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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    You don't know how tempted I was to photoshop a pink hat on there somewhere. Not only because of #aesthetics but also because my mind sees some connections between If It Was You (2002) and everybody's favourite indie cowgirl masterpiece Joanne. So here's the story: this afternoon I decided to listen to Tapestry to get in the Joanne mood. I then started feeling guilty about abandoning you all and listened to If It Was You afterwards. Now maybe I wanted to reach for the stars, but I heard the echos of Miss Carole King in this album. It's not a direct musical match by any means, but I think If It Was You draws from a lot of the same 1960s pop and folk and 1970s pop and singer songwriter traditions Lady Gaga is working with. I'm thinking in particular of City Girl which damn near stole my heart this afternoon. There's still a definite rock edge to some of these tracks, but I'd actually argue that this album is pop if we're not being narrow minded about it (which is a huge faux pas in any rate of mine for the record). There's a certain joy and richness here that's lacking from the previous two albums. Doing some digging I found out this album was produced by Canadian indie rock darlings The New Pornographers and that Tegan and Sara double tracked their vocals for the first time. Aha. Then I stumbled across this paragraph from the New York Times' 2004 review of So Jealous.

    The sisters, who charmed live audiences with their salty stage banter even before their musicianship had matured, became a hit on the folk-dominated women's festival circuit. But there was always something in their songwriting that suggested pop. Their songs were built on infectious melodies and short repetitive choruses. Solo, both sisters sang with a tough veneer over a vulnerable, post-adolescent pridefulness. Together, their taut voices create an eerie blend that chimes as effortlessly as that of the Roches.

    See? I'm not crazy. I almost wish I made this a mandatory album because it's very strong. Not in an interesting time capsule way, but in a legitimate I will listen to this on a regular basis way. Tegan & Sara are still closing shows to their seminal bumpkin bop Living Room, so I think that speaks for itself. If you at all enjoy any of the mandatory singles and are debating taking the full plunge: DO IT. It's only 38 minutes long. I believe in you. Don't disappoint me.

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    I'm now seriously considering buying their entire catalogue on vinyl. Also this is an excuse to push this back to page one since I think a lot of you missed the latest write up (probably shouldn't have posted it on Friday night).

    I also added a few songs to the extras that I just found.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Also, I listened to Heartthrob for the first time yesterday and:

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    Before Heartthrob there was So Jealous (2004). Before Closer there was Walking With a Ghost. Before The Lego Movie there was Grey's Anatomy. This is the album that truly launched Tegan & Sara, blasting them to indie stardom. When perhaps the most influential tastemaker of 2004 (Jack White) is covering your songs, you've made it. Yet, at the time there was a huge disconnect between Tegan & Sara and the critically acclaimed Montreal indie scene. For every Rolling Stone 50 Best Albums of 2004 ranking or Music Canada Gold Certification there was a misogynistic and homophobic review from Spin or Pitchfork or NME. There were incest questions, jeers of tampon rock, cries of wicca folk nightmare. I honestly don't know how they handled it because I'm quite emotional just thinking about it. Queer women in the music industry owe a lot to these two, just as Tegan & Sara did to their predecessors.

    Musically, So Jealous was a jump out of their folk infused lane. I have trouble describing the sound, so I went looking for the most common descriptors and found punk-pop and new wave coming up over and over again. This was another co-production effort with the New Pornographers and So Jealous clearly draws on the soundscapes from Electric Version while maintaining its own identity. If you want to know more about the recording process, there is actually a behind the scenes documentary you can watch. I found it very interesting to see how differently they approached recording this time around and how that highlighted tensions between Tegan and Sara. I think it's important to note that by now Sara had moved to Montreal, stirring up the spiral of feelings that were eventually immortalized in 100x.

    TIG: What's the biggest difference between you two?

    Tegan: Well, our whole lives people always thought that Sara was extroverted and I was the introvert. But I think Sara is actually quite shy and reclusive and independent and she likes a lot of time on her own. They say that there's always a twin that doesn't want to be a twin and one that's fine with it. And Sara speaks singularly; she never speaks plurally, even if I'm there. She won't be like, "Me and Tegan went to do this" she'll be like, "Oh yeah, this one time, bla bla…" and I want to jump in, but I know if I jump in, then she wasn't able to tell the story from her perspective. It's like a lack of independence.

    She doesn't want to have to share everything with me. I totally sympathize. I've just come to terms with it, and I almost find comfort in knowing I have a partner no matter what. I'm sure on some level she does too. But, I'd say that our biggest difference is just that. She's very independent and I'm happy being part of the group kinda thing.

    She used to be the one to scream and push when we got into a fight, but now I'm the one more likely to do that. Now she's the one to pull back and be inside and be upset about it. I don't know when that happened. I guess it was a couple of years ago. I think that's actually more her real self. She needs a lot of Sara time. We've gone to a couple of different therapists. We went to therapy the whole time we were making this record. He's done sessions with a bunch of different sets of twins and he said there's always one that needs their own space. Hearing that was a lot better than hearing the other perspective which is "I hate you" and "you embarrass me". It's easier to just hear "Sara needs Sara time". And I know I can be overbearing too, because I have a million things going on inside of me. I don't balance music and personal as well. Musically we do the same thing; Sara takes a long time to write her songs. She perfects them and is more about the whole vibe not just the lyrics. I'm really quick.

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    Okay but that was brilliantly written @ohnostalgia. I'm sold. I think it's time for me to start my rating process.

    And that interview is so heartbreaking. I don't have a twin but I totally get Sara needing 'Sara time'.
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    Thank you! I've been using this phenomenal article as a timeline to help me with each era.
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  10. This rate has been a long time coming... Can't wait.

    I understand why these aren't in the rate, but don't overlook these lesser known songs
    1. Top Speed (Emm Gryner f. Sara Quin)
    2. Intervention (Margaret Cho f. T+S)
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    I could add Intervention if people want, but I'm not going to include collabs that only feature one of the twins since it's not really Tegan and Sara.
  12. I agree with songs featuring only 1 twin needn't be included. As for Intervention, I had just noticed it was missing when matching with my iTunes lists... I don't think it's necessary.

    How the hell am I going to choose a single 11?
  13. So i might do this as i broke my leg and have the time to dive into their discography head first.I love Heartthrob and Love You to Death but am not familiar with the rest of their discography.
  14. I'm really new to Tegan and Sara's music, but I'm glad I chose to do this. So Jealous was interesting.
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    Excellent. I would be nervous I didn't have any votes yet except 1) I haven't done my scores and 2) I told you all I'd rather have votes based on you spending lots of time with the songs. So basically I brought this on myself.
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    I'll be writing up The Con sometime today, but I have writers block right now so let me tag some T&S thread posters I didn't see here yet. I'd love to have at least 20 voters even if that seems super ambitious right now.

    @Jersey @Ferk @Jonathan27 @drewsky @Beginner @Euphoria
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  17. Hopefully will have my scores in this weekend! Almost done.
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  20. I do plan on doing this still!
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