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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    tegan: this next song sara and i wrote together. we never really write songs together, um, it's kinda like a private thing you know.. writing a song. maybe just cause you sound really bad and you make lots of ugly faces when you do it. *nods head* ... yeah, that's what i'm saying. um so sara and i we decided that we would collaborate on this record and um i made friends with this guy who worked at an apple store and he gave me a reason when he fixed my computer one time. he's like "go ahead and play, play around with that, check it out" and i was like "okay." reason's like a, you know, a computer program where you can basically use like sequencers and samplers and all sorts of drum beats and like it's madness basically. it's like, if you're like into that kinda thing. i'm not really but i was like "how hard can it be? it's not that hard right?"

    so i get in there and i start pressing buttons and clicking things and right clicking and i got my control route and i'm like fucking around- before i know it i have created like a dance hit from the nineties. like something you would've heard on club euro '96, which i have. *sings i'm a scat man* oh i love that song. anyways, seriously though. i didn't really know what to do with it, it was like seven different sequences all playing at the same time, it was madness so i sent it to sara. and about two hours later i got a text from her and she said "working on the song, i'm like fucking madonna! i'll send it to you later" or whatever. and she sent it back and it was amazing and i was like we're going to be a techno band, it's so exciting! we're going to wear white jumpsuits and drop e on stage and everybody is going to bring glowsticks to our show and- i was so excited. then we got into the studio and we realized that none of us really know how to make what i did happen unless we played to the track and we didn't want to do that because we're bad at that, specifically me cause i screw up and then what do you do?

    sara: it might also mean-

    tegan: start again?

    sara: it would probably also mean that we would need to dance on stage-

    tegan: yeah, yeah, yeah. *shakes head* maybe one day... maybe one day we'll put the remix out. but for now we went into the studio and we recreated the whole piece of music and made it into a completely different song- i mean it's exactly the same song, just with different instrumentation, and i'm not sure if it's a crowd favourite but it's kinda like our favourite so i'm wondering if maybe you know that story you'll enjoy the song more. we're about to find out.


    #67. Paperback Head 6.815

    9.10 x 1 @Ferk, 9.00 x 1 @Remorque
    LOW: 5.00 x 1 @Jwentz
    MY SCORE: 7.00

    ALBUM: Sainthood
    WRITER: Both

    So basically I love how the story behind this song foreshadowed Heartthrob. Not in a 90s Eurodance way because I am not about that life, but more so with Tegan and Sara collaborating on a song, using more electronic sounds, speculating about dancing in the future, etc. I've always thought that Sainthood was practically a pop record in many ways, so it's kinda nice to see my bridging theory being validated now. I did a little google search to see if that Paperback Head remix was ever released but I'm not finding one. Time to start a twitter campaign!!! I'm honestly very curious. On a different note- this story would make a good Apple commercial. Don't just give that away for free, Tegan!

    @digitalkaiser (7) works in IT- "From my peeping at the rate thread, I see that both Tegan and Sara collaborated on writing this? Its very good song, if not a bit short. I think it would of benefited with an extended outro with those little bleeps and bloops and some rounds of vocals to really hit it home, but it’s pretty solid as it is. Even after listening to the lyrics, I’m not understanding the title to much. I would assume it has something to do with collecting paperbacks and being materialistic for the sake of authenticity? (lol, honestly)." Pitch this to Apple for me so we can fund the remix release. @constantino (8) shit man, did you travel back in time and read Tegan's texts?: "Madonna, eat yer heart out. The synths create an essence of melancholy to proceedings, which is always welcome in my book." @eccentricsimply (6): "This almost makes me excited, but it's lacking something." Like seven sequences running simultaneously? Just kidding, you'd probably hate 90s eurodance even more than me. This sounds more up @Slice of Life's (8.75) alley potentially: "Another little pop ditty. Okay, with a more pop production, this would sound so sublime. It's sounds so sexy already despite its barebones foundation." I'm telling you, let's get this shit on an Apple Music commerical. I'm a genius.

  2. I didn't expect to be the lowest scorer for any track on Sainthood, but I'm still shook this one is out.
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  3. Aw this one should have lasted longer. Boo.
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  4. ME TOO

    Haha I feel like its my fault, I should have given this an 8. What is my life.
    I feel like this one should not have been where it is, specifically. Hmmmmm.
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    Only four people gave it a score of 8 or higher. I would actually downgrade my score today so be happy I didn't cheat.
  6. Eee. Back when I first emerged from my post-Tegan & Sara rate-binge stupor and had recovered from the following PTSD worked up the nerve to go through everything again, this and I Won't Be Left were the two exact songs I found I'd actually managed to underrate a tad, oops. Oh well. Sainthood is generally a really even album, though.

    I also find it so neat that the differences in their songwriting peaked there, when their relationship was at its thorniest (they were pretty much chucking furniture at each other at this point, if I remember correctly), and now when they've made up again with Heartthrob and (especially) LY2D you can barely tell their efforts apart anymore.
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  7. And now, an exclusive look into Tegan's tour-bunk (I love her guitar):

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    You're purposefully trying to make me cry.
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  9. Hehehe.
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    You're the one person who hasn't annoyed me yet I think. Don't push me.
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    tegan: one thing that's remained exactly the same is that i feel there is a point during every single show that we play - maybe there's been a couple really shitty ones where i haven't felt this way - but certainly for the last ten years it's been consistent. at least once a night i have a moment in the show where i just , i hear you singing or something happens where i become very aware of you. sometimes i have to like, you know, just be inside myself, but i become aware of you and one thing that has not changed in all these years is that in that moment i am so grateful that this is the career and the life that i got to have and i feel-

    sara: i don't really understand what's happening. i already said all the nice things and now i feel like you're trying to say nicer things to them in a more-

    tegan: *laughs* yeah i know.

    sara: like in an emotional way and i don't understand. like do i have to shed tears for these people? like i don't understand. like, this is like a thing between you and hugo [tech], like oh tegan and hugo are taking a show on the road where i tell really sad things while hugo fixes things for me.

    tegan: no the point that i was gonna try to make was just that like in that moment where i feel so excited i realize that we have a lot of ambition and a lot of goals and we strive to do many many big good things, but the one thing that i'm never wanting to move away from is having this connection. and sara and i are so grateful, we really fought long and hard before this record came out about what our number one goal for this record and our number one goal, we were calling- it's very cheesy but i'll admit to it- is that we wanted to create a bridge directly to our audience. we didn't want to go out and support other bands, we didn't want to go out and do things that didn't feel good, we just wanted to do intimate shows and small shows and then bigger shows but all headline, and just connect to our audience. and if you want to buy the fucking record you should, if you want to stream it or shazam it you should, but honestly as long as you just come back at some point, even if it's ten years from now, we really appreciate you guys listening to us and coming out and hanging out.

    sara: my number one goal for this record was uh... my ovaries are on their last leg so if anyone wants to just, you know i'm willing to use my ovary to um make your dream come true for... *makes wtf gesture and laughs*

    tegan: my second goal with this record is to convince sara to stop bringing her fucking ovaries up on stage.

    sara: my third goal for this record was just that tegan would just let me be myself and talk about my ovaries or just myself however i wanted to. my ovaries won't be around that long; it's not going to be like we're going to be doing our heritage tour when we're in our fifties and i'm going to be like so anyways my left ovary-

    tegan: that's all you're going to talk about when you're fifty! that's all you're going to talk about so wait, don't bring it up now. i'm watching downton abbey right now and whenever they have to talk about "women things" - has everyone here seen it? you know like a doctor talks to.. i'm really bad with the names, the guy who owns the castle or whatever-

    *sara breaks down laughing*

    tegan: when he's like the lady, the wife gets pregnant... i'm bad with names! i can barely remember your [sara's] name most of the time!

    sara: great story. the guy who owns a castle-

    tegan: no you guys know what i'm talking about right? the duke or... thank you ma'am. i can't remember. it's like the duke guy he gets his older wife- she must be, she's like "hella old" so she must be forty or something and she gets "pregnant late in life" or whatever and the doctor's like well how did this happen? he's like "oi how did this happen?" or whatever and then the doctor's like-

    sara: no, no. darren is from the uk. would a duke who owned a castle ever say oi? no, darren says no.

    tegan: okay so the doctor's like "do you want me to explain it to you"? and then he's like "heavens no" and then he's like "i can" and they take a shot of whiskey and talk about women's parts or whatever and i'm like that's you on stage! i turn into the duke where i'm like "no don't talk about your ovaries".

    sara: it's just a little sac with little eggs in it and what happens is once a month...

    tegan: *to audience* thank you for your patience.


    #84. Time Running 6.82

    : 10.00 x 1 @ethansiafbjork
    LOW: 2.00 x 1 @Ferk
    MY SCORE: 8.00

    If It Was You
    WRITER: Tegan

    Some of you did the absolute most to this little bop. Chill out a little with all these super low scores you're dropping like teenage T&S dropped acid... Anyways! Apparently Time Running was released as a single from If It Was You but unlike the other ones it doesn't seem to have a music video. Do you think it would be downgraded to a buzz track these days? Can indie songs flop? This is giving me a headache. Mostly I don't want to take the time to address the theme which @Jwentz personally attacked me with yesterday in Random Thoughts and no I haven't finished my Advent Calendar piece or my Nicki Minaj scores or started Ellie Goulding or Alt-Pop Girls or Big Pop Girls and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    Ahem. Let's start with a person I can usually count on- @constantino (8): "YAS! SCREECH at me! This is like The Black Keys without the pretentiousness and general white male egoism and I live. I just wish this was longer, like I know they’re in a rush but at least give me 3 minutes…" With early Tegan you should be happy you got even two minutes out of her. I wouldn't give a song I have no strong feelings about a 4 but hey what do I know apparently, right @eccentricsimply?: "I don't know how to feel about this one? Like... I don't feel compelled to listen to it again and I don't have strong feelings against it. It's just... fine? I think?" I'm going to get @constantino to screech at you. What does our @Remorque (7) say?: "I love the utter brashness in this one. The lyrics probably fit a lot of us more than we’d like to believe, but it’s their voices that actually let me down in this one. As I’m a sucker for their vocals, it’s clear how much they’ve grown as singers since their debut days…" Oh for sure.

    Guess who's back, back again? It's @Slice of Life's (9) next stop on the sound engineering commentary tour: "This has a bumpkin feel to it... which means I'm here for it. I wish this was mixed (is this the right term???) better though. This could've sounded more phenomenal." I think the screech deserved better too. @First2Run (7) is also Team Screech: "The screamy bits are cute." @digitalkaiser (5) is also on the cute train: "This song is very country in its sound but meshes some wonderful punk-lite vocal stylings.I find their earlier stuff to be more autobiographical which causes the songs to have a bit more weight and intrigue. I think the production is a bit pedestrian but I can imagine this sounding fantastic live. The sing-shout answer thing is ..weirdly cute to me? They are so cute." Finally we'll end with @Sprockrooster (9) who's giving me tons of dirty innuendo to fuel my T&S thirst: "They come in hard and more raw with this one and I like it. Not that ending though."

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  12. good.
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    I don't know that I can eliminate something tonight. I'll try but it's kinda the lowest priority of the three things I'm trying to do tonight.
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    This is soooooo good!
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    sara: last night we had a night off here and we went and played pool. i don't know what it was called, it was a pool hall. anyway. but we were drinking and tegan used to be what one would call a social smoker and thankfully after years of asking her to quit she herself came to a place where she wanted to stop smoking and it's been like four months, right?

    tegan: yeah

    sara: okay, so last night at about 2:00 am when they kicked us out of the pool hall i saw someone give tegan a cigarette and i was like "don't smoke, tegan" and she was like "i'm gonna smoke" and then she put it behind her ear and i was like "don't smoke!"

    tegan: i wasn't actually smoking it at that point, i just thought it was funny 'cause it really pissed sara off.

    sara: sometimes when i'm drinking hard alcohol - i was drinking vodka and i um get really aggressive and i also like to be very physical, like i like to run, that sort of thing. like i'm not a runner, i don't do physical activity with any sort of regularity and so anyways i don't know how it started but i kept trying to chase tegan. like i started chasing her and her immediate reaction was to run. i would say that we clocked close to a mile, we chased each other- tegan was doing all these dekeing moves. like she would stop *starts miming the moves*

    tegan: i was playing with her because i actually, sara doesn't, i don't know how she keeps her physique, but i actually ran for like a number of years for like an hour every day and so i have more muscle mass than her. like if you put the two of us in a ring like even sara would agree that most likely the person not crying and begging for mercy would be me. i'm just stronger and so last night when she was chasing me like i didn't even want the cigarette but she was chasing me and it pissed me off, i thought it was kinda pathetic that she couldn't even catch me. she didn't even get close and plus i always like a good laugh and everybody else was with us was laughing so hard, doug specifically thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen, so that just like encouraged me, like i'm gonna run forever!!!

    sara: that's true. i actually am weaker than tegan, i have asthma. it's a genetic condition so. for god knows even though we're identical twins tegan ended up with-

    tegan: one of us sought attention and the other one was quite happy to get along in life without it

    sara: right. i tried my motherfucking hardest to catch her, i was running for my life trying to get that cigarette from her. and she smoked it but she admitted this morning that it was the worst cigarette she'd ever smoked-

    tegan: my throat was burning so badly i couldn't even inhale. i was basically just holding it and everyone kept being like just throw it out and i was like nope nope, i deserve this sunshine.


    #83. Take Me Anywhere 6.841

    9.00 x 1 @LE0Night
    LOW: 4.30 x 1 @Ferk
    MY SCORE: 8.00

    ALBUM: So Jealous
    WRITER: Tegan

    I'm not feeling particularly great so let's keep this short and sweet: this is a cute bop and you've made me very sad by cutting it this early. I really like the parts where Sara jumps in with the "take me anywheres." Tegan practically had to bribe Sara to sing these, a moment you can watch in the Making of So Jealous documentary from 0:00 - 2:16. It's pretty demonstrative of the tensions that plagued their relationship during this era of the band.

    This is another one of the Shonda Rhimes approved tracks, appearing in Season 3 of Greys. Now that we know our original stan's opinion, what did the rest of you think? Let's start with @digitalkaiser (8) who's going to be so mad at this result: "I really adore the chorus here, a lot of this album makes me feel like an emotional mess. I think Tegan and Sara have always excelled at this. I feel weirdly like a song like this could fit right in to a later album like Sainthood. A lot of the songs on this album focus on feelings for someone and the longing associated with being a bit lonely or jaded, which is basically my whole life despite how happy I am right now in my current set-up." Amen. I wonder if @constantino (8) will play this track when he chases down the smokers at the local club: "I love the energy in this track; I can imagine this coming alive when listened to on a long drive on a sunny day. Bliss." @Jwentz (5) is our first betrayer: "Super short, but still feels like it plods along a bit." Is this a Sara read? Here's part one of two in the breezy commentary stakes from @Remorque (6.5): "This does its job for me personally because it’s kinda light and breezy and flows along quite nicely while also being a bit urgent-ish. The girls sound great though. I actually like the rockier production here, but it doesn’t quite pack the same punch as the opening track does." @Slice of Life (8.5) tries to right the wrong while continuing their streak of uncommon complaints: "There's a breeziness to this that I love. It's like a soundtrack to an indie family movie... and that's a compliment. It kinda sounds like the first track which diminishes it's impact on me." I'm not really sure what the second half means but you gave it a high score so good job. The rest of you suck.

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  20. Not @ohnostalgia hyping up @send photo as the main rate villain and then @Ferk pops up out of nowhere like some evil second act plot-twist.


    (also I'm sorry you're feeling off I hope you get better soon)
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