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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    I was going to post a result after getting back from my group but I'm soooo tired and we saw what happened last time I posted while sleepy. Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow.
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  3. In a shocking twist, Tegan and Sara come up amongst a group of queer people. That Quin rain just won't let up.

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    Let me have this. Also I see why you did there, Mr. Tegan.
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  5. These last cuts actually don't really cut deep. It's all a bit samey from Under Feet Like Ours, so you'll probably forgive me for giving them kind of a low score...

    Also, waiT at Welcome Home actually growing on me with repeated listens.
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    When @Remorque sends you commentary for one of your fave songs saying he underscored it.... I'm sad.
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    sara: alright some of you look like maybe you're under 25. are some of you under 25? don't be shy. i am proud of my age, i am 36 years old. i actually think that being in my 30s has been a much better experience than being in my 20s. not just because i feel i'm wiser and i make better choices in my life, but i just legitimately think that i'm more attractive (@send photo). and not because of what's on the outside you guys, because of what's on the inside. i know that people say that all the time and they're always like- i love alicia keys so much, i'm so in love with her, but... actually for a lot of years i felt really shy to say that publicly 'cause i was afraid that she would find out and then she would like get me.. i don't know. she'd ban me or something. she'd be like "she's obsessed", like sometimes people will- alicia keys and rihanna - i will talk about them all the time and then people started bringing like signs and putting our faces on it, like rihanna and alicia keys' faces on the sign and... i think this is creepy. it's creepy.

    but anyways i really respect alicia keys and i follow her on instagram and she's always putting up like these astonishingly gorgeous videos of herself where she's like "be yourself, don't wear any makeup" and i'm like literally blinded by how beautiful she is. but i want you to know that i am not blindingly beautiful without makeup. it's actually- this is my unbiased opinion okay- i am dating a woman that i love very very much and have dated for six years and there's something very honest that happens when you get into a relationship with someone through like fucking death and just bad fucking elections and just like bad stuff and you can just look at that person and like you can say "be honest with me- do you think that i look bad in the morning? like do you think i look worse in the morning now than when you first started sleeping with me six years ago?" and she'll say yes. and it's not because she's trying to be mean, she's just like "you just look older in the morning than you used to." like when we first met each other-

    tegan: you know what? you just like bounced back faster when you're younger, that's just it, that is it.

    sara: when i started dating her i would drink like a bottle of scotch and i would wake up fresh as a daisy. she would be like "you were insane last night" and i'd be like "yeah but look at me, i'm just like on fire you know" and now i just have like two glasses of wine and we watch like Vanderpump Rules and i have like- she has to like ice our faces. it's crazy.


    #103. I Take All The Blame 5.953

    High: 9.00 x 2 @First2Run @Petty Mayonnaise
    Low: 3.00 x 3 @digitalkaiser @eccentricsimply @send photo
    My Score: 7.50

    Album: I'll Take The Blame EP
    Writer: Sara

    Yes, let's cut the cool experimental track but let the half-assed dance collaborations stay!!!! S I G H. I mean it's not the greatest track in their discography but there's soooo many quirky production touches that make this worthwhile. AND SOME OF YOU JUST THREW IT IN THE TRASH BIN. Whatever. @Petty Mayonnaise agreed with me and that's all that matters. The I'll Take The Blame EP was digitally released in 2007 but seems to have vanished from Canadian iTunes maybe? I definitely get why it's not on The Con because it certainly doesn't fit the #aesthetic but I can hear the beginnings of Sainthood in this. Which is ironic looking at that low scorers list.

    This is why @Petty Mayonnaise (9) is my one true forum fave: "What an interesting discovery. Give me that spacey, melancholic bop that I love." THANK YOU. @digitalkaiser (3) tries to save himself a dragging but I'm gonna decline: "I’m not a huge fan of this one, but the production is a bit weird and different for them. Kind of minimalist/bjork like with the bleeps and bloops." You threw in a Bjork comparison and gave it a three?? Do you even like Bjork? Speaking of comparisons @constantino (7) gets in a quick jab against one of our forum punching bags: "Quirky BOP! Melanie Martinez is SHOOK." @Jwentz (7.5) says "a very Tegan lullaby" which is a bit awkward when you realize Sara wrote it. Oops! @Slice of Life (5) seems to think the ladies were rolling around in money ten years ago: "I love the production. I wish I could say the same about the cheap vocal work. Sorry gorls." @First2Run (9) is a shady little voter: "What a pleasant, subdued little song. I love the way they show restraint in their vocals, which they don’t do very often." You want to die today?

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  8. Oh my god really? There's so many meh songs in the extras section but this and Everything Is Awesome had to go first? Fuck off.
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  9. Ahh, I'm sorry.
    I wasn't the only one to rate it so low though I'm surprised. Sley at that T & S banter!

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  10. Oops! I was so sure Tegan wrote One Second, but then again it all makes more sense now.

    Also this is out waaaaaaay too early.
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    Here's some other people with questionable taste to go after: @ethansiafbjork 4.5, @LA Hallucinations 4, @Sprockrooster 5. Fun fact: - almost all these people gave the David Guetta collab a better score. DAVID GUETTA.
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  12. Just to be clear. I am excluded from that narrative and scored the Guetta track lower.
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  13. Is this entire rate just going to be people apologizing to @ohnostalgia?

  14. Whaaat, that one is so cute! It got an 8 from me. How did it lose to the EDM messes?
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  15. I may have overscored this a wee smidge but now I see it needed my help. I feel like this rate is going to be very random until we reach the top 10.
  16. Here's to not losing any Love You to Death tracks until the top 25.
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    Probably ñnn.
  18. Preach a smidge, sis.
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  19. I'll take this one, but sis... You know where I'm coming from as I told you when I sent in my scores.
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    If I was a less scrupulous host I'd let you change your score.
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