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B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Ballot) | The Nu Metal Rate | Winner Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. Awesome title though
  2. I would also like to jump in and say I didn't give SOAD entirely low scores, and think I am usually pretty fair in rates! Some of their songs just don't do it for me, sadly, and I wasn't gonna miss the chance to rate so many other songs I like purely because I might ruffle a few SOAD fan feathers xx
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  3. I think we've had enough surprise eliminations of late, so we'll start the Linkin Park ones with a non-surprise. A song I threw in as a personal favorite and of course I'm the only 10.




    Linkin Park | With You | 7.506 (+0.018 average / 0.3 points)

    Highest: 10x1 (@DJHazey) 9.25x1 (@If You Go)

    Lowest: 3.5x1 (@DominoDancing) 6.5x1 (@WowWowWowWow)

    Album: Hybrid Theory - 2000

    Charting: None (promotional release)

    It was the first release for the band on their website, prior to the album release.

    This is a love song written by lead singer Chester Bennington with his old band, Grey Daze.

    Guitarist Brad Delson used a 7-string guitar to play this song.

    This was used on the TV series
    Roswell in the 2000 episode "Meet The Dupes."

    This song was a collaboration with the Dust Brothers, who provided additional beats and sounds for the track. Joe Hahn, Linkin Park's DJ/programmer, told Billboard of the collaboration: "They basically gave us a bunch of stems from an unused remix that they had, so we constructed that into the song. Some of the sounds at the beginning, like that 'Dun-dun. DUN,' some of the loops and drum breaks in there are from them."

    This was always a major standout for me because of the melodic nature of the chorus. Also that second verse's initial part "I hit you and you hit me back. We fall to floor, the rest of day stands still" was eye-opening to me having unfortunately grown up around domestic abuse. Makes the situation come off the page and feel real to me, for better or worse I connect to the imagery. Beyond that though, the chorus just always was so fun to sign along to. I knew it wouldn't be well known as most of their songs here and predicted it would be one of the first to go.


    @DominoDancing - 3.5 - Super generic rap-rock. Sorry, of all the Linkin Park songs in this rate, this is the most shrug-worthy for me.
    @berserkboi - 7.5 - OMG! Looks like I missed this track altogether! A decent discovery!

    Case and point and as you can tell by the score, the discovery was profound enough to make it a major hit in the rate.

    @Maki - 8.25 - Chester really brings it all with vocals on this one.

    The peak of the song.

    @livefrommelbs - 8.5 - I don't come back to this one often, but I enjoy it all the same.

    That's me with some of LP songs to come, so beware!


    The Reanimation version.

    Next: Back to SOAD.​
  4. Augh, nooooo! "B.Y.O.B." is a goddamn masterpiece. It's a prog-thrash metal song with Middle Eastern riffs, a pop chorus, blast beats and a bunch of completely insane vocal trade-offs, what more do you need! (I've been on record as disliking Daron Malakian's vocal contributions to SOAD, but his harmonies with Serj on the chorus and the iconic BLAST OFF IT'S PARTY TIME are among the many things that make "B.Y.O.B." so special.)


    "With You" isn't the worst choice to go first from Linkin Park, given that my low scores for two of their songs seem to be unpopular opinions. It's solid, got a nice hook, but it doesn't stand out that much. (Hybrid Theory has to be given a lot of points for consistency, though. I only really dislike one song on it.)
  5. I don't even know why but their album artwork gives me video game so much.

    I love this. More of this.
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  6. This should not have been the first Linkin Park song eliminated, I've got about 5 of their songs rated lower (but not much lower!) than With You!
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  7. Don't worry, it's now time.




    System of a Down | Lonely Day | 7.544 (+0.038 average / 0.6 points)

    Highest: 11x1 (@Maki) 9.5x1 (@If You Go)

    Lowest: 2x1 (@DominoDancing) 5x1 (@Ironheade)

    Album: Hypnotize - 2005

    Charting: [​IMG] 123

    This was written by System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian, who also sings lead on the track. The song seems to be about a particularly difficult day in his life. The line, "It's a day I'm glad I survived" indicates there is some event he is trying to forget.

    Daron said about "Lonely Day": "I write a lot of songs and some of 'em I never thought worked for System so I didn't take 'em to System, and that's one that I wasn't going to take into the band, [...] I kind of [regretted] it." Bassist Shavo Odadjian said: "Yeah, we had to kind of get it out of him. He brought it and we loved it so much that he was like, 'I really don't want it on the record,' but ... it's something that needs to be heard."

    This got a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance, but lost to Wolfmother's "Woman."

    The opening guitar is based on "The House of the Rising Sun".

    "Lonely Day" ended up being the last System Of A Down single until 2020. It was issued in April 2006 as the last single from their fifth album, Hypnotize. After touring for the album, the band went on a hiatus that lasted until 2010. They went that entire decade without releasing any new material, but in 2020, motivated by the plight of their fellow Armenians, they released the songs "Protect the Land" and "Genocidal Humanoidz" (the 2020 Armenia-Azerbaijan War).

    The song appeared in Disturbia, a 2006 movie starring Shia LeBeouf which was about a kid who stays on house arrest and watches his neighbors to pass the time. The song appeared in a sequence in the movie where Shia's character tries to find ways of keeping himself from dying of boredom.

    For some reason, I thought this chilled-back song would do very well compared to a lot of the more aggressive metal songs in this rate. Based on how many streams the song has I figured it was as well as known as their other hits too. Judging by the lukewarm reactions to it on watch2gether and the calls for its exit in the thread, I decided that wasn't the case anymore and it would be one of the first SOAD songs to go. The thing is, I would've wanted it out first if I knew it was going to beat B.Y.O.B. and Toxicity, which are far more exciting songs. However, they were always going to incite polarizing reactions because of this and a song like Lonely Day would just cruise past them with 'meh' to 'it's good' scores.

    Now SOAD sit with half the songs gone and only Chop Suey!, Aerials, and Hypnotize remain.


    @DominoDancing - 2 - What an absolute damp squib of a song to end their singles career on (I will ignore last year's Protect the Land/Genocidal Humanoidz release due to Dolmayan turning into a Trump supporter). These lyrics would be an embarrassment for any band, but especially for SoaD and their track record. It was clear that something was afoul in the group when they couldn't see that Malakian is not one for lead vocals and this song should have been left on the cutting room floor.

    While I agree Malakian's vocals are far less enjoyable, this was a song personal to him, so that's why it's a solo effort on his part.

    @berserkboi - 7.5 - Unlike Aerials - this lost some impact over the years!

    This bodes well for Aerials then! Remember, he gave B.Y.O.B. a 2/10.

    @livefrommelbs - 8 - The only SOAD I've ever heard that I've genuinely liked, so I'm glad it's on the list!

    This is exactly what I meant when I said I figured it would do well on Popjustice.

    @unnameable – 9 – another perfect song to accompany your angst

    Very on the nose in reality, but yes.


    My favorite song on either of the 2015 albums. No idea why it wasn't a single, it pops the fuck off. "Youuuuu, you went beyond"

    Next: The last tie at #23. One Linkin Park song and one Nu Metal Sampler song.
  8. While not a favourite to that degree, I agree that Dreaming is quite good. I generally thought Hypnotize was a good deal below Mesmerize in overall quality, but it has some good standouts. The title track is definitely up there, and I always really liked U-Fig. Also, and I am not joking, I absolutely love the totally dadaist Vicinity of Obscenity, which makes me laugh every time I hear it.
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  9. Thank you kindly!

    "Lonely Day"... mmm, generic radio rock, exactly what I don't want from System of a Down. Also, Daron's whiny voice is particularly grating here, and I'm still not over "most loneliest".

    The political split within SOAD is a pretty interesting one. I remember that Serj (who is very left-wing) made a statement that said, if I can paraphrase, "John and I disagree a lot on American politics, but we formed this band to bring attention to the Armenian genocide and what goes on there, and in that regard we're on the same side". They're brothers-in-law and have been together for so long, I get the feeling that their bond would be very hard to break with just about anything. I have a feeling, though, that the political disagreements had something to do with why they haven't been able to make a new album since reforming. (From what I can tell, Shavo and John want to do it, but Serj has a lot of musical differences with the others and won't commit to longform touring, and Daron's focusing on Scars on Broadway. They never said whether politics had been an issue within the band before, but given how polarised two members of the band are, I wouldn't rule it out. Not sure I'd want a new album anyway, it wouldn't live up to anything before.)

    I love "Vicinity of Obscenity" too. The totally demented SOAD songs like that and "Violent Pornography" are always standouts.
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  10. Add "Psycho" (with its classic references to eyes bulging from cocaine use) and "She's Like Heroine" to that as well.
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  11. We've got a biggie tomorrow with another 11 (after losing @Maki's yesterday) so we'll do the "smaller" part of the tie @ #23 today. Not a single 10 lost here.


    #23 (tie - part one)


    Linkin Park | Points of Authority | 7.559 (+0.015 average / 0.25 points)

    Highest: 9.75x1 (@If You Go) 9x3 (@Twitch Mo, @livefrommelbs, @Ironheade)

    Lowest: 5.5x1 (@Sprockrooster) 6x3 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi, @iheartpoptarts, @soratami)

    Album: Hybrid Theory - 2000

    Charting: [​IMG] 9

    This song is about a person who tries to control someone through intimidation and aggression. Chester Bennington was molested by acquaintances when he was young, which influenced the song.

    Mike Shinoda's vocal scat in the intro was inspired by Black Thought of the hip-hop group The Roots. "I heard him doing that on Illadelph Halflife, and I just thought there was something so cool about that. And I thought it would mix well with the scratching, so we kind of did this back-and-forth with those things," he told Billboard in 2020.

    The "forfeit the game" part is definitely the part I remember most about the song.

    The song initially had a different guitar line that Shinoda thought sounded too basic, so he used ProTools to chop it up and move the pieces around to create a different sound. "I treated it like a sample off a record," he explained.

    Lead guitarist Brad Delson shared his view of the tune with Kerrang in 2020. He said: "The ethos of that song is deconstructing live music. The guitar is chopped up, so you've basically taken live instruments, something organic, and we were really making use of the technology at the time, digital technology, which is stutters and chopping things up. So, it's like taking organic ingredients, putting them in a digital blender, and 'Points Of Authority' is what comes out." Delson also explained that Shinoda's work on the riff was a prime example of the rapper's technical wizardry. "That's one of his superpowers," he said. "Even when he has basic technology, he really learns how to use it and he almost plays some of the recording technology like an instrument. I think you can hear that on this song."

    On the remixed version of the album, Reanimation, the new version of this track, titled "Pts.OF.Athrty" was released as a single. It was remixed by Jay Gordon of the industrial-metal band Orgy.

    Joe Hahn, the band's DJ/programmer, directed a music video for the remixed version of the song. He also came up with the clip's concept, which involved Linkin Park waging a CGI-robot battle against an alien race. "I remember I was referencing
    Saving Private Ryan, and looking at a lot of anime, and the dynamics of things blowing up," he told Billboard in 2020. "It was so fun, because I had this crazy idea, and everyone was like, 'Okay! Go do it!' And they let me do it!"


    @DominoDancing - 6.5 - The verses are rhythmically pretty cool, but the chorus is a bit of a non-event.

    I generally like the song more (I gave it an 8.5 after all) but I would agree with this assessment.

    @berserkboi - 7 - Lacking in melody but makes up for it in chaos ddd
    This is another way of putting it and both are correct.

    @livefrommelbs - 9 - Soundtracked the anger I felt while failing a time trial on Simpsons Road Rage on the PS2.

    Yas, Hybrid Theory is one the best albums of all-time to soundtrack a video game experience. Trust me, everyone should try it at least once!

    @Twitch Mo - 9 - The first album is definitely my favorite, their Reanimation album is awesome with the mash up of other artist and there stuff with Jay-z is great too.

    Yup, this reminds me how @Twitch Mo is a master of jigging audio equipment together. In his basement (where his bedroom was in high school) he had like 30 speakers hooked up throughout, so the surround sound was insane. He had a 100-CD system that would shuffle every single one of our favorite nu metal albums all day, everyday. It also had neon lighting that would go to the beat of the music. He also had a similar 100-CD disc changer is in his pickup truck. My point is that Hybrid Theory and Reanimation were played in full, probably like 100 times each over the years.


  12. Lonely Day above BYOB is definitely a choice
  13. I fear for my 11 pointer tomorrow if we're losing one.
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  14. Half the songs or more shouldn't have out-ranked it!

    You're safe!
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  15. Well, the important thing is they're both gone now x
  16. [​IMG]
  17. #28 System of a Down // Toxicity 3.4
    #27 System of a Down // B.Y.O.B. 1 Too much noise.
    #26 Linkin Park // With You 8.2
    #25 System of a Down // Lonely Day 5 That's OK.
    #23 Linkin Park // Points of Authority 10
  18. me about any song with a guitar chord
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  19. There's nothing else to do here but to apologize to @Ironheade and hope some of you develop taste at some point in your lives.


    #23 (tie - part two)


    Deftones | Change (In the House of Flies) | 7.559 (+/- 0 average/points)

    Highest: 11x1 (@Ironheade) 10x1 (@DJHazey)

    Lowest: 2x1 (@berserkboi) 5x2 (@iheartpoptarts, @unnameable)

    *This might @berserkboi's biggest crime yet. I could maybe see some of their other low-scores, but for this ethereal masterpiece? If you'd given it just a respectable 5/10 like the other low scorers, it makes the Top 20.

    Album: White Pony - 2000

    Charting: [​IMG] 53 [​IMG] 105

    Lead singer Chino Moreno on how effortless the song was: "That was one of those defining songs we all wrote together. It started out with Stephen and I playing guitar and Frank doing his keyboard thing over it. Right then, everybody joined in. Nobody told anybody else what to do, it all just came out freely. That's when it all started to come together.

    Chino added about the meaning of the song:
    It's a metaphorical song. You could take it in the literal sense of me watching someone turn into a fly and taking them home with me and pulling of their wings and laughing. It spawns from me being a complete a--hole and getting the complete repercussion for it by having my life taken away."

    Moreno wanted to film the party-themed video at his house, but it ended up being shot in the Hollywood Hills by director Liz Friedlander. He explained: "We got a ton of video treatments sent to us and they were all pretty much over-artsy, trying to take us out of our element, he says. Or they were just straight up silly, basically having us perform and having all these skateboarders and shit like that. Everything was either too complicated or too easy. So I just ended up writing my own treatment with Chi. The label sent it out to Nigel Dick, the director. I wanted to have performance in it, but not be us on a stage with a bunch of kids with tattoos and piercings stage-diving. I don't think we need that. And at the same time, we don't need us in a desert dressed in Gucci clothing trying to look weird. I figure if we film it my house its pretty much us, so it's a true sense of what we do."

    An acoustic version appeared on the MTV The Return of the Rock, Vol. 2 compilation, and was also included on the band's B-Sides & Rarities album.

    Knowing how much the forum generally falls over themselves to stan for trip-hop and similar genres, at least from what I've seen partaking in many compilation rates, I figured this style of Deftones would capture a new listener's attention. Granted, I always knew it would do better than "My Own Summer" because of how it's far more chill, but I hoped for something like 15th or 16th place and one of highest ranking 'sampler' songs. If you are curious about what else Deftones has to offer in a similar vein, check the songs I post below and stream White Pony.


    What makes matters worse is there are only three comments for this legendary song.

    @berserkboi - 2 - Still not really for me but not as repugnant as my 0!

    Well there was this one time that "Pish It" became pas pour moi after getting points PJ Retro, so who knows what this even means. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    @Maki - 8.25 - Another great song by this band. And can we talk about how the singer basically swallows the mic during the middle-8?

    Yes, I think this album is basically catnip for you.

    @DominoDancing - 8.5 - The vocals are amazing on this as per usual, musically and melodically they have even better material in their repertoire though.

    Their first three albums, to me, are spotless.

    *awaits @Ironheade's eulogy*


    I've always loved this one from White Pony. If you take the lyrics at face value, it sounds like some kind of S&M experience involving sharp objects. Despite never wanting anything to do with that kind of kink myself, I always found the imagery to be fascinating.

    The iconic "Digital Bath". How to make a song that seems to describe taking a bath with a girl you just met and deciding on a whim to throw a toaster into the tub out of nowhere. Like some kind of serial killer. Yet the soundscape makes the whole thing sound sensual and overloads your senses. At least this is the scenario Chino talks about that became inspiration behind the words. Obviously not something he'd ever actually do, but when you play in the fantasy world while writing, you can often produce something mysterious and other-worldly like we have here.

    Next: #22 is a Linkin Park song, but for the first time it's from Meteora.
  20. Poor actual metal people having to contend with us clueless pop people among them. Hugs!
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