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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. I know how early this is but while we're making lists here's a top 10 prediction:

    Back in Your Head

    Goodbye, Goodbye
    I Was a Fool
    How Come You Don't Want Me
    Now I'm All Messed Up

    Dying to Know
    Stop Desire
  2. If only one song from the Con makes it into the top 10 I will burn this forum to the ground.
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    I really want to say things but let me not accidently spoil it
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  4. Give us that cliff hanger, queen.
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    sara: one time i was in a fight.

    tegan: one time?

    sara: okay one time, there was a few times i fought, but we went to a really tough school when we were growing up and it was quite normal for people to fight, especially girls. there was a lot of girl fighting and uh, i don't know if i would say... um anyways my school was the kinda school where it was not uncommon for someone, if someone had an issue with you um they would just like try to fight you or whatever. and it was funny because i wasn't really like that, i wasn't a fighter even though tegan and i were in karate for eight years. um if anything my marshal arts training made me more passive and it was about the kuta, it was about the routine-

    tegan: *laughs* did you say it was about the kuta?

    sara: don't laugh at marshal arts it's not funny at all! that's like laughing at downward dog, some people really love yoga, some people love marshal arts. anyways uh we were pretty good, we were pretty good at the marshal arts thing but i had never really put it to the test so to speak until i was in junior high. and that is a miserable miserable time, i don't know which grades for you were middle school or junior high or i don't know prom... i don't understand american. but basically grade seven, eight, and nine were the worst years of my life so far and uh there were times in grade seven and eight where i passively took the um verbal abuse of children in my school who are now disgusting and have horrible jobs and pitiful lives. but anyways what i, but what happened was that by grade nine i'd had enough and i was, well we are, i was about the same height i am now, so i was like 5'2. i have, i know you can tell that i'm very muscular but i still felt fearful that if i tried to fight people um that i would get my ass kicked, but in grade nine i had enough. and so uh, well both tegan and i we started like when people would harass us- like we had friends, don't get me wrong, in a weird way kids that picked on us the most were our friends, it was like that kinda fucked up school where we're friends with you, now we hate you, you smell like pee.

    tegan *laughs* didn't you actually smell like pee once?

    sara: no, no. i don't smell like pee. ever. except one time when i got black out drunk and i peed myself. there's so many... i wish you could see your faces right now, such a smattering of horror. but anyway um, so anyways i was like i couldn't take it anymore and so when kids would start to harass us - our friends really - i started to be like "don't fuck around" and one time i picked up a garbage can and i threw it at some kids. one time i chased a girl and i just think that she was just so surprised that i was running after her in her direction that she kinda acted like alarmed and scared. that was enough to trick her, you know like the way that if a cat is attacked by something bigger it will puff up and it's like realistically the cat knows that it's not big, but it sort of appears scary and big. like if i attacked a cat and a cat puffed up i would be like okay, never mind *raises hands in surrender*. but anyways um it worked, the whole like- i'm not suggesting it to anyone, like you're in america and things have gotten a lot more crazy in the last ten years and people like knife each other and stuff- well people knifed each other at my school, but anyways i wasn't worried about getting shanked or whatever. okay. runaway story. basically the point- i don't even know why i said any of this, i'm so upset i'm sweating profusely and... basically i think that maybe the point i was trying to make um, no no it's not coming at all. maybe i'll just talk about somebody who's always articulate on stage-

    tegan: me!

    *crowd cheers*

    sara: no, not you. listen, tegan fanclub i'm sick and tired of you. don't make me use my marshal arts on you, i will.


    #80. More For Me 6.90

    HIGH: 8.50 x 2 @Petty Mayonnaise @2014
    LOW: 4.00 x 1 @ohnostalgia

    ALBUM: Under Feet Like Ours/This Business of Art
    WRITER: Tegan

    Oh yeah I forgot I was the low scorer for this one. I'm not going to think about all the songs it just beat because I don't want to get upset again, so let me just tell you which version I dislike the least: the Under Feet Like Ours original. I think I was looking for a stronger melody from Tegan, but I do love the part where she sings "I got a picture of the way I looked when I was three, I came out laughing, screaming, dancing. I used to be free spirited now I'm just free of sleep." Cliche perhaps? But cliche for a reason! @Petty Mayonnaise (8.5) agrees that the original is better: "I wasn’t really feeling this, but the “on and on”s in the background are absolutely sublime and that moment when they finally come into the melody is a #moment. The loss of the background harmonies throughout the song that were there before really takes away from the impact. The “on and on”s built into a lovely sort of crescendo in the original version of this song." @send photo (8) also agrees as he sent me a five point difference between the two versions since he couldn't read the rules properly and just rate his favourite: "What happened to this? The original is miles better." Maybe Tegan was tired of Sara always repping the tough girl image?

    (scroll to 16:00)​
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  6. I'm getting my pocketbook and leaving.
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    The number of times I'm going to want to do this in the future though.
  8. Can this slaughter of the first albums just stop. I understand this is a pop forum. But this is EXTRA and y'all know it!!
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    tegan: [this fan's] like "thanks a lot for making us wait." like lays it on thick right? and i'm like "well you know i mean we were working, we were busy backstage" and she's like "this is your job." and i was like weeeeeellllll no, technically this is extra, but i was like "you know, i mean we've had a long day, we travelled really far you know whatever, usually post show we like to relax a little bit, maybe have a drink, pack up our stuff, a lot of us shower before we get on the bus 'cause it's like twelve or fourteen hours before we get to a venue again." and she's not having any of it, she's like "whatever, just get in the photo."

    *crowd ooohhhhhs*

    tegan: so i'm like, at this point sara gets this look. she knows me and she's like wild animal, back away back away! and then i'm like "excuse me? no. how about no. i'm not going to take a photo with you now." and sara's like "it's cool, it's cool, everything's fine. i'll take a photo." you know she's sorta like peacekeeping or whatever, and the girl grabs me and like yanks me like towards her or whatever and i was like "WHAT THE" *makes throwdown gesture* you know, like i don't know, like in a bar brawl setting. and our tour manager at the time was a bigger gentlemen and he was from new jersey, really funny guy, and he kinda got like involved. and he got between us and the girl was like *rawr* and he was like *rawr* and then i was just like AHHHHH!. madness you know. and um at one point, this is like my favourite thing a tour manager's ever said, but basically she was going off about how we should behave and he was like "you know we don't come to your job at 7 eleven and tell you how to run the slurpee machine." and i was like "too far! too far!" i was like everybody walk away. and so we finished signing things and i refused- sara took a photo with the girl and i walked away or whatever. but typically that's not what i like to do after a show.

    sara: we like to read.

    tegan: or watch episodes of like arrested development. whatever.


    #79. Our Trees 6.92

    10.00 x 1 @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 4.40 x 1 @Ferk
    MY SCORE: 7.00

    ALBUM: Under Feet Like Ours
    WRITER: Tegan


    Instead of making The Lorax into a consumerist children's movie that completely missed the point of the original Dr. Seuss book, we should've had Tegan update Our Trees with pop production for the modern times. Okay I must admit that I highkey find this song hilarious because it's so incredibly earnest in that way that only an 18-19 year old can be. The Lorax was also my favourite Dr. Seuss book Tegan, I understand. The weird thing is that this song has probably the most interesting production on their entire debut album! There's some jazzy elements going on with the bass line and Tegan does some speak singing that's not quite a spoken word protest song, but easily could be. @constantino you should listen to this because I think you'd get a kick out of it. One time a fan asked the ladies to sing this at a concert and they basically said only if John McCain won the election. Now that a far worse man who actively denies climate change is the president I'd like to demand a release of Our Trees (2016) version: "Wake me up from this dream and tell me things aren't as bad as they seem. And tell me is it so not cool to say who will save the trees. Will it be me?"

    @Petty Mayonnaise (7) and I are back in sync after that brief detour last elimination: "I’m deducting points for the weird enunciation/accent thing going on here and there and for the rather on-the-nose teen angst. Maybe I’m just a bit too old for this song, but I’m bopping anyway." You might think this would be a song @send photo (7) would torpedo but no! He calls them: "eco-conscious queens." We'll close with @Sprockrooster (10) who is probably going to murder @Ferk at the next available opportunity: ""And the man behind the axe, always gets a full meal" strikes me. Fantastic metaphor of a song, with that sentence being the pinnacle. It basically says it all. Life is unfair and the strongest people have the power in this world. Tragic and still applicable."

    (scroll to 3:03)
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  10. @Ferk. Watch your back.
  11. Aw, I should give Our Trees a listen.
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  12. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    The trees will thank you.

    I know Tegan gets embarassed by this song but it's honestly not that bad, just a bit overearnest and teenage angsty.
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  13. @ohnostalgia Please let me know when Love They Say goes out so I can throw a temper tantrum and/or ragequit the forum, thanks. xoxo
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    I'll put you in the post as an honorary 11, sound good?
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  15. Perfection. (Not the Dannii Minogue song.)
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  16. Aw well if I'd made the Lorax connection I'd probably have upgraded my score.

    to a 4.5

  17. ohnostalgia

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    sara: it's like the older you get, the more like a mom being annoying you become.

    tegan: i know!

    sara: like you're like "okay guys so during the bridge let's all turn to sara and let's just look at her, let's give her a little bit of extra attention you know? let's just really focus on her." i'm like why?

    tegan: that's not what i was going to say.

    sara: you always give such nerdy introductions to things i do.

    tegan: it's my song, i won't do it in front of your songs anymore.

    sara: no, you do it about all my songs. i'm not being mean to you, you do do it. you never say about your own songs, you're not like "guys, whew, i got one coming up here and you should definitely zone in on what i'm doing." like she's always like "oh boy guys, you should really see what sara's up to doing with this next one."


    #78. Fade Out 6.96

    9.00 x 2 @2014 @Posh Spears
    LOW: 4.00 x 1 @Jwentz
    MY SCORE: 7.50

    ALBUM: Intervention Soundtrack
    WRITER: Sara

    And with this cut we say goodbye to our sub 7.00 averages. I guess this is what happens when you run a rate for an act that most people don't think is trash. Fade Out was originally written for Love You To Death but failed to make the cut. Judging by the huge pile of middling scores this got, I'm guessing the right call was made. Sara rewrote the lyrics for some movie called Intervention and then scored the entire soundtrack which I think is pretty exciting!!! If I'm recalling correctly I'm pretty sure Sara may have only used female musicians. I remember she definitely spoke about being proud to join the small ranks of women scoring movies. So there's my happy story of the day. I actually really like Fade Out and would've loved to see it fleshed out into a proper bonus track. Although I suppose the short but sweet style works with the concept. Here's what Clea Duvall had to say: "'Fade Out' captures the emotional complexity of the film. I love the duality of the dreamy melody with the somewhat bittersweet lyrics. When Sara first played me the finished song, all of my anxiety disappeared. The more I hear it, the more I fall in love with it."

    Let's pick on @digitalkaiser (5): "I think this song tried to sound as big as the songs from Heartthrob but fails at it." I... think that's not what happened here at all. Are they going to hear constant comparisons to Heartthrob for the rest of their lives, 'cause yeeesh. @constantino (7) has more of the right era: "Tame BOP! It’s like a watered-down amalgamation of LYTD." @First2Run (7.5) gives probably the most accurate assessment so far: "This song is going in the right direction but it kind of feels like it’s lacking something – probably due to how absurdly short it is. Still, it’s pleasant and the outro instrumental is soothing." It's almost like a little lullaby isn't it? @Slice of Life (8) is perched to grow into this one: "I bet I would love this more in time. But today, I just like it. I like it quite a lot." Fair. @Posh Spears (9) has a question for our ladies: "Why are there so many gems in the extras section?" I can't be bothered to figure out if you're calling all the DJ collabs gems as well, so let me give a preemptive disapproval. Last word to @send photo (7.5): "Oh damn look at the cast of that movie. Let me look that up, thanks ladies." Okay, but did you listen to the score? Report back.

  19. Hmmm. On the bright side, most of the other extra gems are still in. But no, most of the EDM collabs are shit.
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  20. Not too fussed.

    And I suddenly realised which album you are reviewing for the Advent calender @ohnostalgia. I am posting this in this thread deliberately.
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