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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  2. Misattributing lyrics is iconic and people are still proud of me.
  3. My past comes back to haunt me, screaming.
  4. I'll have Heather Small stuck in my head for the rest of the evening now. Thanks y'all.
  5. I'm scared to post another elimination on this eve of my incompetence. Who else can I unwittingly plagiarize?
  6. tegan: and not necessarily be all the stereotypes that like mainstream weird right, you know, media have made it out to be. you can be just like an average person like and it's just part of who you are.

    sara: i don't think we're scary, which is why-

    tegan: well i think you're terrifying.

    sara: you're terrifying

    tegan: you started rambling there-

    sara: you just went like this [moves hands to left], you're like and the right wind media, but that was your left and i was like people are going to think we're dumb. so great.

    interviewer: it looks opposite on tv.

    tegan: that's right, it's all fine. i was thinking that. i just went right-

    sara: that's cause you're gay. you can't tell the difference between left and right because you're gay, you're confused. it's very confusing for you.

    tegan: yep. i was too busy thinking about being gay than learning my lessons.

    sara: i'm so distracted by being gay all the time that it's hard for me

    tegan: it's okay, i have to have a personal assistant.

    interviewer: how about being twins?

    tegan: that's even worse.


    #104. Welcome Home 5.87

    8.00 x 1 @Petty Mayonnaise
    Low: 5.00 x 4 @ohnostalgia @Remorque @send photo @Sprockrooster

    Album: Under Feet Like Ours
    Writer: Tegan

    This is a sweet song with a sweet sentiment*: and then you got so sad that i, i bought a car/ yes i'll come get you and i will bring you home *assuming I didn't post Taylor Swift lyrics or something. The strings really elevate this in my mind, give it a bit of gravity that would be missing otherwise. Ultimately it still feels a bit unsubstantial though, so I couldn't give it a ton of points. @Sprockrooster (5) kinda agrees with me and this needs to stop: "The only dud from the first album."

    Fun fact: I'm pretty sure both Tegan and Sara can't drive so I don't know why fake ass Tegan is singing about buying a car.

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  7. Even a stopped clock and all.
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  8. Queen of clocking driving skills.
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  9. Mostly because them not having a license makes me feel okay about not having mine.
  10. I don't have one either and everyone does the absolute most because of it.

    Like, I live in a city with great transit, care about our environment and my wallet, and would rather not put my life and others into danger..? Sorrynotsorry
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  11. Yath my non driving queens, let us unite over our inability to drive! (I love the rentals all over my city).
  12. Queen, car2go is iconic and people are still trying to figure out how they work.
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  13. This has me drying, but I'm talking about the nice ride bike rentals because driving gives me paralyzing anxiety!
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  14. Oh, those are iconic too and people are still trying to figure out how (the racks) work.

    I have my own city bike but the tires are shot after this summer. #bikequeens
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  15. I have never failed to break or lose a bike within a month of owning it so I use the iconic rentals and still take the greenway xx
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  16. Isn't it fun?
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  17. One time I drove through the entire state of Nebraska and when I pulled over to switch drivers I puked for nearly a full minute.

    It was to see Ellie Goulding in Colorado kii.
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  18. So let's talk about how long it took me to figure out that BWU is short for Be With You. Like how was I supposed to know!
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