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Back 2 The 90s - The Podcast

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by AcerBenII, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. The Back 2 The 90s Eurovision special is now online, with 2 hours of ESC classics, featuring winners from Dana International and Charlotte Nilsson, UK entries from Gina G and Frances Ruffelle, runners-up from Selma and Jan Johansen, and national final contenders from Deuce and Drömhus.

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  2. Excellent podcast as always but if you allow me to be nittypicky, I think it was WAY too much clogged up in 1998 and 1999 (whereas there weren't any songs from 1990 and 1992). And given that this year's edition will be in Lisbon, I was hoping that Portugal 1996 would be included since it was the country's best result until last year's win and Lúcia went on to star in Love Actually.
  3. It's a fair point! To be honest I didn't start properly getting into the show until later on in the 90s, and whilst I did do some research into the earlier years in the hope of finding something good, I didn't really enjoy most of the high ranking songs of the early 90s, and was having a hard enough time to fit everything I already loved in as it was, so yeah it ended up being more mid to late 90s heavy. A lot of the earlier stuff sounds really dated for the 90s don't you think?
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  7. I never heard that Stoneproof tune before and now I'm obsessed with it. The vocal at first sounds a bit like Dave Gahan.
  8. It's great isn't it? Don't know why it wasn't a bigger hit. Never found out who the singer is.

    Show 11 is now online!

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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Thanks for uploading Adam Rickitt I Breathe Again TOTP on Youtube!

    Why was I searching for it?
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  10. Is there any way to get this on an RSS feed?
  11. Do they still exist? Is that because you want to know when there's an update, or you want me to stop @ing you? You can follow me on Twitter and Mixcloud too
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