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BABY (Italian NETFLIX series based on a true story about teen sex trafficking)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. No, not the Pixie Lott opussy.


    It's great.
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  2. Actual trailer, in case you found Vas' post a touch light on info.

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  3. I only posted the first google result as I'm avoiding spoilers.
  4. Yeah this was great. Loosely based on a true story that rocked Italy a few years ago.
  5. This was really great - just as good as Elite. I hope it gets a second series. I'm suprised not many people on here are talking about it.
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  6. Oh I did watch this and was looking for a thread. Indeed Elite-like but even faster paced especially in the past few episodes. A second season is coming in the spring appearantly!
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  7. YAY - let me do some promo via the thread title
  8. I watched it since you mentioned it in the Elite thread but I have to say I only thought it was ok. It was interesting but some plot points dind't really move or were too sudden and the last episode didn't feel like a season ending.

    It needed more episodes but I'll def. check season 2 when it returns.
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  9. Let me give you international fishes some inside info about this.

    This series is based on a true story happened in Rome some years ago. So far what is up is like half of the first season (even though has been labeled and will be label as first season) and it revolve very much in building up the characters of both of the girls up until they will transform in actual whores, so the next part of the season (or season 2 if you want) will be more based on what actually happened and how they will become those high-class underaged whores.

    I watched that when it came out and I didn't enjoyed as much as I expected, but it's very good for being an italian production (I know you can't understand this, as you don't watch italian tv).
  10. Thanks for the spoiler?
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  11. Which spoiler? That was just the plot. I didn’t give away anything really
  12. I’m kidding squillo
  13. I love this show. Good girl gone bad.

    Great music too.
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  14. Thank you, I didn't know you knew.
  15. Oh yeah I have to praise the music, that was very nice.
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