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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. I added a countdown, list of participants, and also a separate countdown for Tegan's songs vs. Sara's songs (which is why I've been including the writer) on the first page. Go me.
  2. The only thing Everything Is Awesome was good for was getting Tegan and Sara those coin$
  3. Sara is so iconic. I have found my new role model. Yath.
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  4. Right? I may or may not be trying to stoke @send photo's Sara driven bicurious existential crisis a bit.
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  5. [​IMG]

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  6. Closer came on just now while I was at a restaurant. It was an enlightening experience.
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  7. I cannot believe the soulmate level I am currently having with our lovely host as All You Got was also my lowest score.
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  8. It could be that because I'm only now getting into their older stuff that I'm actually beginning to quite enjoy their earlier stuff.

    Kinda regretting the low score I gave to All You Got.

    Oh, and Everything Is AWESOME!!! is fucking awesome. Regret not giving it a 10.

    REGRET is gonna be my thing during this rate, no?
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  9. tegan: this song is about getting your heart broken but not the regular way. like the way like your partner dumps you on a payphone 4000 miles away and then changes their phone number to add insult to injury. ... yep. [strums guitar] whatever it made me better cause i got to spend a lot of time with my mom, which i hadn't done in a couple of week so. [strums guitar] they say there's nothing worse than death and um... that happening again. sara was really supportive though through it all.... no she wasn't.

    sara: i was! i wasn't totally sure how many nights you were going to sleep in my bed but i wasn't, but i thought that that was-

    tegan: whatever. i slept in your bed once and it was right after it happened. i didn't like it, i just...


    #107. And Darling (This Thing That Breaks My Heart) 5.72

    7.00 x 2 @ohnostalgia @Sprockrooster
    Low: 4.00 x 1 @send photo

    If It Was You
    Writer: Tegan

    Aw this was done a tiny bit wrong, I think. And Darling is ripped from the short, sweet, and cute Tegan songwriting handbook and I quite like it. Part of me wants a longer version of this, but it probably wouldn't work as well. I think my favourite part is the harmonizing- which is probably Tegan harmonizing with herself, not Sara (sorry to burst the illusion). The opening banter is taken from a live performance of And Darling so let's all imagine kicking that girl's ass and cuddling Tegan since Sara was too busy being Sara. Although perhaps let's not invite @send photo.

    If you want a laugh please watch the Yellowknife Live Performance because oh my god.

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  10. I am the highest scorer along with our lovely host?! Again the same opinion! This is getting awkward.

    Arcade Fire would have never had this effect.

    I expect such a massive drag throughout the whole rate. I am shook at this turn of events. I was not prepared for this. But I am liking it obviously!
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  11. I'm so confused by this harmony.
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  12. It's a bit apropos-of-nothing-y and it just doesn't really sound pleasant to the ears. So I'm not unhappy to see this one go...
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  13. sara: first of all it seemed like the band attracted a very tall audience and i just kept feeling so sorry for myself, like why couldn't i have just been taller? like i would've given up so many things to be taller. like i would be totally fine if i had- like you know sometimes people are really self-conscious about their ears? but i think i have great ears. i would've given up my ears to be a little bit taller. like even this much taller.

    tegan: i just want to clarify- you would've gone around with no ears at all or just ugly ears?

    sara: just ugly ears. yeah, i want ears still. that's pretty dramatic obviously. but so anyways the point i guess i'm trying to make is that i was standing in the audience and i kept- well jason our drummer was with us and he's very tall, you're 6'2 or 6'4, tall, manly right? like he's just a man, he's just like at the concert being a man you know. and he's not thinking to himself jeez i wish i was taller or this shit about the ear thing. like he doesn't even think about that! you probably think about other things. but yeah, you know i just kept thinking fuck, i wish i was tall.


    #106. Heavy 5.73

    High: 8.00 x 1 @Sprockrooster
    Low: 3.40 x 1 @Ferk
    My Score: 5.00

    Album: Under Feet Like Ours
    Writer: Sara

    I can't remember whether I was watching an interview or a live performance, but a few days ago I came across Tegan & Sara talking about their older work. Sara in particular seemed embarrassed by their first two albums, explaining how they didn't really know how to write songs and were limited by their amateur guitar playing. Heavy seems like a perfect example of this so it makes sense that it's the first track to leave from Under Feet Like Ours. This is just a weirdly disjointed song; instead of a proper bridge Sara seems to veer into a completely different direction halfway through. I don't know why there's vaguely latin guitar on this but it was the late 1990s so I guess not even indie artists could escape the trend. Also- is this a love song or a girl power song? I suppose I could say "why not both?" but a little bit of focus would've helped.

    @send photo (6.5) is looking for something more: "I enjoyed the change of pace and build up but I was disappointed that it didn’t go harder." While it sounds like @Sprockrooster (8) took a journey: "An early favourite. I first listen to new albums when driving. I liked this one, but it got tiresome quickly and felt long. It is not that long for a song (but for a T&S it is), so had to knock a few points for that." Oh wow yeah this is 4:18 which is like a marathon for a Tegan & Sara song, especially in the early years.

    I think Sara deleted all videos of them performing Heavy from the internet. That seems like something she'd do.

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    Where do you find these conversations? They are high-key iconic. Keep em coming!
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  15. Videos on YouTube- mainly from live performances but somebody's also compiled probably 6 different hour long videos called Tegan & Sara banter.

    I did two whole eliminations in one day, we're really moving guys!!! The writeups will hopefully be getting longer once we reach songs with more commentary/more information about them up online.
  16. tegan: my grandpa was a big country music fan but specifically really loved johnny cash and loved willie nelson. so when we started playing music we were still in high school and my mom made us go over to my grandparent's house and pull out the guitars and it was super embarrassing seeing that all of you- i'm sure you can imagine. we sat down in the living room and my mom forced us to play one of our songs for my grandparents. at that point you know we were probably still doing maybe a little bit of drugs and we were writing seven minute rambling songs with seventeen sections and my grandparents witnessed this. and you know my grandma being my grandma she loved sara and i so much, she loved us to death, she was like "aw this is so good" and then she went to the kitchen and just was like done with us. my grandpa he was like "yeah yeah yeah, they're okay.. they're no willie nelson."


    #105. Proud 5.85

    7.50 x 1 @2014
    Low: 3.80 x 1 @Ferk
    My Score: 6.00

    Album: Under Feet Like Ours/This Business of Art
    Writer: Sara

    Okay here's the deal: a few select voters in this rate didn't listen to my instructions and rated both versions instead of just their fave. I made the executive decision to pick your highest score for the average calculations, so if you're confused about your score that's what happened. Proud is one of Sara's early inspirational slash political songs, although honestly the question "what have you done today to make you feel proud?" is a bit anxiety producing SO THANKS FOR THAT!!!! [Editor's Note: I apologize to Heather Smalls for my lyrical appropriation, that's not part of the song and I'm an incompetent flop.]

    My score is for the Under Feet Like Ours version. I think the acoustic production is a better fit for the lyrics and Sara does some strange growling that's fairly interesting. I don't like the rockier production on This Business of Art, but maybe they should go back in the studio and create the 2016 pop version. I mean if Katy Perry is going to release songs like Rise, they have nothing to lose. Queens of writing more inspirational lyrics at nineteen than a thirty two year old pop starlet. I'm not sure who I'm damning with faint praise here, to be honest.

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  17. The appropriation.

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  18. But Tegan & Sara's song was released in 1999 and Wikipedia tells me this is from 2000! So what is the truth? That it's a super cliche sentiment.

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  19. Poor Heather.
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  20. WAIT. I forgot to include Tegan & Sara when searching Proud lyrics and might have been looking at the Heather Smalls version. Um.
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