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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    tegan: i cry a lot, but not as much as i used to. sara and i have this thing (and our mom is like this too) where if any of us start to cry, like even get that almost cry look on our face, we all cry. and um, when we were writing the last record i like lived in this big house and i was alone for the first time ever in my life and um, i figured out that it really fucked me up that I'd been in the womb with sara because um, because i'd never really ever been alone, not even in the womb. i needed like um, there's this very famous- i can't remember what her name is- but she's like a scientist and she created that thing that squeezes the cows on the way to slaughter 'cause it calms them down. and i realized that i needed one of those and um.

    *audience laughs*

    tegan: sorry, it's not really funny, but it's okay. i laugh when i'm uncomfortable too. and um so i had like, fuck like a huge house that i had rented and then i had a breakup and i was like fuck i'm going to keep the house. and so um one of the rooms off of the studio had all of our equipment in it and i um pushed some um, like i basically created this fortress and it was about a foot, there was a foot in between the fortress for me to squeeze into and i would go in there and i would like pull the cases really close to me and then i'd just be like *cries.* and then i would write a song. i wrote this one after being in the machine.


    #99. One Second 6.07

    9.00 x 2 @Jwentz @Posh Spears
    LOW: 1.00 x 1 @ethansiafbjork
    MY SCORE: 8.00

    ALBUM: I'll Take The Blame EP
    WRITER: Tegan

    Oh look... people doing cool tracks wrong again. I hope you think about all the crying Tegan did in her fortress and take a long hard look at your life. This is the counterpart to Sara's track on the 2007 I'll Take The Blame EP. Like its sister track I Take All The Blame, there's some really cool production here, particularly with the guitars. The funny thing is that with different production this wouldn't sound that odd to me as like a sixties or seventies pop song. It's got that short and punchy vibe, full of oh oh ohs and really cool vocals courtesy of my queen Tegan. You all just don't understand!!!!

    Let's start with @constantino (8) who gets it: "Their voices…um…sound odd don’t they?? I kinda dig it, tibb." Thank you. @Jwentz (9) exposes why I like this so much: "This came out at the height of my stanning for the girls, I still love the very late aughts indie pop sound of it all." Busted! @Posh Spears (9) also catches this: "Feelin’ this. It feels so 2000s indie electro (this is a compliment in my world)." You're a light in this cruel dark world. @First2Run (8) wins me over by using a certain word: "What a precious little bop! A bit all over the place admittedly." You're precious. @Slice of Life (7) has a theme and they're sticking to it goddamnit! "Not bad actually but it desperately needs a better mix. I'm not about that demo life." SAY DEMO ONE MORE TIME. Meanwhile @digitalkaiser (4) continues to shun the songs that directly draw a line to his fave album Sainthood: "It’s not very interesting. It’s a very long song, kind of artistic in some ways." I... don't understand. I think @eccentricsimply (4) misheard the lyrics guys: "Eh..." Let's play it again and again and again until she gets it right. I'll offer good money to hack a Brazilian sound system right now.

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    The first video I posted captured this moment, if you want to see her cry face.
  4. Aw, first loss where I'm the high score. Hope it doesn't happen again for a while! I wasn't that attached to that song but it's really nice and should've lasted longer.
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  5. [​IMG]


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    At this point I'm just glad I'm not the only rate villain.
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    sara: this next song, we figured like we'd do all the old stuff and the kinda weird stuff first because we've got your attention, you know? like we don't wanna spoil you, we don't wanna spoil you with the hits too early, all those big giant hits. anyway, this song i wrote in uh actually like 2003 i think and i never released it but it was out there on the interweb. and um i wrote it about a relationship and it was the only uh, maybe potentially the only love song i ever really wrote that was about happy love and not sad love so here it is.

    *sara starts playing and forgets the lyrics. tegan continues to play piano while sara hunts for a lyric sheet*

    tegan: you said you didn't want it (lyric sheet). aw man. *starts singing*

    sara: this is the new tegan & sara. to tegan: no no no, shhhh.

    tegan: i just want to declare that i had those printed out for me. you said that you didn't need them.

    sara: i know, it's true. i didn't think i needed them, but i'm like dripping sweat, totally nervous, so i... *tries and fails to attach lyrics sheet to micstand*

    tegan: just so you know you have to put those backwards.

    sara: they need some tape or something, jesus christ. yeah, we're, you know what? we're like twenty more albums away from having like on stage teleprompters, so after the show if you don't mind only twenty of you need to, it's a countdown. twenty more albums and we can buy one of those teleprompters that old people use. *laughs* okay... i know i seem like a big geek- think of it like i'm a music school student and this is like an intricate like sort of shakespearean um, very detailed um, monochromatic-

    *tegan makes A Face and shakes her head*

    sara: um in seven/eight time. in archipeggio or whatever royal conservatory- just very complicated... and i need this little cheat sheet.

    *sara faces to play towards tegan. tegan starts clapping sarcastically on time to the beat.*


    #98. Love Type Thing 6.21

    9.50 x 1 @Slice of Life
    LOW: 2.00 x 1 @send photo
    MY SCORE: 8.00

    ALBUM: So Jealous
    WRITER: Sara

    @send photo is the reason why we'll never get happy Sara songs. I kid, I kid. Love Type Thing was the B-Side to Walking With A Ghost plus the Japanese Bonus Track for So Jealous. Who knew the girls were popular enough to get a Japanese Bonus Track??? Unless Japan just gives those to anybody, I honestly have no idea. They also performed this on The L Word- get that lesbian promo girls!!! This is a really sweet song and I appreciate it for showing a different side to Sara's work, but ultimately it's a bit interlude-y and I suppose I can't be mad at it leaving now. I think. Although I cannot fathom what Love Type Thing ever did to incite a 2.00 score. I can be slightly pissed about that.

    Let's check in with @digitalkaiser (4), who's probably relieved to not be the low scorer: "I feel I could take or leave this song, it certainly belongs on the album though. There are just other songs I feel do this a lot better, and that's perfectly acceptable. It kind of plods along like an outro." I'm going to guess that most of these songs are Tegan songs. Poor Sara. @constantino (7) I corrected one of your typos!!!: "What a cute little half-song. I actually think it works as the length it is, it makes it the perfect palate cleanser." I suppose pointing that out makes me an asshole. Oh well. Hey @Sprockrooster (8)!: "I can only find bad quality versions of this one, but I can hear it is an amazing track. Japan must be happy." It's released as a separate single on Canadian iTunes, maybe check Spotify? @Slice of Life (9.50) is thirsting for more: "Why is this so short though? It's not fair! I love this and I hope a longer version surfaces."

    I'm going to start a whole new paragraph for this mess of a commentary. @send photo (2): "One of those tracks you understand exactly why it’s a bonus track. Not sure why they even bothered with adding this. It’s a similar situation to that obnoxious Me Against The Music remix on In The Zone that follows the beautiful ending track Everytime. (I just looked it up and that isn’t even a bonus track?! Mess." I think you'll find the true mess is you a) failing at your research. b) slamming your fave's heartfelt effort at writing something happy. c) invoking that remix we all try to forget. nowhere near the same comparison!!! I don't know what else to say.

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    Mail Sara an apology letter with it.
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  9. @ohnostalgia Love Type Thing isnot on spotify (Dutch). One of the few tracks actually that isnot. Sad litlle me.

    Screaming @send photo and the mess.
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    tegan: this is a real old song off of our record we put out in 1882 and whenever we play it i think of this bird that sara had and uh she didn't even like birds so i don't know why she had the bird, but. i just wanted to let you in on what's happening inside of me when we sing this song. i want to dedicate this song to all the people who have birds. do people even fucking get birds anymore? don't get birds, they should live out in the wild. *flaps arms*

    *sara sings first line of song and the crowd loses it*

    sara: okay guys.

    tegan: they're really excited!

    sara: it's too distracting. when you scream like that over top of the acoustic song it makes me think there's a fire breaking out in the building.

    tegan: there's no fire right?

    sara: okay. bring down the screaming just for one second.

    tegan: sara wants to get close to you right now.

    sara: i do, i do want to get close. maybe we should turn on the house lights. turn those lights on. turn those on.

    tegan: she wants to see you. they're denying you your-

    sara: i just want to see the people's faces, that's all. i just want to see them. no house lights, not happening.

    tegan: illegal

    sara: okay. fair enough.

    tegan: you gotta pay extra for house lights.

    sara: *lights turn on* oh here we go.

    tegan: what an attractive bunch. look at your little faces. okay so little sasa's sensitive so don't scream over her.

    sara: just don't mock me and don't put that into people's vernacular.

    tegan: oh sorry. okay, don't call her sasa.

    sara: listen. i feel like i'm at a justin bieber concert. listen. just for this one song, i'm just going to sing quietly and you're gonna sing inside. okay? here we go, are you ready for it? now there's going to be the person who thinks that they're hot shit and they're going to scream out and they're going to try and take this opportunity to say something. don't do it. just don't do it. just imagine your voice echoing into this big empty room and you and i make eye contact and then we serenade each other... but in your head. okay, ready?


    #97a. Not Tonight 6.27

    HIGH: 9.00 x 1 @ohnostalgia
    LOW: 4.00 x 1 @Ferk @send photo

    ALBUM: If It Was You
    WRITER: Sara


    In the words of our good Queen Beyonce: this elimination is a complete and utter DISASTUH!!! I am fuming!!!! My poor lovely little pop-folk song, too sweet for this soulless forum, I will remember you. From that opening descending acoustic guitar I am entranced by Not Tonight. It's such a beautiful and yearning number full of emotions!!!!!!!!! That you all apparently did not feel!!!!! "Love pull your sore ribs in, I will pull your tangles out. In the back of your car I feel like I have travelled nowhere. What will bring me home, what will make me stay, stay?" Well it won't be @send photo, will it Sara? And don't think I'm going to let @Ferk slide by with this kill shot either. Messes, both of you.

    I can tell that Sara still loves Not Tonight because it got play during the Heartthrob tour. She even mashed it up with their idol Bruce Springsteen's I'm on Fire (cc: @Jwentz)!!! If that doesn't scream love, I do not know what does. Especially when these two are really good at banishing old songs from their memory. Do you know who else is a fan? Shonda Rhimes! Not Tonight featured in the Season 2 Episode 8 of Grey's Anatomy. Love that woman. The rest of you? I could do without. Excuse me, I need to go cradle my If It Was You vinyl for awhile and sob in peace.

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  11. el oh el ...scalp me a bit, kween.
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  13. In all honesty I probably should have watched some live performances of this song before rating this as some of the performances enhance it for me...a little. I did it for other songs I wasn't as crazy about...I think I mentioned that in commentary somewhere? Maybe not I don't know.

    I am very pleasantly surprised at how loved some of their early songs are (from some members at least) though. I expected the older songs to go first but I didn't think they'd have so many defenders. It's nice to see...even if I'm not always one of them. Kii.
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  14. What the fuck? I wish I’d had time to vote in this rate because this placing is fucking horrendous.
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    Finally, someone gets it.
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    sara: let me take a look at you.

    tegan: oh. what an attractive bunch. i like that. young peeps.

    sara: um we-

    tegan: lovely.

    sara: um the last few times we've been in calgary we played the jubilee and we know that a lot of people really like that venue because you get to sit down. and i like venues where you get to sit down 'cause i am so lazy. i'm like the fucking laziest person alive. i go to shows-

    tegan: hey! there's small people around.

    sara: i know that there's some younger people here, but i have a feeling that if you are a parent and your children listen to tegan & sara this is not the first time they've heard the f word, so here we go.

    tegan: agreed, fair point.

    sara: yeah. let's be honest. but so uh anyways, i know that a lot of people don't like to stand up at a concert because i don't like to stand up at a concert. i'm the person who's about halfway through the concert starts to think about what it will feel like to put sweats on and then like watch one of those shows where those abusive ladies yell at each other while drinking all the time. um, otherwise known as the housewives of anything, any city. anyways, i know my life seems very glamorous, sweatpants and wine and watching the housewives of l.a. or whatever, but um the truth is i just wanted to do something different and so we really hand it to you all for standing up. good for you.

    tegan: you're doing so good.

    sara: good for you for standing up people.

    tegan: um this next song whenever- like recently i had to go to the doctor because a couple weeks ago i had this bad sore throat and we'd been travelling in europe and ignoring it and pretending it wasn't happening but i got back to vancouver and i just decided to go to the doctor and um i was only in town for a few days and so-

    sara: tegan, speak up a little bit.

    tegan: what? am i talking too quiet?

    sara: a little bit.

    tegan: okay. I WAS ONLY HOME FOR TWO DAYS SO- is that better? can you hear me? what's wrong? what? they're fine. okay, so i was only home a couple days so i went to the uh clinic and i invited my dad to come along because i had very small amount of time to hang out and i uh waited forty-five minutes and then when they brought me into the little room i waited another half an hour. and when the doctor came in he took one look at me and i was like- i looked horrible, i had the flu, i obviously thought something was wrong with my throat, i hadn't even showered i'd just thrown on like sweatpants and a t-shirt - and he took one look at me and said "oh my god! tegan and sara! i love your band!" but thankfully all i wanted him to do was take my temperature and check my throat so i didn't have to get undressed or anything like that and uh. so he gave me a throat swab and then i talked to him for like half an hour, which was pretty exciting so. the good thing when you go to a doctor that nobody knows who you are you get extra time so um. anyways as it turns out i had strep throat, which was so sad and horrible for me, but not really 'cause i just laid on the coach and um and i watched tv for a week.


    #97b. Want To Be Bad 6.27

    10.00 x 2 @LE0Night @Petty Mayonnaise
    LOW: 2.00 x 1 @Ferk
    MY SCORE: 6.00

    ALBUM: Want To Be Bad
    WRITER: Sara

    This has not been a good day for @LE0Night as he was also my high scoring ally for the criminally underrated Not Tonight. And once again poor beleaguered @Petty Mayonnaise will have to find a rage gif and pray that @2014 let's it slide. I hope some leniency can be found in these difficult times. Also poor poor Sara- after a relatively even pace of eliminations between the two, she's now being served cut after cut. Soon it will be her turn to spend an unholy amount of time waiting at a Canadian walk-in medic clinic! I probably could've bumped my score up by a half point now that I think about it. The opening to this is really nice and I love how Sara sings "you're so tragedy." Which ... fitting title for this rate.

    The only commentary I received was in visual format. Please warn @Petty Mayonnaise (10), not me!




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  17. OK.

    OK, people will always have differing opinions on things and that's fine.

    That's how it is, that's OK, it's cool.

    I'm cool.

    @Ferk put your location on.
  18. I'm dropping hints that I'm shook.
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    The Bing Lounge one is very clear and also a mashup. That's the one I downloaded cause it's so pretty!!!
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  20. Well this thread as awakened my long forgotten obsession with Ted Gowans, their guitarist for a decade:


    C'mon lesbro hipster Halpert!
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