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B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Ballot) | The Nu Metal Rate | Winner Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. Godsmack? I don't think "Awake" got a very positive reception in the Watch2Gether, anyway.

    (Neither a 10 nor a 0 from me, though.)
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  2. I was watching the Grammy awards nominations announcement, the rock categories came (Chris Cornell?) and I was reminded that I forgot to rate Linkin Park and send my vote.
    I don't visit this site often, I should have set an alarm. Sorry, I'll try to follow the thread and post my notes.

    Coal Chamber // Loco 4 There's a beat I like, I'll them give that.
  3. Oh shoot, if I'd known you were interested, I definitely would've tagged you a few times before the deadline, sorry about that, hope to continue hearing your thoughts though!
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  4. Speaking of the Grammys, apparently the Academy was reading this thread as both Papa Roach and Deftones picked up nominations! ... in the Best Remixed Recording category.

    The award goes to the remixers — Spencer Bastin and Mike Shinoda respectively — so I guess there was rate synergy in the end.
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  5. No, but I think you're going to be alot happier about this elimination.




    Limp Bizkit | Break Stuff | 5.744 (+0.610 average / 9.75 points)

    Highest: 10x1 (@iheartpoptarts) 9x2 (@Ana Raquel, @DJHazey)

    Lowest: 0x1 (@DominoDancing) 1x1 (@berserkboi)

    Album: Significant Other - 1999

    Charting: [​IMG] 123

    This song is a clear expression of rage, with lead singer Fred Durst explaining his coping mechanism for dealing with a bad day.

    "Break Stuff" was the last single from Limp Bizkit's breakthrough album, Significant Other. They made their impact in the summer of 1999 with the album's lead single "Nookie" and kept the momentum going for over a year. "Break Stuff" was big in the summer of 2000.

    By this time, Limp Bizkit were huge on MTV. The "Break Stuff" video, directed by Fred Durst, was big on the network, which favored videos with lots of famous people. In "Break Stuff," you'll see Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jonathan Davis, Derek Jeter, Pauly Shore, Roger Daltrey, as well as Lily Aldridge and Aaron Lewis of Staind.

    This won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video, beating out "Sleep Now in the Fire" by Rage Against the Machine. In protest, Rage bass player Tim Commerford came on stage and climbed the set, drawing attention away from Limp Bizkit's win.

    Deep into their set at Woodstock '99, Limp Bizkit played "Break Stuff," and the crowd obliged, tearing apart anything they could find (mostly plywood from barriers that they turned into surfboards). This was the evening of day 3 of the 4-day festival, which was held in stifling heat on an abandoned Air Force base. By the time Limp Bizkit took the stage, the crowd - mostly guys in their 20s - were worked up over the poor conditions and had turned aggressive. The extensive property damage and increasing lawlessness did not stop the show: Rage Against the Machine and Metallica followed, and the next day the festival continued. By the time Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage, the crowd was burning the stuff they broke the night before. They fanned the flames by doing a cover of the Jimi Hendrix song "Fire".

    Despite the fact that I knew "Break Stuff" would have a hard time in this rate, I knew it needed to be included because of how it really became an anthem for the genre; for better or for worse. Beyond the images of idiots committing literal crimes at Woodstock, the song captured the anger and resentment that outcasts like me were internalizing as we tried to make it through high school. Looking back, sure the lyrics are laughable and the message is cringeworthy, but "Break Stuff" is without a doubt a cornerstone track for nu metal's 'leave my shit life behind for a minute and join the mosh pit' generation.


    @DominoDancing - 0 - By far the worst song in the rate. Fred Durst and his lyrics were the soundtrack to a million bullies beating up kids in highschool, and on this particular song Borland doesn't even do anything interesting on the guitar. Disgusting.

    I'd argue it soundtracked a million victims imagining how they'd beat up the bullies, but to each their own. The bullies did not listen to nu metal.

    @berserkboi - 1 - Pas pour moi!

    @unnameable – 3 - if you told me this was a parody of Limp Bizkit, I would have believed you.

    @Maki - 5 - After hearing this, I definitely do get why some people hate Limp Bizkit. It's like they said: "Maybe if we use as many curse words as we can, the song will sound cooler" and, no, it doesn't sound cool at all. In fact, it's just annoying.

    Okay but their song "Hot Dog" and its '46 fucks in this fucked up rhyme' is iconic, thank you very much.

    @livefrommelbs - 7 - I always associate this song with that dire Woodstock 99. Tainted by the same misdirected toxic male rage that made adolescence so tough at times. As a song though, it knocks!

    I must have grew up on a different planet because honestly the bullies were the jocks and they listened to hip hop in most cases, The nu metal crowd, were more interested in sneaking out to the baseball diamond to smoke a joint and left people alone, for the most part.


    The best song on Significant Other, for the simple fact that @Twitch Mo (playing Method Man) and I (playing Fred Durst) can hit every word on point in duet.

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  6. Ah, the one song I tanked going out second. Good to see others felt the same way.
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  7. Can’t complain about losing two 1s at the beginning- though this does scare me that my 0s have gone to fan faves ddd
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  8. Oh wow. Limp Bizkit were so huge that I expected this to go further on residual nostalgia alone. Glad to see I was wrong and that one of my 0s is out already. So far...everything is going according to plan.

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  9. #48 is my first 10 lost and didn't even get another 9. *cranks up Break Stuff*
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  10. See, I don't really have a problem with Limp Bizkit. Wes Borland and DJ Lethal are both pretty damn good at what they do. My issue is with Fred Durst, who is about as bad a frontman as any band could wish not to be saddled with.

    "Break Stuff"... yeah, no. Corny, lacks fun grooves or riffs, Fred still can't rap. Even Borland doesn't sound too into it, as @DominoDancing rightly pointed out - basic chugs and that's it. I don't care about your damn chainsaw, Frederick.

    I seem to recall actually, Jonathan Davis saying in an interview that he hated what nu metal had become - it went from a catharsis for the kids like him who had got picked on, to the soundtrack for the same people who'd picked on him in school. I can't say what the actual dynamic was at the time, I was too young, but it's an interesting contrast.
  11. I… did not expect this. Oh at all.
  12. I will hate this rate won't I
  13. I was 16 to 17 when Limp Bizkit were at the height of their popularity (Chocolate Starfish and its singles), and while I did not have an American teen drama high school experience oh at all and dynamics at my school in Germany were quite different from those, Limp Bizkit was definitely what the popular kids were into, even if there was some overlap with the otherwise more alternativy Post-Grunge crowd.
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  14. It was a 5 for me, no comment but I'll watch the video, I like a star-studded clip.
    I remember that infamous VMA moment, I probably saw it live and now I know what it was all about. Method Man is hot.
    This reminds me of another song from this time period about breaking stuff in the hip-hop genre:

    Adam F feat Redman - Smash Sumthin (2002)
  15. I promise I didn't beat anyone up in high school!
  16. So sorry I couldn’t get my ballot in on time @DJHazey I’ll be following along with the results though and still hope to find some gems that are new to me.
  17. This started off quite well for me.
    "Loco" is surely listenable, but has pretty much no repeat value, especially since the same thing repeats over and over again, and my score for it was among the five lowest ones here. I can hear Kittie being influenced by this song on "Brackish" (that guitar riff in particular), except that one is miles better.
    Love this!
    On a more random note, I remember seeing the thumbnail for "Loco" video (as it's surely memorable) multiple times before but never bothered clicking on it. Wasn't missing out on much at all, it seems.

    As for "Break Stuff"... yeah, immensely cringe-inducing at best and I feel like I was lenient with that 5, which is my second lowest score in this rate. The censored version used for the video just enhances the cringe factor. Glad to see that a fair portion of voters tanked it.
    And Fred Durst strikes me as a very irritating person - no surprise he's a complete douchebag.
    As if I'm going to listen to that one ddd
  18. I wouldn't think you've beaten anybody up ever nor will you.
  19. At least this is your lowest score yet.





    Static-X | Push It | 6.200 (+0.456 average / 7.3 points)

    Highest: 10x1 (@DJHazey) 8.5x3 (@Twitch Mo, @Ana Raquel, @Maki)

    Lowest: 0x1 (@berserkboi) 1x1 (@If You Go)

    Album: Wisconsin Death Trip - 1999

    Charting: [​IMG] 20 - Mainstream Rock

    "Push It" was the lead single for Static-X's debut album, and along with the follow up single "I'm With Stupid", propelled the band to relative notoriety and made Wisconsin Death Trip their best selling album.

    The music video for "Push It" was directed by Mick Olszewski and introduces shots of clay animation creatures similar to those found in Tool videos, interspersed with the band performing.

    This was the first time I teased my passion for this genre in one of our song contests, by entering it in PJ Retro's 47th Contest, where "Push It"
    finished 28th with 35 points. I had hoped its industrial edge and quirkiness would provide a new avenue for listeners looking for something fresh and flopped about as much as I realistically thought I might. However, this is where it gets really interesting:

    You see that 0/10 above from @berserkboi? Well well well, guess who gave "Push it" 4 points in that very same song contest? *cough cough*, here's the receipts...

    4 Points! Static-X - Push It - 10 - Different, and in a good way!

    Stuff like this helped cause one of my favorite rock-bops of all-time to fail miserably!


    @berserkboi - 0 - Another zero emerges!

    I hope you at least got a laugh from the decay the song apparently experienced with you!

    @If You Go - 1 - This was “pushing” my screams tolerance

    @DominoDancing - 3 - The best I can say about this is that the facial expressions in the video are pure camp. Apart from that, this falls on the dumb side of basic.

    @livefrommelbs - 7 - These guys seem like a Hazey fave, so I don't want to take it. It's definitely not my fave, though.

    Thank you for your consideration! <3

    @Ana Raquel - 8.5 - I love this video, even more than the song.

    If this were a video rate, I think Static-X would go Top 10, I'll post a couple others below. It's always good to be reminded how amazing lead vocalist Wayne Static is at playing his character in his videos. (and his hair is iconic!) Sadly, he passed away in 2014 so may his soul rest in peace, but it's nice to immortalize his impact a bit. Wayne is routinely at least mentioned as one of modern metal's best vocalists.


    "Cold we're so cold....weeee are so, cold we're so cold!"

    Roller derby doesn't get enough play in music videos, I'd say!

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  20. The song somehow going from a 10 in PJRetro to a 0 here ddd, truly the opposite of a grower.
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