though B*Witched should come back! It's not like denim has gone away.
I know this whole thing about 90's band reforming is getting a bit old but I have to admit I would be so happy if B*Witched got back together, they are my all time favourite band..

try waiting for over two years for a third album and being told constantly they will be back, they will be back... and then find out they have split up. It was not fair!.

Do they not remember the reason they split?

Cos no one gave a fuck about them anymore and their singles flopped!

Silly cows.
All the 90s pop bands reforming sounds weird....

I remember a long time ago reading something about they reformed and prepared a single to release, but they were dropped before the single came out... that was true?
I would give the world for this to be true! I loved B*Witched. This is certainly bringing me back to better days when I was 12 and not had a care in the world!
All the singles from the first album were #1 I think


Jesse Hold On - #5
I Shall Be There - #5
Jump Down - #13 (I think)

To be honest, thats brilliant in todays standards


I'll be soooooo happy if this is true. Lindsay's solo career can't seem to take off and we so need pop back. Imagine them coming back with a swe-pop stomper!

I bought OK (and felt ashamed for days) in Mykonos just to read the wedding bits. The girls looked really nice, Lindsay is a goddess now.


To be honest, we dont need them around now cause we already have great succesful girl bands such as the sugababes. so theres no need for them to reform as silly enough, all saints are getting back now and theres too much girl bands around these days soo...


This is good, but depressing.

I remember laughing at "old" people in the 90s having their little 80s revival.

But now its the 00s i'm old and having a 90s revival.


Reforming seems to mean two things now- releasing a greatest hits [not really reforming so much as recycling] and actually getting back together and making a new album. *spaz attack alert* All Saints? B*witched? I just want the effing Spice Girls!!!