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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. I think it's obvious that those two albums are going to do very well overall. I mean, one of their tracks had to leave eventually right? I mean if the lowest average is a 7.4something that's a great sign.
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    Y'all are disappointing me.

    People need to remember that some long time fans voted in this rate and we maybe don't hold the last two albums to be so much better than their older work (which is of course the predominant PJ opinion). I gave a higher average to The Con than Heartthrob.
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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed The Con, but So Jealous and Sainthood were not nearly as likable as the other albums. That's just me though! I'm obviously brand new to their music so maybe in time I'll come to respect those albums.
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    Okay nobody guessed correctly, so let me put you out of your misery: Sara, Tegan, Tegan, Tegan, Tegan, Sara, Sara, Sara, Tegan. I wasn't really planning to ask that question when I made the graphics and I think me putting four Tegan's in a row thew some people off.

    Anyways, elimination should be up in the next half hour or so.
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    sara: ...relationship situation so i don't have like the same amount of communication with like one person, so now i have to like spread it over everyone. and so everyone lately has been giving me this look like when i come near them, they're like "i'm really busy, it's been, how are you, do you need a coffee? i gotta go, i gotta run, i'll be back in one second." and i just like, i like talk to everyone a lot so. *laughs* it's a good thing that i'm really funny and interesting-

    tegan: yeah, good thing.

    sara: i also like- i don't know what it's like to hear my voice, but i just think that if i was someone else and i was talking to them i would want to hear me. i'd be like "oh she's got such a cute voice."

    *crowd cheers*

    sara: i mean i'm not like- i don't expect you to disagree with me right now, like you're like "yucky voice, don't like it, do not want to hear this." but i mean just between us i think that i, you know, if i was talking- i mean ... yeah, i think i'm alright.


    #58. FLOORPLAN 7.406

    10.00 x 1 @Posh Spears
    LOW: 5.50 x 1 @First2Run
    MY SCORE: 8.50

    ALBUM: The Con​
    WRITER: Sara

    Yes, this means the Night Terrors song lives another day. I'm so sad. Anyways, Floorplan is a gorgeous Sara number. I love the idea of creating a self-blueprint and giving it to the important people in your life; I think that's such a universal feeling. This synths and guitars evoke a building feeling to me, I don't know it's hard to describe. There's also a lot of destruction in this song, though, particularly when Sara sings "I shouldn't go but I can't really help it when I feel this pressure". The way she just staccatos the fuck out of PRES SURE! is everything to me. I love love love love love love love little rhythmic tics like that.

    @digitalkaiser (6) connects more to the lyrics with this one: "Production is okay, I think it holds the lyric wonderfulness back. The lyrics of this are heart wrenching. So relatable to me, how many times have I had a plan for things and the person you are with just misses the mark.. It’s frustrating, and I feel the pressure." But @send photo (8) is (for once) on my side: "There’s some quirk to the production of this one that makes it really enjoyable)." This makes me uncomfortable. @constantino (7): "This is sweet but considering this is the longest song on the album, I feel like it could have utilized its runtime a bit better. That being said, the intricate guitar instrumental moments are stunning." The longest track on The Con is 3:38, that just amazes me. Queens of concise, meaningful, songcraft. @eccentricsimply (6.5) has a question: "Why are their songs so sad?" Well my dear, it's probably because they wrote this album in the middle of an emotional storm after their grandmother died, Tegan was chasing someone who didn't want to be with her, and Sara was in a marriage that was falling apart. Just a guess. @Slice of Life (9.5) is also feeling the depression: ""I know I hold this loss in my heart forever" ANOTHER SHOT TO THE HEART. I DID NOT COME HERE TO BE ATTACKED LIKE THIS. COME ON NOW. UGH." I'm sorry, I did try to warn you all in my write up. At least @Ferk (9.4) got some benefit from the lyrics: ""I want to draw you a floorplan of my head and heart" pretty much describes what I wish I could do in relationships haha." Meanwhile @Posh Spears (10) calls Floorplan: "A standout on the album, no doubt." .... oops?

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  6. I think the "floorplan" concept had me raise my score because it made me think of building houses in The Sims!
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    I was going to write that this would be a good Sims soundtrack song!!!
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  8. It has the smooth vibe of the background music in build/buy mode right??!! Tegan and Sara should probably just compose every song featured in all Sims games *blasts the Simlish version of Stop Desire*
  9. Ok for some reason I haven't been getting my alerts for this thread but SERIOUSLY?!?

    'I Was Married'?!???!!!!??? 'Knife Going In'?!??! Y'all need to back off The Con. That album got me through some shit back in the day.


    Let me go scream into the abyss a bit.

    Now I know how y'all felt when I crushed some of yalls faves though. Kii. BUT NOT REALLY.
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    tegan: we're going to play one more new one and then we enter a section that i think you'll really like 'cause there's something special in it and there's a couple old songs stripped down acoustically. i think you'll like it.

    sara: you know what? i realized what it is about you that is different than me.

    tegan: do you have lyrics on stage?

    sara: no.

    tegan: what's that?

    sara: it's a note. actually it ties in very well with what i was about to say, give me a second. tegan has uh, tegan's been walking around all day long telling people that "something special" is going to happen and it drives me mental because i'm like just surprise them for fucks sake, you know? she's just, and i realize-

    tegan: you know what? i don't like surprises so i wish people would say surprise coming up.

    sara: but this isn't, this isn't the equivalent of a surprise, this isn't the equivalent of a surprise where like- you're not going to end up in a viral youtube video because a jumping spider is in your bed or something. it's not that kind of surprise, you know?

    tegan: you're getting a new mattress!!! all of you are going home-

    sara: this is not, we're not, this is not oprah's favourite things. nothing good is happening to you really tonight. besides this.

    tegan: i disagree, i disagree.

    sara: no i mean on top of what's already happened to you that's good. anyways, just wait, just stop interjecting because i just want to tell you, i want to tell you the thing i figured out. okay. so you know when you're watching a tv show that you love and you're not watching it like, you know, you have to wait until the next week to watch it 'cause it's on tv and there's commercials and you just have to wait, you know? and at the end of the program there's like some kind of emotional climax.... is somebody doing like a sound where they're just like ooooooo, like this? or am i tripping out?

    *tegan nods*

    sara: i'm tripping out? okay. i was like this person really wants to do some kind of weird harmony with me, so if we're going to make dreams come true then let's get, you know? but anyways, so you're watching the tv show and like your favourite character is like, they just go into a room and someone has a knife and it's like that's the end of the episode. and then you're just sitting there thinking god, how will i make it through the week? and then stuff from the next week, like what will happen next week, and it just shows you a quick recap of what you're going to see next week. and you think to yourself why the fuck did they show me all that, now i know this person doesn't die, they go on a camping trip and eat birthday cake, and like, and then he proposes to that girl that i hate, and you're just like why the fuck did they show me all that?

    tegan: that's me?

    sara: that's you! you're that little thing and i'm just like why don't you stop, why do you ruin it?


    #57. I Run Empty 7.41

    HIGH: 10.00 x 5 @Ferk @Petty Mayonnaise @Remorque @Slice of Life @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 5.00 x 2 @Jwentz @digitalkaiser
    MY SCORE: 7.50

    ALBUM: Heartthrob
    WRITER: Sara

    Well it's not the first song I'd kick off of Heartthrob (that would be Love They Say), but it's the second so I'm feeling positive. I don't really get why this outlasted some of the outstanding songs from their earlier work except for a general feeling that people were over generous with their Heartthrob scores. I said what I said. This is one of the longest Tegan & Sara songs I've ever heard and it... just doesn't warrant that? Sara could've easily cut a full minute to two minutes from this and nothing of meaning would be lost. There's a few interesting production quirks but this is Tegan & Sara on a bit of autopilot to me. Which doesn't make it bad by any means... just not as interesting as some of their top tier work.

    Kicking off our commentary we have @Petty Mayonnaise (10) expressing himself in gif format:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ... anyways. @digitalkaiser (5) brings us back to earth: "Another torch ballad of sorts from them, this one makes sense a bonus track just because it doesn’t reach near to the potential of the other songs of its type. I think this would be the weakest link here, it kind of just plods along." A+ analysis. @constantino (6) isn't buying what they're selling: "This is sweet (and slightly festive, which I am all for) but, like Guilty As Charged, it is definite bonus-track material. This is like a demo for the far superior 100x." Preach it sis. @Posh Spears (8) is also picking up on some vibes: "The bells in the chorus remind me of Christmas <3 Happy Holidays everybody!" @eccentricsimply (7) is a tad underwhelmed: "Okay, I guess both the bonus tracks are under the quality of the rest of the album." Well they're both better than Love They Say, but yeah. @Slice of Life (10) reaches for the stars: "Remove the sparse synths and this becomes a country song... and that again is a compliment. Okay, now I want a pop-country record from T&S. Their version of Red, if I may add. That would be absurdly awesome, I bet. I love this song and should not be seen a lesser song just because of it's bonus track status." Considering Sara hates guitars with a passion now, a country record is probably not gonna happen. I guess I'll let @Sprockrooster (10) have his emotional commentary moment without judgement (you're welcome): "This was an 11-contender. But giving my 11 to a bonus-track feels like the most waste one could spend an 11 on. I am deeply moved by this one. Especially knowing their trials and tribulations they had gone through it feels even more striking. It's okay to run empty once in a while, but if there is no one to run for you, you just cannot. "Don't Think I Did not Deserve, What I Got', is like a knife cutting your heart and turning the handle of the knife a bit to inflict that last straw of more pain. Probably the pinnacle of Sara's writing for me. Combined with that amazing musicality it is truly a shame I did not 11 this. Sorry Sara. You did deserve this 11. Now I feel like a heartthrob."

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  11. I really didn't like this song for the longest time. I felt it sort of just blended into the rest of the album but sometime last year I went through a bit of a T&S phase and this song really stood out. I adore it now. I'm sad to see it go but I ain't's made it farther than I would've thought. This almost eases the pain of those The Con cuts I just found out about. ALMOST.

    And YAAASSS!!! @Sprockrooster with that commentary.
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    Finally some outrage for the unjust booting of Knife Going In!!!!!!
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  13. It's one of my favorites from the album. Probably from them in general honestly. Not to be extra but my jaw actually dropped when I saw that and 'I Was Married ' got cut. I'm listening to the album now and quietly fuming teebs.
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  15. Not today.
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    The girls have been busy with these holiday livestreams.

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  17. Poor I Run Empty.

    The fact that people rated such a mediocre T&S track over their earlier work JUST because it's a Heartthrob track (well, not really) is such a mess.
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