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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    You didn't even vote xx
  2. I know xoxo
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    tegan: back in the olden days when we started out we didn't have enough uh songs to fill up time so we would talk. and um as we had more songs we had to start to decide how much we could talk and how much we could play.

    audience member: banter!

    tegan: exactly. and then people started to come up and say things after shows like they would say "oh my gosh, you guys are so funny!" or they would say "oh when you banter it's so funny and cute!"

    sara: one time we met, at the time she was a big pop star, this was fifteen years ago.

    tegan: you don't have to say that about me.

    sara: yeah, tegan's old as shit. she had another career. it's cool though, my mom made her start another band with me when i got out of high school.

    tegan: get to it, get to it.

    sara: don't rush me.

    tegan: you interrupted me!

    sara: okay.

    tegan: that is what banter is, p.s. that's why people-

    sara: that was actually just an exercise so you could see. anyways we were, we did a couple of shows with this popstar, she was really big and we really liked her and we were about twenty years old and we someone came as, this tends to happen even when someone's opening for us, we always act this way. but we were like "can we meet-" let's just call her big bird. we're like "can we meet big bird?" and they were like "oh yeah yeah, sure. we're bring you in and we'll have you guys meet her." and so we get escorted, we were actually in a foreign country, i can't tell you 'cause you'll-

    tegan: this story is hella confusing.

    sara: okay, so we're in a foreign country but i can't tell you where, with an artist whose name is big bird, and we are the opener and we're twenty. okay? there fuck, it's all the details lined up. so anyways we get taken back to this person's room and then uh she says- we're like "hi, we're tegan and sara!" and she's like "you guys are that funny band."

    *crowd aws*

    sara: now there's nothing wrong with being funny and there's nothing wrong with being a funny band. but at the time i felt like we were the opposite of funny. like our funny was sort of like sadness, like where you laugh because you're crying all the time.

    *crowd aws*

    tegan: *points to audience member* that's our friend up there.

    sara: in fact i was just saying... *gestures to audience member* i mean totally mad respect to you. because i feel like the first ten years of our lives in the music industry all of our albums, like really listen back to them, but they all sound like we're crying all the songs. and in a lot of cases a lot of people make a big fucking deal out of our production changing or "oh you're a pop band now" or whatever, but the truth is the only thing that's really changed besides getting better and better at the things that we do, is that we just don't cry that much when we're making songs now. and our voices don't sound like we're fucking crying 'cause we're not crying anymore. but anyways we were-

    tegan: you hijacked my story.

    sara: i know, well you've been talking all night. you already talked a bunch. um these guys are fine with us talking, you can pick right back up where you left off. anyways, i was just thinking about that a lot today about how we've used our sense of humour to deflect from how probably profoundly depressed we were a lot of the-

    *some crowd member is screaming*

    sara: yeah, is there anything i can do to help you guys get over this? do you just need a squeeze or a hug or a foot massage? life can really be the pits, i mean like i'm not going to lie to you, like some of us just got into this life and were meant to be happy and some of us weren't and that's just, that is just the truth.

    tegan: bleak!

    sara: come on. it's just the reality! i'm just saying it's the reality so these are the kinds of moments where i really appreciate that you're having such a good time because i'm don't know anything about your life, maybe your life is really the pits and there's no way out of it, i don't know! but you and i right now are having a moment. we're really having a moment and i just really want, i just want you to know that i want you to have the best fucking night of your life. that's all.

    *crowd cheers*

    sara: that's all you get now-

    tegan: thousands of you, but just two shoutouts.

    sara: i know. but now you got to play harder to get because it's just sort of in my nature to start ignoring you because we've spent too much intimacy together. so you need to start paying attention to your phone or look over there.


    #72. Hard to Hold (feat. RAC) 7.15

    9.00 x 2 @LE0Night @Posh Spears
    LOW: 5.00 x 1 @Sprockrooster
    MY SCORE: 7.50

    ALBUM: Strangers

    RAC have done some of my favourite Tegan & Sara remixes, most notably this stunner for Back In Your Head, so I was definitely here for this collaboration. It's very poppy hooky indie dance music, which was like my kryptonite for seven years. I do feel like I would've scored this higher in my early twenties, but it's still pretty good. I'm not going to kick it out of my Apple Music collection is what I'm saying. @digitalkaiser (6) puts a wonderful idea out into the universe that I hope reaches Tegan & Sara: "Another cool song with strings, I’m starting to thing the girls need a late career cinematic sort of album because they sound so good next to them. The song is not very good to be honest, I think that’s due to RAC and not the girls though, they sell most of the songs they are on." Strings are the best. @constantino (7) is no stranger to the indie scene's ways: "This feels…very unfinished…which in a sense adds to its charm." Yeah I think that's just RAC's sound. @eccentricsimply (6.5) calls this "another lowkey bop" while @Slice of Life (8.5) goes through a journey: "I didn't like this before but listening to it now, this is actually more than decent." Let's end with @First2Run (7) who tells it like it is: "This track has really great production. I do immediately forget how it goes unfortunately."

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    The way Sara just casually shaded Nelly Furtado with that used to be a popstar though.
  7. Ugh, when I saw this I thought my tag was for being the lowest scorer on Don't Rush. Mess!
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    You guys should know by now that if I can't find a banter related to the song, I pick things to shake some fear into you. I need to get my kicks in somehow.
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    tegan: tonight is officially our last show of 2010. potentially the last show we'll ever play. *laughs* can you imagine? we're like "no, seriously guys we're breaking the news here." um it's weird, end of a record. it's always weird to know when the end is really.

    sara: we've been having a bit of a disagreement because i sort of feel like we've decided this will be the last show of 2010, but i refuse to accept that it's the last show we'll play on this record cycle. and if i have to play an impromptu gig at christmas, i fucking will.

    tegan: sit around the christmas tree- "guys i really want to play proud"

    sara: i feel like i can't exactly figure out how my mom would respond to that, like we never- basically it's been since like high school that we've probably just broken out the guitars and maybe that's how you imagine our lives.. or that's narcissistic, but i just, maybe you've never even thought about that, but, and that doesn't happen. okay that was confusing. what i meant was we just don't say-

    tegan: we don't jam.

    sara: "hey mom, like i'm just going to play you a tune or whatever." we just never do that and i just wonder if my mom would think i really just lost my, i just flew right off the handle, just totally off the rails. "mom i just wanna play you a couple of my music" *mimes guitar playing* ... we have trouble with intimacy. emotionally, you know just connecting i feel like should be-

    tegan: what? did you say necking?

    sara: no, come on. that's not a funny joke.

    tegan: what did you say? i didn't think it was a joke, i turned my head for two seconds-

    sara: i said emotional intimacy, connecting.

    tegan: connecting. i thought you said well you have trouble necking and i'm like "whoa. first the baby, now mom. you just drag everybody into your shit."

    sara: okay.... *nods head sarcastically*


    #71. It Was Midnight 7.16

    9.50 x 1 @ethansiafbjork
    LOW: 5.50 x 1 @Posh Spears
    MY SCORE: 6.00

    ALBUM: Sainthood
    WRITER: Tegan

    This is such an early Tegan track, isn't it? Very short, punchy, and poppy. It sounds very familiar, in the sense that she's using some chord progressions that remind me a lot of tracks from If It Was You (specifically You Went Away). I knocked off a point for that, but it's definitely a track I use on occasion, mainly when I need a boost of energy. I swear I wrote my intro before taking a look at @digitalkaiser's (6) commentary: "This is a pretty song and sounds a lot more like the album then the other bonus tracks. It kind of reminds me of something for the So Jealous album, it gives me that old school vibe and it’s very nostalgic for me. Again, it definitely makes sense in bonus/extra territory as the album is much smoother of a listen. I do like how short and punchy it is though!" @constantino (7) is not a fan of the bonus track coherence scheme: "I tend to like it when bonus tracks throw a curveball in and do something completely unique from the main album…unfortunately this wasn’t the case here. It’s a great little song nonetheless." @Slice of Life (7.75) correctly predicts the elimination order: "The best of the three bonus tracks." While @Sprockrooster (8) provides a completely unjustified opinion: "So much better than most of it's parent album." NO.

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    I was going to post a Top 70 Summary graphic thing but I guess you're all mostly hibernating.
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  12. [​IMG]

    this is mostly only cute if you know Moomin lore nn

    (they literally hibernate)
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  13. The good news is that Heartthrob and Love You to Death remain unbothered as expected x
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    TOP 70.




    The First
    My Number


    You Went Away
    Monday, Monday, Monday
    Living Room
    Don't Confess


    You Wouldn't Like Me
    I Bet It Stung
    I Know I Know I Know
    Where Does The Good Go
    Walking With A Ghost
    So Jealous
    Speak Slow
    Fix You Up
    I Can't Take It


    I Was Married
    Relief Next To Me
    The Con
    Knife Going In
    Are You Ten Years Ago
    Back In Your Head
    Hop A Plane
    Burn Your Life Down
    Like O, Like H
    Dark Come Soon
    Call It Off


    Don't Rush
    On Directing
    Red Belt
    The Cure
    The Ocean
    Sentimental Tune


    Goodbye, Goodbye
    I Was A Fool
    I'm Not Your Hero
    Drove Me Wild
    How Come You Don't Want Me
    I Couldn't Be Your Friend
    Love They Say
    Now I'm All Messed Up
    Shock To Your System
    Guilty As Charged
    I Run Empty


    That Girl
    Faint of Heart
    Dying To Know
    Stop Desire
    White Knuckles
    Hang On To The Night


    Feel It In My Bones (feat. Tiesto)
    Body Work (feat. Morgan Page)
    Don't Find Another Love
    When You Were Mine (feat. Night Terrors of 1927)
    Shudder To Think​
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    They are the cutest things ever. I want them to hang out with Taylor's cats and just rule the world.
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    For the record I was going to post four eliminations this weekend but I had to finish the Ellie Goulding rate. Whoops.
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    We need to send her to short album boot camp with Tegan & Sara.
  18. Omg I love scottish folds! I want one too!
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  19. That's fine hen, feel free to join the fun when the reveals start!
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    This gives me so much glee.
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