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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Ahhh I see. Well I can't win them all, I'll convince you to change your mind about something yet.
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    That was my greatest achievement wasn't it?
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  3. The rate is canceled.
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    Remember when people like @aaronhansome said they'd vote and give it a 10??? Betrayal.
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  6. And naturally I only own The Con on vinyl out of all of their work.
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  7. I have a lost a 4 and a 1 with those cuts. Going great!

    Next on my hit list to go out are Nineteen and Every Chance We Get We Run.
  8. Oops.

    Anyways, Everything is AWESOME!!! is great.
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  9. Aw I didn't want to see this one go quite so early. It's cute.

    Excellent job explaining what the song means...I've never paid attention to the lyrics that closely and The Lego Movie is, unfortunately, still on my 'To Watch' list. But this definitely makes me even more eager to see it.
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  11. I am assuming that is one of the scores from me you were not happy with.
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    Yes. That's one of my all time faves.
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  13. Oh my. Let me prepare for being dragged massively.
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    It's also one of their quintessential songs.
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  15. You are trying to make me regret my score, arenot you?
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    Guilt is my weapon.
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  17. I am just amazed it is such a polarizing song. It is in my bottom 3 scorewise. So it probably will hang on till top 20 and by then I will be lowest scorer. And I only gave out a handful scores below a 6. And still I manage to be lowest scorer. Hah.
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    You weren't the only who didn't like it and that's all I'll say. I wonder what you'd think about the live version from Get Along though.

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  19. I forgot to mention my thoughts about this DVD. I listened to it while driving on Tuesday morning.

    It was all a bit samey. Nothing bad (perhaps Monday Monday Monday, but that is also one of my least faves), so that makes Nineteen on this DVD also better than the studio version. I wasnot blown away by Divided either, which you recommended earlier. I think the studio version sounds a little better. I was however completely taken by 'Back In Your Head'. Definitely another huge highlight. If I would have known this version I might pushed this one to a 10 too instead of the 9 for the studio version.

    Not With You fits perfectly on that DVD. Big budget (award show) performances aside, I really think that performance from Not With You is one of the best I have seen in a long time. I am still obsessed! Last FM shows it is in my top 3 most played songs from the last 30 days. And that is quite the achievement with all the music that is put out recently.
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    sara: and tegan the other night introduced in front of probably 7000th people body work as being a song written about her and the whole song i was just like...great.

    tegan: no no no it was weird at first because the lyrics are like "you do your body work i feel your body working overtime" and i was like that's a weird thing to say to your sister but then i was like-

    sara: it's not for her. none of them are.

    tegan: that's cool she doesn't want to tell you, she's not ready yet. hop back in the sister closet.

    sara: come on. stop it. this song actually um-

    tegan: i only do it because the truth is cause sara never tells anyone what her songs are about. i'm like "so how's everyone doing this next song, let me just draw a picture for you. oh i have photos, hold on". and people are like just obsessed with sara. this has been going on for about a year now, she's like just giving less and less and they just come and are like "saraaaaaaaaaaa pleeeeeeeeeeaseee tell me anything about you" and she's just like "no". and they're like "what does your tattoos mean?" and she's like "that's personal." i would just make up a story about them cause i hate to let people down. and they're like "where do you get your hair cut?" and she's like "none of your business." this is a lesson to sara- open up, be brave, let them in, trust.


    #108. All You Got 5.22

    High: 7.50 x 1 @2014
    Low: 2.80 x 1 @Ferk
    My Score: 5.50

    Album: This Business of Art
    Writer: Sara

    And our first track from This Business of Art falls. All You Got was my lowest score on the album so well done everybody. Keep appeasing me and garnering goodwill as I'm sure this won't last. I tried and failed to find a cute story from Sara about All You Got so I'm going to go out on a whim and assume this is about her first girlfriend, like much of Under Feet Like Ours/This Business of Art. I have to admire T&S for putting out a blatantly queer love song in 2000, female pronouns and all. Musically it's pretty simple but I do lowkey love Sara's talk singing on the verses. It saves me from attending an actual poetry slam.

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2016
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