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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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  2. I guess you don't know the title track, I bet it Stung, Speak Slow, Walking With a Ghost, I Know I Know I Know, Fix You Up or I Won't Be Left.
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    Same. LOVE YOU ALL, GERLS. <3
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    Stop exposing me. I'm supposed to be mean.
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    My Christmas gift to myself is to not eliminate my 10 today. See y'all tomorrow.
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  7. I heard U-Turn in the hotel lobby and almost died.
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    sara: um yes, i don't know what to say much about this song. i actually don't feel very comfortable talking about why i wrote songs or coming up with cute anecdotes like bumble bees and broken mirrors. um i'm not as good at that as somebody, but um for some reason i thought i would tell you tonight the first thing that jumps into my mind every time i play this song, which is this girl. her name was christina - i won't give you her last name because i don't think that's fair in this time of social networking, 'cause you'll look for her. because you would, let's be real, you would. so i'm not going to tell you what her last name is, i wish i could but i'm not going to tell you. anyways, so christina was what i would like to call my first um girlfriend, my first love.

    crowd: *ow!*

    tegan: they were five.

    sara: well we were five, but-

    *crowd laughs*

    sara: fine. laugh. but uh-

    tegan: no, no, no, they laughed because- i wish you could just pop one of your ears out- they laughed because someone went "ow!" and then i was like "she was five." they laughed at that. they're laughing at me. they're not laughing at you.

    sara: okay.

    *crowd aws*

    tegan: don't worry.

    sara: i'm not worried.

    tegan: she wasn't, sara wasn't - let me interpret her for you. what she was doing was looking down and pushing her bangs out of her face, she was being slutty.

    *crowd cheers*

    tegan: alright, tell the fucking story already!

    sara: well i wasn't the one interrupting me, but um... anyways, christina simpson - oh geez!

    *crowd laughs*

    *tegan claps*

    sara: whoops. i mean christina sampson... oh god. it's a very popular name, i fucking dare you to find her. probably changed her name, she probably got married or something. anyways *looks at sky*

    *crowd aws*

    sara: no, no, that was me just taking a breath. i don't miss her at all. uh but anyways i like to think that she sort of sent me on a path in my life because she uh-

    tegan: i don't think you guys were classified as a lesbian couple, i think that pretty much you were the husband right?

    sara: yeah. no i really was, like she was not gay, she was just into how much like a boy i looked like when i was five. and she may have been confused. and um but anyways she liked to play house with me and she would, sometimes she would like borrow this jean jacket i had. i know it seems weird 'cause we were five, but shit happens you know?


    #51. How Come You Don't Want Me 7.55

    10.00 x 2 @Ferk @ohnostalgia
    LOW: 3.50 x 1 @ethansiafbjork

    ALBUM: Heartthrob
    WRITER: Sara

    "This is going out to my first girlfriend, we were five, five years old. And she set me on a very dangerous and mostly unhealthy path, but still going out to her." - Sara

    Oh boy. I somehow didn't realize this was one of the less popular Heartthrob tracks until this rate and I would rather go back to living in my all love bubble. Maybe it's because I can relate this back to an almost relationship of mine that fizzled out just as it began. Basically the other person quit after a few confrontational #moments and I spent a bit of time thinking I was basically unlikable if one or two fights was enough to get someone to drop me. Everything about me that I assumed this person liked were suddenly the reasons why they didn't want me around. Honestly I felt really tricked.

    how come you don't want me now?
    why don't you want to wait this out?
    how come you always lead me on?
    never take my call, hear me out?
    why don't you want to win me now?
    why don't you want to show me off?
    tell me why you couldn't try
    couldn't try and keep me here?


    Anyways, to not make this entire write up about me, I also typed up the explanation Sara gave for this song in the Heartthrob Track by Track YouTube videos.

    "One time I saw this couple, they were an adult couple, but they were outside of a restaurant that I was at and they were having their breakup on the street. and she was saying, I remember actually being- it was not funny, it was actually incredibly depressing because they were like adult people who I imagine had adult lives and jobs and everything - and the woman was saying to him like, she actually hit him at one point on the street, and she was saying "how come you, how come you just couldn't tell me that I looked nice tonight?" Like that was what she said and it made me feel so upset. It is like a song that's sort of life in the first person, you're singing to this, you know, this person who's mistreated you or didn't do the things that you wanted or didn't like you the way that you wanted to be liked, or whatever. And then the bridge is kind of that moment where they sort of show, they reveal that they're still interested or that they're still vulnerable, that there's still an intimacy or an affection there."


    Hello @Petty Mayonnaise (8.5): "The only thing holding this one back for me is the vocal production. It’s…a bit off for me. Otherwise, this song has some gorgeously melancholic synths that make me want to cry all the gay tears." Fair. Sara's voice does sound a bit abrasive here. @digitalkaiser (7) singles out my favourite part: "This song is pretty decent, but I think it might be one of the low points on the album. The chanty chorus is the highlight in this, but the production kind of fades into the background. I’m not exactly sure what this song needs to boost its score, it’s kind of just there for me." The chanty chorus is the best and I was a bit surprised it came from Sara to be honest. @constantino (8) is here to remind us Tegan and Sara are gigantically gay: " I just love how this song explodes midway through to bleed rainbows and confetti after a bleak first half." Yath. @eccentricsimply is losing another eight! "This is a song I knew before I listened to this album. It's not their best for sure and always with that freaking sadness, but it's nice to listen to." N N N 3/4th of their discography is sad sis. We'll end with poor @Slice of Life (9.5) who has had it: ""Why don’t you wanna win me now? Why don’t you wanna show me off?" Okay but will you please stop talking about me, gorls? It's insane how much they're bashing me here. I feel so attacked. Not cool. So not cool."

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  9. I'm shook.... I gave this a 7.5 because I was originally offput by the shouty chorus but shortly after results started I fell in love with it. Easily a 10 now. I'm gonna just say that everyone had the same experience as me to make myself feel better.
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    I honestly didn't see this coming. It also picked up a 5 from @LE0Night and a 5.5 from @Jwentz if you all want more people to blame. But mostly got lots of 7-8.5s. Oh well.
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    I am... not too upset about this getting eliminated actually. Hehe. But now I fear for my 11. If my 11 exits even before the Top 40, I may have to leave this forum.
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  13. What a roller-coaster.
  14. FINALLY.
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    My Number

    Living Room

    You Wouldn't Like Me
    I Bet It Stung
    Where Does The Good Go
    Walking With A Ghost
    So Jealous
    Speak Slow

    Relief Next To Me
    The Con
    Are You Ten Years Ago
    Back In Your Head
    Burn Your Life Down
    Like O, Like H
    Dark Come Soon
    Call It Off

    On Directing
    Red Belt
    The Ocean
    Sentimental Tune

    Goodbye, Goodbye
    I Was A Fool
    I'm Not Your Hero
    Drove Me Wild
    I Couldn't Be Your Friend
    Love They Say
    Now I'm All Messed Up
    Shock To Your System
    Guilty As Charged

    That Girl
    Faint of Heart
    Dying To Know
    Stop Desire
    White Knuckles
    Hang On To The Night

    Body Work (feat. Morgan Page)
    Don't Find Another Love
    Shudder To Think​
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    Hmmm I'd rather see Love You To Death tracks fall before Heartthrob, How Come You Don't Want Me is kinda devastating
  17. [​IMG]
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  19. WHAT?!!?!!!!??!!!!!!!


    Beautiful commentary @ohnostalgia .
  20. Also yeah, I keep forgetting: they put out this tour promo vid the other day with loads of concert photos in it, there were a couple of their stage-bouncing antics in there and their jumping-faces are ending me.

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