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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. I love their new stuff, but most of my 10s are going to The Con and Sainthood.
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    If I were to adapt an old adage, sometimes it takes a family to raise an album. Tegan & Sara's debut Under Feet Like Ours (1999) is a Quin family production through and through. When recording demos for Universal Canada led nowhere, the girls decided a new approach was necessary. So they borrowed $10,000 from their grandfather, hired independent producer Jared Kuemper, and recorded their debut album in their mother's living room. It's very folk punk, very Ani Defranco, very teenagers writing their first album, very social justice. There's a song dedicated to trees. There's a certain homespun queer women coming of age acoustic charm to the entire affair. It's a great little time capsule.

    I stumbled across this little interview from 1999, which I wanted to share:

    Tegan: Sara. Sara had the beginning of the name Sara and Tegan, not because she’s number one, that’s for sure. She blew it, though, so now it’s Tegan and Sara, so that’s why we changed our name.

    Sara: Tegan. Born September 19, 1980. Born Tegan RAIN Quin. A little bit more introverted than me, writes a little bit weirder songs…

    Tegan: Sara’s uhh definitely a full contact kind of sport person and I’m definitely in the background ready to kick your knee out when you’re not looking so that’s a pretty good synopsis of Sara and Tegan.

    Tegan: We both wrote together a lot of time- Well no we didn’t. We had ideas and then we would write together but we’ve definitely become more ummm…

    Sara: We had a little prob- We had problems.

    Tegan: Yeah, but we write separately and then we bring it together. We’re kind of umm… we’re kind of independent players now, but we do collaborate at- in the end kind of thing. But we used to just fight, and then the songs were crappy. Now they’re not crappy anymore.

    Sara: …cause we don’t write together. It’s not like any other band… like we don’t practice once or twice a week. I mean, we practice every day for like, a long time.

    Tegan: Right-

    Sara: So we’d be better, but

    Tegan: *mumbling* But four and a half years of playing at least once a day, you know, a lot, together and stuff so… I think we’ve got a lot accomplished in short time only because we’re together all the time playing and getting better

    Sara: We don’t take up very much room either uhh… *mumbling*

    Tegan: Like according- in what? *mumbling* like in your room?

    Sara: No like generally in space… like we don’t take up a lot of space

    Tegan: What does that have to do with- I want to do my interview over here away from her…

    Sara: We’re pretty much one of those- those nerdy people that sing about like love and sadness and depression and stuff

    Tegan: Not- not me, I write about freedom and inspirational, powerful songs

    @ohnostalgia's standout track: Divided.

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    Ok, I'm glad there's so much time to get our scores in, because I wasn't aware at all that they've been around since the 90s. There's so much new music to discover!
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    Fair warning to anyone who posted in here- I will guilt trip you until you complete this rate.
  5. I've already completed rating the So Jealous - Hearthrob so I'm feeling pretty good so far!!!
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    You're further ahead than the host so you're good.

    I was listening to This Business of Art today so I should hopefully have another post up soon (assuming the pop quiz doesn't kick me again).
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    What do you do when Canadian music legend Neil Young stans your debut album? Well if you're Tegan & Sara you sign to his independent label Vapor Records, open for him on tour, and re-record your debut album plus a few new tracks. Not bad for some teenage girls from Calgary, Alberta, am I right? I really loved learning about how supportive Vapor Records was of Tegan & Sara's decision to be out. Remember that this was 2000, after all. Let me shed a quick tear. *sniff*

    I'd say that This Business of Art is the harder edged evolution of their Under Feet Like Ours sound. Some of the electric soundscapes echo onto So Jealous, The Con, and even Sainthood. I find it really interesting to hear what other instruments they reached for once they had a professional studio to record in. I really enjoy the beefed up version of Superstar. I'd say this album is the first example of proving Tegan & Sara's strength is the underlying song structures. Their early songs have been reworked over and over again, most recently on the Love You to Death tour, and they lose nothing with each new version. They always find a way to showcase how their old sounds and their new sounds are all essentially them. I really love them, okay?

    There is one song you'll all be asked to rate, which is The First. I'd also like to showcase Superstar as @ohnostalgia's standout track.

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  8. I am liking that back story for the debut. Are you planning to do it for all the albums @ohnostalgia?
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    Yes I am. I was planning to write them faster but it's been a bad two weeks for headaches. You will also be getting a personal invitation post featuring some guests special to T&S. Stay tuned.
  10. I was planning to do the first three albums this week, but I will wait for your writeups because it makes more sense what the story behind it is during rating.

    No need to rush your reviews!
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    I'm prepping for the next album, but I just had to share this video in a separate post. This is now what I will imagine happening for those who don't like I Know, I Know, I Know.

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    The album write-ups are helpful. Thanks for doing this @ohnostalgia. I will wait for the next installments before I start rating but I am excited.
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  16. Oh. My. GOD.

    A thousand likes to you and scores incoming this weekend lovely lady. I am a cat lady through and through how did you know?
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  18. Cat-based promo upsets me.

    I'll sort my scores. Fuck need to do some commentary for these chicas though. Too relevant to my youth not to.
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    Well................... this is awkward. Hmmmm.

    I actually didn't know. But you may enjoy a scroll through Tegan & Sara's instagram. I stole all the photos from there. Sara's cats are the best part.
  20. I just don't, never have and never will care about other people's pets. Especially if it's like...their entire instagram (or life). Fun for a bit. And I finally appreciate dogs after living with them for a year (not technically mine though). Cats are nice to live with as I have to do so little to keep them I guess, but like, unless they're in front of you, why do people get so interested in other people's boring pets? Ironic cat ladies and that whole aesthetic.

    I want a snake.
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