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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Fuck I almost had a heart attack when I saw 'Back In Your Head' in the banter part. I was about to flip a table. Thank God(ney) it was just this one getting chopped instead.
  2. Hehehe.
  3. Probably no eliminations tonight, I feel worse today than I did almost all this week.
  4. Get well soon, @ohnostalgia! We need more Sara chronicles.
  5. Tag yourself. @send photo is the guy at 0:58 yelling PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE.
  6. eeee I'm a flop fan

    Obviously-not-Tegan: " I wore these glasses so that you can remember that I'm Tegan"
    Me: "Mhm, sure thing, Sara"
    *actual Sara starts speaking*
    Me: "....oh"

    Also in the not-even-remotely-likely event that I meet her in real life I've now memorized that Clea DuVall doesn't like people mispronouncing her last name.

    I'm gonna call her Clea Duvet.
  7. tegan: when sara and i were born we were born like two months early, we were really little. we were really little and our parents had picked out our names already. they said that the first born was going to be named tegan and the second born was going to be named sara. but right at the last minute sara and i switched places and sara ended up - *hits micstand with hand* oops. i'm like super excited to tell you this. guys guess what? um so at the last minute sara and i switched spots and i ended up coming out first and it was a good thing because the position i'd been in was not very good and i was not healthy when i came out and i was really little - like three pounds eight ounces. *crowd awwws* i should've brought pictures! then sara came out eight minutes later and um my parents have all this-

    sara: i was four pounds one ounce.

    tegan: also very cute. um anyway, not to get bogged down with too many details. the point is that my parents- my mom told a story about how the first time she went in to see us the incubators um they had them pushed up next to each other and like she'd have to decide which one of us was going to be named tegan and which one was going to be named sara. and of course they'd had this whole plan that the first born was going to be named tegan and the second born would be named sara, but my mom said i looked so weak and little that she didn't want to give me the name tegan initially because she thought that was going to be a strong name and *laughs.*

    sara: it should be for the better one.

    tegan: yeah for the strong one that's more likely to survive. being the different one, you know. when i say survive i don't mean life, i mean like having an original name so like different or... and then she decided that i needed that name because i needed to not be so weak, so anyway the point is that uh we've been talking a lot in the last month about our uh career and being out in the front or out in the public eye and you know sort of what that does to you as a person and i think that i feel really grateful that i got the name tegan because sometimes i feel like i ended up being really strong because of the name-

    sara: you should be strong. some kind of spirit has surrounded you and it's taking you to a different life so best of luck, see you on the other side!

    tegan: *laughs* i ended up being very tough... what the fuck??? but anyway.. the point was that i was thinking about that today and started thinking how grateful i was that i got the strong name because sometimes it can be really hard to be out here but i feel very grateful that i have sara here by my side *audience cheers* and i feel really grateful that my mom gave me the cooler name.


    #88. This Is Everything 6.76

    10.00 x 1 @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 3.50 x 1 @Remorque
    MY SCORE: 5.00

    ALBUM: Under Feet Like Ours
    WRITER: Tegan

    Okay so I definitely underscored this but oh well... we finally kicked out a Tegan song!!!! Sara and her weaker name can breathe easy for just a minute. It's time for the strong cool one to take some hits. Can I just take a minute to say how much I like the opening line climbed up on a rainbow just to see if I'd fall off? Mostly because I like to imagine this is a metaphor for teenage Tegan exploring her sexuality and you're not going to take that away from me. This song is definitely anchored by a pretty simple guitar riff but I could argue that's part of its charm. Tegan has this innate talent that hooks you into her songs and when the piano kicks in I start wondering why the hell I gave this a five. But then the spell ends and I remember that technically it's probably not the most intricate or inspiring song compared to the rest of their work. But for those two minutes you totally get why Tegan writes most of the fan favourites. I mean I'm going to post a fan video where the crowd demanded she sing this in 2010 and she just goes for it. Or as it's also known: reason five hundred why I want to marry Tegan.

    @Petty Mayonnaise (5) got cute with their commentary: "It really isn’t." Maybe like 1/4 of everything? However @Sprockrooster (10) is exhibiting signs of Post Tegan Song Disorder: "This was the first one to have a strong replay value. Strong contender for my 11 too. Their angry vocal delivery and those adlibs with that bombastic instrumentation is right of my alley. But the ending is so unexpected, making me it cut from my potential 11 list." I really like the ending though?

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  8. This gives me so much hope for my own future.
  9. Shady shady shady n n n.
  10. Obviously the first Tegan track to be lost after the Sara cull is absolutely amazing.
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  11. My scores for Heartthrob and Love You To Death are already really high but if I could go back they'd both average 9+ teebs. I'm obsessed lately.
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  12. sara: you know it's funny 'cause when we were growing up um, you know my family we grew up in alberta and we went camping all the time, that was like our vacation was to camp. and um when i think of camping i think of my childhood, but then i think of being an adult and like people having bush parties and drinking and bears eating people. you know it gets dark, it gets dark for me. but whenever we do festivals where people are camping it doesn't exactly resemble the camping that we did as kids and um as an adult i have camped... well like six years ago i camped and it was what i like to refer to as the last time i camped because i don't know if i'm going to go back to camping. and listen you think it's because i'm judging people who camp and i am because i camped so long that i have a right to judge people who camp. because i didn't just camp like one time, like i know people who are like "i went camping" and i'm like shhhh. i'm like let me show you a photo album dedicated to the thirty years that i camped and i had like one of those air mattresses that blows up and it's like a sealys posturepedic you know camping thing or whatever and i also like camped on rocks- it's probably 'cause i was on acid, but there also were times where we had like the 1970s tent that you needed like one of those degrees in like astrophysics to put it up. there was like sixty eight different-

    *tegan is making a yapping hand gesture to the audience*

    sara: tegan! you're distracting them from listening to me.

    tegan: no no no, they were yelling at you and i said that you couldn't hear them and to shhhh.

    sara: oh. okay. ma'am?

    audience member: sara i camp too!!!

    sara: i know you do. i mean i would assume that you're camping if you're here ma'am. um. this is why i'm telling you the story.

    tegan: you have a tempurpedic bed inside of your tent right?

    *unintelligible screaming*

    sara: what? because because-

    tegan: nine feet tall!

    sara: tegan! shhh!

    tegan: she's looking for a guest in her tent tonight. that's a big tent! you're inviting sara into your tent?

    sara: okay. but no one-

    tegan: it's six feet high? oh i see. are you sleeping in that tent or are you selling it? do you work for canadian tire? no? is that your drink on the speaker? you're having a very good time here i guess. we love you too. we're really happy to be here. we got stuck in traffic but we're still in a really good mood, we've having a very nice time. you guys are really attractive.

    *crowd cheers*

    sara: *points at herself* okay. is it okay? can i? okay.

    tegan: back to sara you guys, please.

    sara: i was going to finish that whole thing but you ma'am... best of luck with your camping experience. but at my last camping experience i just i had that realization that this will be the last time i- thank you john, please. this will be the last time that i camp and it mostly had to do with the fact that the person i went camping with had acid reflux and threw up all night and i thought to myself "no, no i don't want to camp anymore."

    audience member: that's awesome!!!

    sara: thank you sir. and if i have roommate who has acid reflux i hope they're not in my tent but actually just in theirs. and so i have a lot of respect for all of you who are camping here tonight. tonight we're going to be camping at the sheraton in toronto and although we run the risk of getting bed bugs, you run the risk of getting sun stroke and also having your shit stolen while you're at the tegan and sara concert so best of luck with all of that. we're very happy to be here.

    tegan: pretty generous story.

    sara: i know. and if it could fit on my gravestone or even just a license plate i'd say "she once camped and now she just performs for those who camp."


    #87. Sheets 6.78

    : 9.50 x 1 @Slice of Life
    LOW: 4.00 x 2 @eccentricsimply @send photo
    MY SCORE: 7.00

    2010 Summer Tour EP
    WRITER: Both

    Aw.... I think this suffered from extra syndrome a bit. Sheets is the second true Tegan & Sara cowrite they ever released (the first being Paperback Head). Originally meant for Sainthood, the ladies couldn't find a place for it on the album so they released it on the 2010 Summer Tour EP. I like this better than both the bonus tracks they released so *Lady_Gaga_Shrug.gif* No doubt the best part is the synths running underneath, spooking the fuck out of me. It very much carries that not techno but kinda techno-y vibe that is prevalent on Sainthood and that makes me smile. The bridge with both of them harmonizing together is a nice #moment.

    @Petty Mayonnaise (8) had this on their iTunes because of Paramore (I'm guessing): "Wait at me having this EP in my itunes from ages ago and never listening to this song. I’m bopping." Good to know I'm not the only one who hoards songs and then never plays them. @digitalkaiser (5) is probably going to be ashamed to learn this is from the Sainthood recording sessions: "This is one of the better extras but it still misses the mark a bit. It’s so similar to a lot of other things they have done it makes me not want to bother with it. Where is this from? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it. It’s kind of dark sounding, but I think thats its only saving grace." Remember how Sainthood is your favourite album? Meanwhile @constantino (8) is already planning ahead: "This is a perfect song for my ‘Summer roadtrip’ playlist, especially the summery guitars…just 7 months to go!" Does England even have a summer? @Jwentz (7) takes the girls to task a bit: "I like it, but it feels like it’s missing a chorus." Choruses are so 2000 and late. @Slice of Life (9.5) keeps on stanning for ha queen: "Or your stupid sheets... I love the way they say this line. The best extra so far maybe because this feels rather fully formed." Yes, that's Sara in case you couldn't tell hun. Let's hope she doesn't piss off anymore groups of campers and disappear before she can sing that live to us.

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  13. I FEEL ATTACKED. Maybe I'll have to switch to Tegan after all?

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  15. Am I such a scary person?
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  16. Oh yes. The plan is working then.
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  17. sara: i just want to dedicate this to my friends at spin here tonight. i always like to razz them when i'm here in new york city because of an incident that they had no control over- those are my favourite kinds of incidents. but we've been sort of irritated by this idea that we were a folk band since we started. uh we didn't really see ourselves as a folk even though we had acoustic guitars and we used to really beat up on ourselves when we were touring because of that. we sorta took it personally but then we also felt like we were somehow responsible for this ... like do we just get rid of the guitars? do we have like a burning session? we're not sure. anyways uh i want to dedicate this to my friends both past and present at spin because my favourite diss- i thought it was a diss- of all time came from spin. and it was when we were putting out so jealous and they seemingly were giving it a good review but they referred to us as "a folk wiccan nightmare." i just never stopped thinking about it, you know? i just- i think about it like the way that i think about when i pushed this kid off of our family deck when i was like seven for no reason. and sometimes i just think "am i a sociopath?" and then it just slips away and i stop thinking about it. and then like two years down the road i'll think "am i a sociopath?" and i'll just like.... folk wiccan nightmare. *laughs* it's pretty awesome.

    tegan: wonder what they're going to say about us now.

    sara: folk wiccan nightmare slash folk wiccan dance nightmare. .. no. we've changed. but i don't mean it, i'm bringing it up as sorta like a funny thing now where whenever i'm in new york for whatever reason i think about being called um lots of different things- not just the folk wiccan nightmare, but you know just over the years like how your vision of yourself, how you sort of identify really is changed by the way that people see you. not just the people who think you're folk and that you dance around a fire with your menstrual blood on your face, but just also how your friends see you or whatever *laughs*. but anyways-

    tegan: i just wanna, we *gestures to band* just want to know- are you having a nervous breakdown or is this going to go somewhere cool?

    sara: *laughs*

    tegan: 'cause we love spin now. i don't know what to do except for should i burn a guitar? if i punch you in the face does that end the story or deflect from the part of the story where you told spin that they called you folk?

    sara: it's fine.

    tegan: but you're not having a nervous breakdown? you're totally in control of yourself right now, right?

    sara: 100%

    tegan: okay... if you strip your clothes off and start pounding on the floor then we really are folk wiccan nightmares.

    sara: okay. the point is that whenever i think of this song i actually think that we are a bit of a folk nightmare, but um .. i'm going to *looks at tegan walking across stage* everything okay? you passing notes with craig?

    tegan: now you're getting paranoid.

    sara: somebody slipped me acid. okay! i dedicate this song to my friends at spin- they really are my friends, i'm not trying-

    tegan: no, they were your friends.

    sara: they were my friends.

    tegan: now they're going to talk about my side project but they'll probably ignore heartthrob altogether. thank you.

    sara: this one's also for people who like folk who may have been offended by this.


    #86. I Won't Be Left 6.812

    10.00 x 1 @Slice of Life
    LOW: 5.00 x 4 @digitalkaiser @First2Run @Jwentz @Remorque
    MY SCORE: 7.00

    ALBUM: So Jealous
    WRITER: Tegan

    I won't mistake you for problems with me
    I won't let my moods ruin this, you'll see
    I won't take everything good and move it away
    I won't be left dancing alone to songs from the past

    What. An. Opening. Verse. I'd very much be okay with framing these lyrics in some fancy modern art museum. Or maybe just my unadorned living room wall. It doesn't matter. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised this is one of the first So Jealous songs to fall as it very much sounds like it could be on If It Was You. Interestingly enough almost all of Tegan's songs from that album are still in the rate.... I would like you all to know that Ms. Shonda Rhimes also stans this song- it featured in Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Episode 3. Basically I think she funded the girls entire career for a few years. I hope they dedicated The Con to her. Anyways, I went hunting for a story behind this song and I sure found one. Take it away Tegan!

    "Again, I’m sorta self-absorbed in that I filter all the emotions from my past relationships into those songs and lyrics. I’ve never really written a song for anybody before, but I wrote that for my dad; my step dad and my mom had been together for 15 years and they broke up when we graduated high school and they’ve been apart for five years or whatever. And just the way they still talk about each other, not even necessarily like I think they wanna be together - most times it’s not even positive - there’s just something about losing 15 years of somebody’s company. There’s music [they used to listen to] from that time from when I was a kid, and one night I was on the phone talking to him and he was listening to a song that I remember listening to on the way to Vancouver on a family vacation, and I just thought, god, to lose something that big and then still be listening to that music - because you know music can really drag you back - and I was so distracted the whole time on the phone. I was like, why is he listening to that? That is so depressing! And I wrote that song right away."

    Let's turn it over to @Remorque (5) who makes his commentary debut with some apologetic regrets: "Nnnnññn, I won’t say again what I did here, but the good sis @ohnostalgia will get what I’m saying… This one definitely grew on me a lot, but when I first listened to it their was just such a clunkiness… They feel kinda disjointed in that chorus when the lead and the backing vocals interact. But it grew on me, so I’m making progression, n’est-ce pas?" Oui. How many apologies am I gonna clock tonight? Numero #2 from @digitalkaiser (5): "I don’t really connect much to this song as much as I would like, it’s another low point or mostly forgettable point on the album. It seems like it will start really great with its “I won’t be left dancin alone to songs from the past” line but I usually skip it to get to Walking with A Ghost. I’m sorry." I hope Tegan's story made you cry. Oh wait does that make me a sociopath? Time to check in with the youth vote, also known as @constantino (8): "This musical hot water bottle…I just want to roll up into a ball and bask in the warmth of this ditty." You're going to have T&S tunes for all four seasons! Also repping the youth we have @eccentricsimply (6) who really made me think: "I like that all the verses start with "I won't". I love it when artists pull stuff like this. It can make the most simple lyrics more interesting." I'm not trying to be sarcastic, I honestly didn't pick up on that. Is this the part where I yell MOMMMMMMMMM at Tegan? Last let's consult the kid that Sara probably threw off the family porch -- oh wait, @send photo didn't provide any commentary. How about @Slice of Life (10) then?: "I love a sweet song every now and then. This is perfect in it's simplicity. I am smitten. I need someone who'll tell me "Would you stay home and keep our memories warm with me."" AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

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  18. I just want to let you all know that you have all disappointed me and I will never ever forget about this treachery. xo
  19. We're still in the late 80s and already close to 7.00+ averages? Nice improvement from the 1D rate @ohnostalgia!
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  20. #Justice4Four
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