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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    I can neither confirm nor deny.
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    sara: when i was growing up i had a lot of- i mean everyone is self conscious, especially - well everybody except for like 4% of the population who are like astonishing even as teenagers. like they just bypass that disgusting stage that most normal people go through. um like the only person, like i say this and then my mom is like "that's not true, you're being so... you're exaggerating," but like i was utter- i'm speaking for myself, that's from thirteen years of therapy - this is just about me, i'm not saying that tegan was different but she can say what she was.

    *tegan cracks up*

    sara: i was utterly disgusting. i mean, but i know it's like "oh no but i like you so much!" but i was still likeable. i didn't say i didn't have a good personality; i just said that i was shockingly awkward, i did all the wrong things. our mom is and was a fox and she would try to help us, she would say things like um "let me take you shopping and buy you brands and clothes that are relevant to the year that you're going to seventh grade" and we'd be like nah. we'd be like uh no i'm cool with my epcot disney (@Island) t-shirt that i got for christmas, or for summer vacation. and these super cool uh velour shorts uh that we wore to our piano recital last year will do just fine, no problem! uh i don't want your doc martins or your overalls or your nose piercing, mom. just fuck off. and it was a mistake, it was. it was also a mistake not to get a designated hairstyle. uh it was a mistake um to continue playing a game called raft with our best friend all through most of middle school, which-

    *audience member yells sounds fun!*

    sara: it sounds fun? you wanna know what it was about? it wasn't like a weird sex game, like you know in middle school kids start to like be adventurous and challenge their boundaries with drugs and sex... we were playing a, basically it was charades but on a blow up raft in heather's living room. uh we would come up with little scenarios that each one of us would act out on the raft. just in case you don't know what that is because you're city people, that's a flotation device that one uses on summer vacation in a river. but it was in heather's-

    tegan: or a lake.

    sara: or a lake, but it was in heather's living room and we would play all sorts of weird roleplay games in it. so needless to say we were super pops and uh... no, we weren't popular but we were really lucky cause we weren't super unpopular and i'm grateful for that because sometimes i look back at pictures and i'm like, i feel like if the fashion police existed for teenagers we would've gotten a life sentence.

    *tegan is speechless. audience yells: we love the mullet!*

    sara: no i wish i'd had a mullet, that would make half the hair... which i had so much hair that i have chronic-

    tegan: i think sara's-

    sara: scar tissue

    tegan: i just want to say one thing to you-

    sara: i have scar tissue on my shoulders from holding up my hair in high school.

    tegan: i think that unfortunately- this is such a good bit- but i think for whatever reason-

    sara: it's not landing?

    tegan: not here, but it's hysterical.

    sara: why isn't it landing?

    tegan: the whole "i love the mullet" "i wish i had a mullet, that would make half the hair" and that's hysterical, that's on point. that's seriously comedic genius. i don't know why it stopped flying here, but i think it could be because everyone here was just smiling. i can see a lot of teeth... but the laugh is quiet um. it was a good bit, but does it somehow tie into this next song or our new record?


    #77. Freedom 7.00

    10.00 x 1 @First2Run
    LOW: 5.00 x 1 @Ferk
    MY SCORE: 6.50

    Under Feet Like Ours/This Business of Art
    WRITER: Tegan

    As with most of the double versions from the early albums I think I prefer the Under Feet Like Ours original, although I must admit that the harmonica is pretty cool on the beefed up remix. This is another one of the tracks that reminds me a bit of jazz with the bass line and spoken poetry delivery. Apparently Tegan was very into this vibe as a teenager. @Petty Mayonnaise (8.5) is definitely Team This Business of Art: "*Resists making a Jewel reference because of the vocals.* Give me that bluesy, angsty bop that I love. The beefier instrumentation really elevates this one from the version that was on the previous album." So is @send photo (6): "The beefed up version is an improvement anyway." @Sprockrooster (8) references a legend: "Janis Joplin vibes and that is a good thing." I wouldn't know, but why not?

    (scroll to 10:57)​
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    Sara talking about her earlier fashion choices:

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    Consider it stolen.
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    @send photo sent me a site that lets me get out of photoshopping gifs so you can thank him. Now all my terrible ideas will see the light.
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    Please share the site you're using @send photo-senpai.
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    Yeah I don't have that. I'm a true artiste.
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    Thank you! You can have Sara for today.

    Y'all aren't ready for my ~True Artiste~ phase.
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    Canada is the only country where excessive flannel isn't just a lesbian thing.
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  12. We are going to bin the first three albums before top 50 arenot we? What a disaster.
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    tegan: when we were writing this new record um i moved into this big house and i like built this, not built, but put in this big studio in downstairs and decided i was going to be like really organized and i was going to wake up every morning and shower, check email and record all day and try to be like a normal person, like a normal life and a normal job. and um so i would get up and i would do all those things and then i would go sit in my office and it had like a vaulted ceiling and really dark hardwood floors. it was like a really nice old house, it was like a hundred years old and-

    sara: should we get out a photo or do like a powerpoint?

    tegan: i'm creating a picture in their minds right now. shush. um but it was really nice and there were like big windows in something like half, one half of the side of the studio and there was this big- what? it's important! i'm giving you the facts.... don't look at her! i don't like when you moves things, like setting the keyboard behind me where i can't see you, i can't monitor you. so okay, there was this big window and a giant tree and so i would sit you know in the morning and check email. it was hard for me to get started cause as it turns out i don't have a real job for a reason. okay so by the middle of the afternoon i've done nothing of course except procrastinate beginning something and um so when 3:00 used to hit the sun would come through the window and there was like a tree there and i used to lay on the floor and sprawl. but if i laid on a certain spot on the floor i couldn't see anything, no houses, no power lines, just the tree and the sun, and i used to lay there and when one afternoon i was feeling particularly depressed and um, i know it was sad. and um i was having a phone conversation about this person that i was deeply deeply hoping would eventually come around and want to be with me.

    *crowd aws. sara starts playing an air violin*

    tegan: so anyway. i'm painting an image- are you enjoying this picture? *crowd cheers* i'm talking to this person and they call me like eight times and um but every time we'd get talking their other line would beep and they'd be like "just one second" and go to the other line and let me go. and i was just like....


    #76. Soil, Soil 7.01

    HIGH: 10 x 2 @Jwentz @LE0Night
    LOW: 3.00 x 1 @ethansiafbjork
    MY SCORE: 8.50

    ALBUM: The Con
    WRITER: Tegan

    I'm not going to say that if you can't appreciate this gem you're a heartless soul... but okay yes maybe I am. Clocking in at 1:23 I'm not surprised this is the first song to go from The Con, but it's so goddamn beautiful. Here, have the lyrics in a nice little poem form so that the low scorers can look directly into Tegan's heart and feel shame.


    I've already cried bucket loads today so I'm not weeping right now, BUT ANY OTHER DAY I WOULD BE. I love that these ladies are just so evocative with their music and The Con is a goddamn masterpiece; any other group would be lucky to achieve half of its greatness. *deep breath*

    @digitalkaiser (4) .... : "It’s like some sort of soft sea shanty to these ears, and it’s not a favorite. I think this song is tough for me regardless of how I listen." Um a soft sea shanty is legitimately amazing so you can take several seats. At least he didn't pull a @constantino (6) and reference that drag queen I do not like: "*Laganja voice* C’mon NATURE!" I feel like @eccentricsimply (7) is trying to be a little shady but I actually agree completely: "If this song was longer it'd have gotten a lower score, probably." It works precisely because it's a small little interlude. Although @Slice of Life (9.25) disagrees! "Come on, Bohemian Rhapsody-esque background vocals! This almost sounds like a chant. Too short though." Tegan could chant at me all day, but I digress. @Sprockrooster (8) is also wanting more: "This is definitely way too short." @Jwentz (10) just gets it: "Bury me in your emotions queens." Probably could've been the rate title, let's be honest.

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  14. WHAT.
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    A trio of super low scores tanked it basically.
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  16. Soil, Soil is too short but still an 8 in my book.
  17. Soil, Soil is absolutely in my top 5 all time of T&S. I get that it may be too short, but I like the idea that it ends abruptly because it's simply all Tegan has to say about the subject at the time, it's very simple but I think every second of it counts.
  18. Soil Soil is so charming, I love it. But I can see it not carrying the weight of others. I agree with @Jwentz though about the length being perfect.
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  19. Stuff from The Con and Sainthood getting chopped makes me anxious.
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