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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. tegan: this last new song -

    audience member: when i get up!!!!

    tegan: is not called when i get up. it did not make, when i get up was not on the new record but it's a good song. uh the last song on the record - a few of you have perhaps heard it on myspace or perhaps you downloaded it. uh the new record comes out on tuesday- if you preorder it you get a whole bunch of other songs as well. you can still preorder it i think, so... could be wrong, but. uh it's our sixth record. yeah. we're getting up there. we're hella old. um it's our sixth record, but it feels like just yesterday that sara and i went out on our first tour and we camped and all the shows got cancelled pretty much right across the whole fucking country for no reason and um we made no money and i got home and i had no voicemail. that's when voicemail had just come out... yes, i was around for the beginning of voicemail. and i got home and there was no messages and i was like wow i went on tour for twelve whole days and not one message and um.

    anyways it's been a long four hundred years that we've been doing this and um it's really exciting when you put out a new record 'cause you get to play new songs and we appreciate it so much that you let us do that. i go see bands play their new music and they're like "we're going to play one new song tonight" and i'm like really, do people only play one new song? we're just narcissistic or we're like we wrote thirteen new ones, listen. so we hope that you go out on tuesday and buy it... the record. we'll be doing a signing... not tonight. sorry, awkward. on the 27th, on tuesday, we're doing a signing at stories bookstore.... music shop apparently, um bookstore. so anyway, uh, i'm mainly just telling you all this because um i want to be rich so i want to have all of you buy it. even though technically i won't make any money if you buy it, but um maybe one day! which is a lot like someday.


    #70. Someday 7.17

    10.00 x 2 @First2Run @Posh Spears
    LOW: 4.00 x 1 @Petty Mayonnaise
    MY SCORE: 6.50

    ALBUM: Sainthood
    WRITER: Tegan

    Someday starts off really really strong with a gorgeous opening riff, but sadly the verses and chorus are just too clunky for me. I'm a bit surprised this outlasted some of the other Sainthood tracks we kicked out, but it did have some voters throw it a ten. In a rate where a .01 difference can mean one place higher, that makes all the difference. So what does our low scorer @Petty Mayonnaise (4) have to say for himself? "A mess." Succinct. @digitalkaiser (6.5) and I have another moment of score synergy, but I feel like he likes this more than me: "This song ranks a bit lower on the totem pole for this album, and I think this is the spot on the album where the quality takes a bit of a hit, it’s ironic that it’s the last song on the standard album then! (Jokes, you see.) The rambling vocal stylings can be grating in some parts, but also really catchy in others, all around the song leaves me a bit confused but perched for more." @Posh Spears (10) loves the vocals: "I love the instrumentation, and how effective the lyrics are and the way they’re delivered in quick succession." Great vocals, beautiful vocals. @constantino (8) can create an achievement for any song: "This anthem of doubt, determination and optimism! The uncertainty of it all and the second-guessing is very relatable." Amazing. Maybe queen of damning with faint praise @Slice of Life (7.75) should take note: "Queen of Inspirational Bops! Katy Perry whew? Kii. I love the sloppy singing and rhyming. I love the borderline nonsensical vibe and attitude." Well at least you didn't pull a @send photo (9): "(Not specific to this song but they’re amazing at closing albums.)" Not specific to this commentary but you're amazing at terrorizing rates.

  2. This says something about you.
  3. Let the Sainthood cull begin, tibb.
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  4. Seriously? This is basically the only song on Sainthood I remember soooo byeeeee.
  5. Excuse me????
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  6. @Sprockrooster I stumbled across this medley of their old songs I think you'd like!

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  7. Let me check tonight and get back to you tonight!
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  8. This effortless skulldrag though!
  9. I've been really nice so far. I'll probably ramp up the meanness once we start getting into the Top 50. We'll see.
  10. I'm not saying I could be bribed by T&S gifs, but I could be bribed by T&S gifs.
  11. Screaming at the reading lyrics from the paper. But I do understand.

    I am very fond of this medley, despite my faves not being in it. Also the time they give the songs to shine is enough for me to recognize them.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I'd really like Body Work to be the last extra standing and go really far. Such a bop.
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  13. I think they did a few different versions so I'll hunt when I got the time.
    Yeah I think it's the only extra left that I really enjoy a lot. I have no idea what the Night Terrors sing is still doing here, did you all miss a man to thirst over that much??? I kid.
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  14. I have no idea, go back to thirsting confusedly over Sara.
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  15. tegan: uh i wrote the song when i had just turned eighteen and i just graduated high school and i just told my parents that i didn't want to go to university and uh my parents kind of responded in very different ways. my mother was horrified and was really really distraught and didn't speak to us mostly when we told her, but my dad he told us stories about when my mom was eighteen and wanted to go not to university but to go like travel and all sorts of stuff. so anyway um i think my mom felt bad because after awhile she kinda got excited about the fact that we hadn't gone 'cause we were playing music and stuff. so anyway fast forward to the part of the song, or the part of the story where i tell you about the song, but my mom bought us a wading pool because we didn't have anything else to do cause we didn't get jobs 'till after the summertime. so we sat around a lot of the time and wrote music and my mom bought us this wading pool, but it wasn't a really big wading pool, it was maybe only like this deep (about a foot). it was just very depressing. so anyway, i wrote this song and i don't sing it, sara sings it now because i don't want to anymore, but um it's mine.

    sara: that's awesome


    #69. Frozen 7.22

    10.00 x 1 @2014
    LOW: 6.00 x 2 @First2Run @Sprockrooster
    MY SCORE: 7.50

    This Business of Art
    WRITER: Tegan

    Oh Tegan. She always has the greatest explanations for her songs and then I love them even more after I hear them. Who else would write a song about that time their mom shadily bought them a child's wading pool as a high school graduation gift?

    Pools out back waters so cold
    There's not much said that I don't know
    The difference between frozen hands and feet
    You come right out and you ask me
    Nobody ever asks me

    The almost afterthought of nobody ever asks me is my favourite part of this song. I was a bit surprised when I YouTubed videos to find out Sara was singing the song- it's not very often that they do that switch. I guess Tegan wasn't able to completely exile Frozen into a black hole like she's tried to do with Superstar. Anyways, what say the voters? @Petty Mayonnaise (7.5) finds time to plug some other artist: "Frozen is an iconic song and people are still loving it...but enough about Madonna. This is still a cute, brooding bop." Never heard of her. Meanwhile NOT THE LOWEST SCORER by 0.3 points @Ferk (6.3) is a bit smitten: "Obviously they got much better at writing love songs as their career progressed but this is absolutely adorable, even if the production is a bit on the generic side." Well the live versions have Sara rocking out, maybe try that?

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  16. I have a problem where every time I see a song titled 'Frozen' I immediately think of Madonna's 'Frozen' and all I can hear in my head is 'MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM IF IIIIIIIII COULD MELT YOUR HEEEEEAAARRRRTTTT'

    Tegan and Sara's is cute though. I really enjoyed the performances you posted.
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  17. Ahh I love Frozen.
  18. HMMM.
  19. sara: you guys are being really um fantastic and it's- i don't know if i mentioned this at the top of the show, but it's such a, it's such a cool experience for us to get to play um to a smaller group of people in calgary 'cause you know the last few times, maybe half dozen times we've been through calgary we've played to quite a large audience. except for this one time we played drunk.

    tegan: #humblebrag

    sara: okay. okay.

    tegan: it's nice to play to just a few of you because usually there's so many. you walked into it sister.

    sara: okaaayyyy. that sound, i did it on purpose, she tells me to back off. ... no but the truth is that you know you get, you start playing all the time and then people, more people come and more people come and then you start really worrying about what people think of you and what songs you play and what your lighting show looks like and it gets so complicated. and this has been so refreshing for us because we just get to play what we want and we get to do whatever we want and i don't feel nervous and i don't feel like we need pyrotechnics or we need spectacular light show, like i just, it's, i'm just saying it's very nice. so thank you very much for accommodating us 'cause it's very- *crowd cheers*

    tegan: that's enough.

    sara: what's that?

    tegan: that was enough.

    sara: *laughs* but standing up for me is #humblebrag or whatever tweet universe words you used or whatever? i may not be on twitter guys, but i get it. i get what a tweet is. i get it. it's kinda like when someone who doesn't have a cell phone or people make like old, like "oh look here comes jimmy and his cart with his bonnet on!" or whatever like.

    tegan: what????? who's jimmy??? a bonnet on a man? what?

    sara: like amish, like olden times.

    tegan: #totallyconfusedrightnow. this one's for sara 'cause she's obviously lost her mind. you took like one sip of whiskey and you're like "and then jimmy's coming with his bonnet on." that. was. awesome. that's my favourite quote.

    sara: did anyone else get that? like old-timey, like "here come's jimmy!"

    tegan: old-timey??????

    sara: old-timey. he's on a cart with a horse pulling it and he has a bonnet on it-

    tegan: who??? whooo??????

    sara: he's like i have to get home and light the lanterns before it gets dark.

    tegan: what??? noooo, you don't know anyone like that. sara lives in montreal where old-timey people live. jimmy sounds cool though.

    sara: .... yeah.

    tegan: yeah, he is like that. except he's from olden-timey so he would probably say... not yeah. that's pre yeah.

    sara: he'd be like yeeeeeeeee are correct. thus be true. ..... i feel like i need a timeout.

    tegan: ye might be right.

    *sara moves to drink more whiskey*

    tegan: you sure you want to take another sip?

    *sara nods*

    audience member: three more sips!

    tegan: yeah, encourage her.

    sara: thanks bro. i knew we were going to be friends by the end of this little shit gig.


    #68. You Went Away 7.27

    9.00 x 1 @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 5.00 x 1 @Ferk
    MY SCORE: 8.50

    ALBUM: If It Was You
    WRITER: Tegan

    My loud guitar comes in
    My thumping drums come through
    And here I thought you were all going to leave this poor album alone for a little bit.... There are so many folk pop rock gems on here, songs that remind me of some of my most formative music from the 1960s and 1970s and it kills me that it's doing so poorly here. I actually thought this album would do way better than the other two because there's more hooky songwriting, but I suppose I should've known better. I guess I just had such high hopes that people would share my excitement about this album and not trash it left to right. I actually briefly considered making it mandatory because I do think it's a very important element of the Tegan & Sara canon. Anyways that's my rant for tonight.

    The best part about You Went Away is that bridge where Tegan just wails out my loud guitar comes in, my thumping drums come through. Sometimes I just keep looping that part of the song, I'm not going to lie. And as I mentioned earlier the chorus is decently similar to It Was Midnight, so if you liked that song try giving this one a listen. @Ferk (5) finally provides commentary for one of the songs he torpedoed, so interpret it as you will: "While it's not necessarily one of my favorite Tegan & Sara songs, I've always loved the sentiment that the song describes...that feeling when you've both given up on the relationship and would be fine with seeing the other leave but you're still there. "Is there more to life than love and being together?" is such a simple line but very effective in the context of the song." I don't understand why your score isn't higher, but let me move on to better things like bonding with @Sprockrooster (9): " I wish there was more like this on the album." OKAY NEVER MIND YOU SHADY BEAST.

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  20. Haha oops.

    I like the sentiment of the song, but pretty much everything else about is me. I don't hate it but I don't love it either, not as much as a lot of their music. It's just...there.
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