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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. @Island keeps telling me to listen to her second album, so you may see me there.
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  2. I better! And yes I definitely feel like you'd enjoy that album, but we shall see.
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  3. It's iconic.
  4. Last time I made collages with like fifteen different pictures in each graphic. For 90 some songs. I (slightly) learned my lesson this time around.
  5. Honestly @ohnostalgia is the Kween of Graphics (but don't tell Miss Vanderbooben I said that). I'm on mobile now and everything looks amazing.

    I need to see their cats posterized, please, thank you. xx
  6. My heart almost jumped out of my chest thinking Living Room was about to exit, that and Monday are two of their finest tracks.
  7. tegan: um whenever i play the next song i think about, uh, one time i paid $900 to fly to see a girl that i liked. i know, very romantic. and when i got there i was so frigid that i didn't even make out with her. can you believe that? no, justin bieber wouldn't miss an opportunity to make out with her.

    sara: he would hit that shit.

    tegan: he would hit that shit, but i didn't and, um, i came home and i wrote this next song and every time i played it for the first year after i put it out i would feel embarrassed inside and i didn't tell anyone. but i'm telling you now because i got the most hilarious letter, which i can't share with you sadly because i don't have it here, but from someone who had a similar situation but they were in their forties. they flew down- this guy, he wrote me a letter- they flew down to see this woman he was friends with for twenty years and when he finally worked up the courage to reach out to her on facebook (stupid). they flew down to see her and he got there and he did not make out with her and like another two years passed and then he found out that she really liked him and that she felt rejected and that she got married to somebody else and .... i know right? i'm like why don't you just facebook her and see what..... no. anyway, sadly for him he didn't get the girl, but i did in the end.


    #63. Hop A Plane 7.365

    9.50 x 1 @LE0Night
    LOW: 5.00 x 1 @eccentricsimply
    MY SCORE: 8.00

    The Con
    WRITER: Tegan

    Yeah, I'm not particularly impressed about this cut either, but I need to conserve my energy after my Monday Monday Monday meltdown. Just know that I'm judging this entire rate for keeping that Night Terrors song alive. It's a bit ironic that you all chose the exact same two songs that Ted chose to cut when interviewed by Tegan in the Hop A Plane video chapter. The video is pretty hilarious because it features lots of Tegan being highkey defensive, boasting that Hop A Plane is the hookiest poppiest song on the record.

    I think you all know by now that I like my Tegan songs punchy, so of course I'm a huge Hop A Plane fan. My favourite part is the little bridge where everything builds to a frenzied crescendo; I'm amazed at how much Tegan can pack into 1:50. I'm going to post this little interview I found, because I think it's quintessential Tegan and really explains the emotion that went into Hop A Plane:

    Tegan: It was the last song that I wrote, that I submitted for this record and actually, initially, no one really liked it all that much but I think it grew on all of us. And for me, I really like this song, cause it was the end of this like sort of emotional journey I had gone on. It was like, basically I had fallen in love with someone and was trying to woo them. And it finally came down to the fact that like.. “Just tell me if you want me. And if you don’t, then get away from me.”

    Interviewer: Yeah, what are the lyrics in the chorus?

    Tegan: All I need to know is that you’re not mine.

    Interviewer: Yeah what’s that…

    Tegan: Well we’d been having a very like passive-agressive sort of you know like… I was having an emotional relationship but we never really talked about how we felt about each other, we’d talk like hours and hours and hours everyday and like…

    They didn’t hit that shit.

    Yeah I don’t think you can say “shit” on CBC radio, can you?

    Sara: Can’t you bleep it out or whatever.

    Interviewer: I think you can now.

    Tegan: Yeah? Yeah basically we never hooked up. And we were basically dating and we talked hours and hours everyday and then I finally was like “What is going on between us?” you know. And I had written like all these pining, “come and get me”, “save me from myself”, “love me, why don’t you love me” songs and finally I just like sent this song [Hop A Plane] to her and was like “what the fuck?”

    Interviewer: You sent the song to this person?

    Tegan: Yeah I sent all the songs to the person. I mean I was making it very clear that I was attempting to woo her through music because I had a hard time talking about my feelings in general conversation. So I would send each song as I went along and you know we had a rough patch, I sent “Call It Off” and you know like each song represented a chapter in the journey that we were taking together. And then “Hop A Plane” was the last song and it was sort of my way of saying like “if this isn’t happening, you just need to let me know”. Which, that did not happen.

    Interviewer: And so how did it end?

    Tegan: I mean it’s over, I mean… never happened.

    Sara: They didn’t hit that shit.

    I didn’t…

    Sara: Say it, it’s okay, it’s part of the therapy.

    No it really wasn’t about “hitting that shit” I really wanted to like marry the person. I was in a very desperate state.

    Sara: You wanted to hit that shit and get married.


    Well it’s created art.

    I got rejected. I had never been rejected before. This is my rejection record.

    As you probably gathered from the banter I posted at the beginning, Tegan eventually did get together with the girl (Lindsey Byrnes) but I think they're broken up now. At least that was the impression I got from articles I read promoting Love You To Death, but I could be completely off base. ANYWAYS. Let's hear some more horribly misguided opinions! Let's just get @eccentricsimply (5) out of the way so we can all move on: "This song sounds more like their early stuff which... I mean." Did @First2Run (6.5) leave this song on repeat or YouTube a 10 minute version or something? "This is a really enjoyable song except for the repetitive nature of it." I'm.... confused. Remember that time I made @digitalkaiser (6) redo his scores? "This feels a bit regressive as it’s the type of song Tegan and Sara have done much better in the future in and in the past but it's still quite solid. I like how punchy this song is, right now its quick pace is making me happy right now." I'll take it. @constantino (7) would be That Friend: "Yes girls! Set them STRAIGHT! No more games!" @Posh Spears (7.5) is feeling a tad bereft: "Love the production. Just wish it went on longer." Eh, I like that it's short, it's a bit like a rant. I wonder if @Jwentz (8.5) ever hopped a plane for a boy? "Great for yell singing." Hmmmm. @Slice of Life (9) is preemptively hiding from Tegan's wrath: "Yath, burn those who are pros in giving mixed signals (but spare me kii). BOP!" I think you're good.

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  8. I saw the tag and I let out a "what did I do now!" and to be honest I don't even remember this song, so it's for the best that it's out.
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  9. We get it, Sara. You wanted to hit that shit. My God, this girl...
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  11. There's another one that I'm super pissed about going soon. I didn't see it was part of a tie until just now, so I'm not sure if I'll be cutting it tomorrow or the next day. But you are all on notice.
  12. [​IMG]

    (hi, christmas is killing me but i'll catch up now xx)
  13. I'm working on the elimination right now, you all can blame @digitalkaiser for distracting me with deep conversations about our society and politics.
  14. sara: this next song-


    sara: is not boyfriend or closer, but thank you for requesting them, they're, i assure you, on the set exactly where you'll want them to be. we know, trust us, we know when you should hear them. think of it like a good meal that only we are qualified to serve you. this is the set where uh we thought a lot about your needs uh, and then also a little bit about our needs and things that we really care about. and these next two songs are both songs that i wrote and they're both sort of-


    sara: they're not called the con 'cause tegan just already played that.... it's actually my version of the con sung in just half a step above tegan's... no. it's uh two songs that are both sort of strangely linked even though i didn't really think about either one of them, at the time that i was writing them i was thinking about uh very different things, and yet the content sort of feels connected. canada's great and super cool and super progressive; it made being gigantically gay our entire lives pretty easy. when you go around the world and you see how uh profoundly fucked up it is for most people and we are very grateful for uh for the government but also just for our family and friends. it was sort of, you know, it was just a lucky break we got parents and grandparents and friends who didn't push us out or ostracize us when we came out. and completely knowing based on nothing but superficial cues, but a lot of you don't seem to be gay- maybe you are, i don't know. um but some of you seem real gay, obviously-

    tegan: this side of the audience is really gay.

    sara: yeah, there's some gays over there. uh, but some of you are. and i think there is an important thing to be said. in our career we've spent a lot of time acknowledging and thanking the people in the lgbt community for supporting us before a lot of people did. but one thing that has come from us changing our sound, and our audience expanding and reaching more people, a lot of different kinds of people, is an opportunity to also talk to the people who aren't in the lgbt community 'cause you have an opportunity to make really different kind of change in peoples' lives. for us, we didn't have many gay people in our lives growing up, and the gay people that were in our lives were closeted or didn't talk about it and that was normal and it still is in a lot communities. and one of the things that we want to do, what we've always kind of done, but really want to do moving forward is become comfortable and talk about who we are so that people in our audience never feel like they don't have someone out there that they can look up to or feel like, "fuck yeah tegan and sara talk about who they are, i'm gonna talk about who i am." people in this audience have been good sports, have been really good allies, we're really grateful for you and never underestimate the power that you have in making somebody feel like they can be in a safe space and talk about who they are regardless of their sexuality or their gender. and these two songs are sort of about that.


    #62. I Was Married 7.638

    10.00 x 1 @Posh Spears
    LOW: 5.00 x 2 @digitalkaiser @LA Hallucinations
    MY SCORE: 8.00

    ALBUM: The Con
    WRITER: Sara

    Now we look up in (tell me who tell me who)
    To the hours of bodies breaking past
    They seem so very tough (it's a lie it's a lie)
    They seem so very scared of us
    I look into the mirror (look into)
    For evil that just does not exist
    I don't see what they see (tell them that tell them that)

    I Was Married is perhaps the most important Tegan & Sara song. I'm going to try and do it justice, but if I'm being honest with you I just broke down in tears watching the video I transcribed for you earlier. So if I seem really scattered and emotional that's why.

    I'll let Sara speak about this song on her own terms first:

    The personal experience was that my girlfriend [Emy Storey] and I are common law, but she’s an American and we were doing a permanent residency application for her to stay in Canada. As part of the application process you have to go in and basically declare your common law status before notary. So we got up really early and went to this notary in Old Montreal. I didn’t want to get married and wasn’t getting married but it felt so formal, like a wedding. I was thinking about how funny it is that my life seems so simple and natural, what everyone does in life. You fall in love with someone, you make sacrifices and you do things so you can stay together. Me being in love with a girl and wanting her to be with me, doing what I need to do to make her stay with me; it affects no one yet it’s terrifying to people and they think you’re a monster.

    The connected song that Sara referenced earlier is BWU. I came across this video interview a few weeks back and knew I had to share it with you. I'd prefer if you just watch it yourselves, but to summarize Sara talks about first embracing and then rejecting the hetero normative institution of marriage, and about realizing her rejection wasn't a true choice when the option was completely denied from her to begin with. It also features bonus Sara destroying an interviewer who implied LYTD had no depth (a criticism I've seen posted on this very forum, so maybe Sara should come and create an account here n n n ).

    I've posted a lot about how much homophobic, sexist shit these two put up with in their earlier years. To write a song in 2007 about marrying your girlfriend and just throw it out there as the intro was brave. It's representation that LGBT women so desperately need. There wasn't a lot of positive representation for gay women in the media and what did exist was often co-opted for the entertainment of straight people. I've spent a lot of time wishing I would've connected with their music when I was in my late teens and early twenties because maybe it would've saved me some time and I could've started my journey earlier. The thing is that representation matters, exposure to the gay community matters. I grew up in a Christian household, I went to Catholic school, I didn't know anybody that was gay until I went on the internet and made friends with people on tumblr. I remember talking to one of these good internet friends back in 2013, telling her that witnessing her own coming out forced me to consider something I'd never wanted to (something I'd been scared about acknowledging ever since I caught myself noticing women's bodies in high school). It helped that we came from similar christian backgrounds and understood each other's family perspectives. I remember telling her I was going to put it in the back of my mind because I wasn't brave enough to do it yet. This happened just before I went on a huge downward anxiety spiral and had kind of a seven month nervous breakdown, so I was a bit distracted for awhile. But I did get the courage to bring up the topic with a counsellor that year. A few months later was when I went to my first Tegan & Sara concert and I just finally made peace with myself. My friend helped me so much and so did these ladies. Just being who they are, so proud and defiant and outwardly queer, it just really means a lot. And now with this foundation that they've started I'm basically just a complete mess.

    And I didn't even get into how this track is absolutely gorgeous and stunning!!!!! In hindsight I wish I'd given it a ten, especially since I've been playing it a lot ever since Trump was elected. I'd highly recommend playing I Was Married into BWU at least once.

    You might be side-eying @digitalkaiser (5) right now, but just know that he originally gave this an even lower score: "I think this is a decent intro, but still, I think it would fair better as a full song. It has potential to build and the ending of the song really is my favorite part about it." @constantino (7) does some research about gay marriage in Canada when he could've just asked the lovely rate host who lived through the legalization process and had lots of little teenage fights with their parents about how judges shouldn't be allowed to refuse to marry gay couples based on religious beliefs, how christian marriage could stay the same, etc etc. "Fun fact: It took some research but it turns out that same-sex marriage WAS in fact legal in Canada when The Con was released. I wasn’t sure. I’m also not sure about this song…it’s a good intro but I feel like the good sis(ters) could’ve fleshed this baby out a tad longer." Gay marriage was legalized nationwide in 2005 by Prime Minister Paul Martin, although it was first legalized in Ontario in 2003. @send photo (6.5) says "it’s lovely little intro" and I agree. @Slice of Life (8.75) finds even more nuance: "In which T&S proves that a verb is enough to break a heart. The word is "was" and it's rather heartbreaking. Perfect album opener." Any long time Tegan & Sara fan will know that The Con is basically Sara's breakup record from her ex-wife Emy. *sob* I will give the honour of the last word to dear @Posh Spears (10): ' I know it’s really just a little intro, but this seriously grabbed my attention from the first listen. An adorable and dreamy track that makes me feel like I’m staring at the night sky!"

    This isn't even the track I was mad about you guys!!!!
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  15. Done wrong. Fantastic writeup though @ohnostalgia, and I did just play I Was Married and BWU together and they work perfectly. Now the latter better crack the top 10 to make up for this injustice!
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  16. A MESS~~~

    I always thought this was a shoo in for the Top 40 because whenever I read about the best songs of Tegan and Sara, this was always mentioned.

    And honestly @ohnostalgia, the way you lovingly talked about this song and getting very personal is just beautiful. And it makes me appreciate the song even more.
  17. Any Sara fan must watch The Pumphouse video because it is honestly Peak Sara. She also talks about being a gay overlord (see I told you @Posh Spears)!!!
  18. DEAD at Sara stopping after the first line to add more to her story. Love them. So glad I discovered them via this rate x
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