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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

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    sara: you know what's funny? when people objectify you uh it does very little to help whatever self-esteem issues you truly have. i know that wasn't a question, but that's the answer. it's funny, not that i don't appreciate it, but it's weird how-

    tegan: why? does it make you feel self-conscious?

    sara: no, no. it's just sort of like, you know, i don't know. i don't even know how to explain it. i was thinking about it the other day because uh one of my friends who is an artist who um is very behind the scenes, she does art and she's very well known, but it's really the art-

    tegan: you can say my name, i don't mind.

    sara: no, it's not you. but uh you know she's very admired and people really like her art and-

    tegan: come on.

    sara: but the focus of the attention is not on her as a person, it's really truly on the art-

    tegan: so nice

    sara: and music really is different. i wish you wouldn't ruin the rest of this

    tegan: sorry.

    sara: if we're going to salvage any part of this story-

    tegan: sorry

    sara: it would help if you stopped talking at me.

    tegan: start again, start again.

    sara: um... anyways it's really funny because like so much about music is really writing about the worst things that you feel about yourself you know, and like you're writing about the most troubling situations in your life so even if you're really like a happy person- like overall i would say i'm like 80% happy and then like 20% percent melancholy exponent 100. you know so when i'm sitting down to write i very rarely tap into the 80% happy part. and so it's really funny when you're performing live because it's like so positive, it's like people applaud, people cheer, people throw brassieres at you, you know and you're just like it's really strange because in what other part of life- like if you showed up at your job at like a school or something and you just like had a big fit in front of everybody no one's going to be like *claps* "you're so hot!"

    tegan: they'd be like "is something wrong?'

    sara: yeah.

    tegan: "do you need help? are you sad?"

    sara: it's really weird, like that seems like the more appropriate response, especially to a song like the one i'm about to play, which is so dark for me. and uh instead at the end instead of applauding it would be really interesting if someone was like "do you want to talk about how you're feeling? is there something that we can do? is there a prescription that we can run down to the cvs?"... and no? anyway, this song is about a period in my life when i was very unhappy, and i'll tell you right now to all the friendly folks who keep telling me that i'm attractive, um i did not feel attractive. in fact i felt repulsive and um it was a terrible terrible time for my life because i was um i was a very heartbroken teenager, much like the characters in twilight for example. that's a cultural reference that you will understand.

    tegan: now i understand how you felt.

    sara: sort of like *whispers to tegan* what's?

    tegan: bella.

    sara: bella.

    tegan: it's so irritating that sara won't get into it. so annoying.

    sara: i'm invulnerable to its charm. okay i have seen all the movies, i like them. but anyways, much like bella i was in love with a vampire. she wasn't a real vampire, but she was a bitch. you know it's weird, people are always like "what's your type?" and i'm like "bitch." so don't be nice to me.


    #50. Like O, Like H 7.57

    HIGH: 10.00 x 2 @LE0Night @Sprockrooster
    LOW: 5.50 x 1 @Petty Mayonnaise
    MY SCORE: 9.00

    ALBUM: The Con
    WRITER: Sara

    "I was a happy kid and there isn’t a sad, sad story to tell. But our parents got divorced when we were five, and I think I had a lot of anxiety when I was kid. I worried that I was sick a lot… So, the first part of the song definitely is about me being a bit of a troubled kid, worried and anxious about things. But a lot of that was inside, like how I imagined myself when I was a little kid, ‘cause I know that a lot of people didn’t see me like that. And then, as a teenager I was a brat, for sure. We grew up in a tough neighborhood, and we sort of took on a lot of that attitude that comes with being around a lot of tough kids. I don’t think we were bad, but definitely in junior high and highschool… The second part of the song is about that time in my life." - Sara

    Et tu, @Petty Mayonnaise? This song is wonderfully dark and distressing and I hate you all. The guitar line is downright menacing, Sara's vocals cut right through you, the S! O! S! sends chills up your spine, the interlaced vocals on the bridge are mesmerizing, AND!!! Sara has such a way with words: "make a map of what you see, direct pain effectively," "sos to my mother, take the hinges off the door," "when i was four plus a ten i was swinging fists like nails in a board," "pull your hands inside of you, six years 'til i'll be through. i was four plus a ten i was swinging back." UGH!!!!! This is another one of Sara's anxiety songs and I just over identify with them I guess. Or you all fucked up. I think I know the real answer. Here's the video chapter for this song and if you like Sara you should definitely watch 'cause she provides some choice moments:

    Fun fact: originally Sara pushed for The Con to be called Sugar Spell It Out. Probably for the best she lost that battle. Anyways. Let's go back to you all feeling ashamed of yourselves. @digitalkaiser (6): "This reminds me of some songs on sainthood (my clearly biased favoritism aside), so for that it gets a bit of a higher score! I like how the production flourishes through the song, it has some beautiful guitar work and synth elements that make it really drive things home." You couldn't have sprung for a 7???? @constantino (8) is right where Sara wants him: "Ooh broody! I’m feeling this, it takes me right back to their super down-trodden emo phase." @eccentricsimply (6) will be happy that I finally answered her question: "Why are their songs so sad?????????????" My research skills' impact. Oh @Slice of Life (8), why are you so cute? "I have no idea what they're singing about here (as usual) but I like what I'm hearing. I hope this isn't a problematic song. Kii." If by problematic you mean terribly heartbreaking, yes. I don't want to see @Sprockrooster's (10) reaction to us cutting this: "That S.O.S. in the background is amazing and those sassy lyrics. Taken over." It's not my fault!!!

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    I honestly get that a lot IRL. #PerksofBeingShort x
  4. Oh no...
    Like O, Like H is amazing and makes me recall high school chemistry which I loved!
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    I felt really bad when you and @LE0Night brought it up and I had to pretend it wasn't getting cut in like two days.
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    Can I add this to my signature without someone yelling at me because I don't think I ever found something that describes me as well as this
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (I live on the ground floor anyway.)
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    Mess at me going "wait if Tegan is 36 how old is Sara?"
  9. @ohnostalgia you made a mistake. There is no zero behind Like O, Like H for it's placement.

    How in the world it really isnot top 5 is beyond me. I feel like I overscored the whole of Love You To Death and most of Heartthrob. Kill those next please.
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    I've officially read every banter in this thread that I hadn't read before and saw so many pictures of these two today that I'm convinced I'd be able to tell them apart. Except in that post from hell with the recent pictures.
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    I feel so proud.
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    tegan: i actually wrote, i wrote it about sara and i's relationship. for the most part we get along and for the most part we like each other, but there was a phase where we really really didn't get along very well and it was- we were graduating high school and we had decided not to go to university and our parents had varying emotional responses to that and we used to fight a lot and sara would always say things like "you just do what you want to do, we're not the same person. you need to live your life like you're one person, not two people!" and i was like i'm going to write a song about it and make you sing it with me for twelve years. so we'll see how that feels, we'll see.

    sara: you have this really long hair sort of on your vest there.

    tegan: oh... thank you.

    sara: there's another one.

    tegan: oh.

    sara: if it wasn't for a dvd i wouldn't even say anything, but it's huge and long. it almost looks like an older person with long grey hair was laying on your chest before the show.

    tegan: anyway, this song... um my mom- sara and i we would argue a lot, we would get really crazy and so my mom made us go see a therapist, but the therapist was she was a sports therapist, she worked with people. well you know what? actually we figured this out recently, we don't think she was a sports therapist, it's just there was a photo of her with a horse on her website. and so we used to say like she was a vet yeah, she wasn't even a therapist. my mom was like "well we have this friend and she works with horses, maybe she can work with tegan and sara." so anyway, one of our first sessions sara and i got hysterical and um we were screaming and yelling at each other and swearing and she just looked absolutely horror stricken. and we came out and my mom was in the waiting room and she got to the van and she was like "i am embarrassed of you, that was ridiculous, you were insane, that was shocking," and you know we thought that was hysterical um. and the next session we came in and she just had a big pad of paper on an easel and she was like "rules for the room." and the first thing on the list was "the use of motherfucker is not allowed."


    #49. Divided 7.60

    10.00 x 3 @ohnostalgia @Petty Mayonnaise @send photo
    LOW: 3.80 x 1 @Ferk 4.00 x 1 @Remorque

    ALBUM: Under Feet Like Ours
    WRITER: Tegan

    Divided is the Tegan & Sara origin story. Please ignore those horrid low scores because they honestly do not reflect the beauty and heartbreak contained within Divided. The way Tegan sings "at ease I" alone is worth a Juno award in my eyes. Any voter who did not listen to this song should do so today, especially if you live for the songs about their relationship. I'm going to run through the song with you guys, but before we start please know that Shura used to cover this song and it's an anthem of sorts for her and her twin brother. So there you go, this has the Shura stamp of approval. Also @send photo gave it a 10. send photo.

    go downtown to catch the early movie,
    the shows are cheaper they don't mind if you put your feet up.
    Sara's out on the highway with a homemade sign it says
    go ahead try to figure what my future looks like.

    I don't want to live my life like a movie
    always thinkin' I could've been something
    don't run along side and control me
    just film away and let me be

    how can you be mad we just got started?
    I want to shave my head, lie in bed all day long
    how can you be mad we just got started?

    TEGAN: I can relate to that. When Sara came out - I knew that she had a girlfriend and I knew that I liked girls - but when she came out, it felt like it outed me. It was probably one of the harder times in our lives and it's weird, I wasn't upset that she was gay but by her being gay, it made me gay. It's hard to explain that to people. It's interesting that you brought up "Divided"'s crazy to say but it's like I know Sara chose this career because she felt like she owed it to me. There is something very insane about having feelings forced into something...I wanted to play music, this is what I wanted, I fought for it, I pushed for it and I felt resentment from Sara when we started because I knew she didn't really want that and -

    SHURA: Do you think that's changed now?

    TEGAN: I think so but you know it's hard, I think she was uncomfortable with it. I don't know what she wanted to be...she kinda went along with it. That was ultimately that era, that's what divided us, that's why we were in therapy, because she basically, in her own words was 'I'm doing this because I feel sorry for you. This is what you want and I'm doing this for you'. I felt like she sorta had me back into a corner. I felt trapped in that emotion. I felt like I had to tiptoe. When she moved to Montreal I felt like she was escaping. It was difficult, it was very complicated. I don't know if you felt this way but I feel like...if I ever said "oh I'm so tired and it's so daunting" then people would be like "what are you talking about...?" I felt the same way about Sara, I would call my mom and say "she's awful and she's mean to me" and my mom would be like "then quit!!!" I would be like "are you fucking out of your mind?!!!" How can I quit her?! No-one understood how powerful and yet how awful it could be sometimes.

    at ease I, I feel fine
    I'll move on, I'll go on

    there's something so divided
    don't worry about me I'll be fine
    don't live your life for me or for anyone
    live your life as if you're one

    live your life as if you're one
    and find quiet, it's awful quiet

    TEGAN: Well, our whole lives people always thought that Sara was extroverted and I was the introvert. But I think Sara is actually quite shy and reclusive and independent and she likes a lot of time on her own. They say that there's always a twin that doesn't want to be a twin and one that's fine with it. And Sara speaks singularly; she never speaks plurally, even if I'm there. She won't be like, "Me and Tegan went to do this" she'll be like, "Oh yeah, this one time, bla bla…" and I want to jump in, but I know if I jump in, then she wasn't able to tell the story from her perspective. It's like a lack of independence. She doesn't want to have to share everything with me. I totally sympathize. I've just come to terms with it, and I almost find comfort in knowing I have a partner no matter what. I'm sure on some level she does too. But, I'd say that our biggest difference is just that. She's very independent and I'm happy being part of the group kinda thing.

    She used to be the one to scream and push when we got into a fight, but now I'm the one more likely to do that. Now she's the one to pull back and be inside and be upset about it. I don't know when that happened. I guess it was a couple of years ago. I think that's actually more her real self. She needs a lot of Sara time. We've gone to a couple of different therapists. We went to therapy the whole time we were making this record. He's done sessions with a bunch of different sets of twins and he said there's always one that needs their own space. Hearing that was a lot better than hearing the other perspective which is "I hate you" and "you embarrass me". It's easier to just hear "Sara needs Sara time". And I know I can be overbearing too, because I have a million things going on inside of me. I don't balance music and personal as well.

    Jesus Christ, I can't take all the emotions. I didn't want to write this post because I knew I'd get all sad. To make it even more gut wrenching, let's look at some lyrics from Sara's perspective 17 years later.

    my life tethered like like a twin or a sun
    scared to be severed right right before we begun
    doubled like a couple, we stood stood out in the light, light
    clutching each other like knuckles turned white, white

    I cried wolf, howled it at the moon
    so luck be damned break that mirror in two
    I made us feel feel unlucky too

    cry, cry wolf, I don't know what this howling will prove
    cry, cry wolf, I don't know what I'm gon, what I'm gonna lose


    Speaking of, @Petty Mayonnaise (10): "This gives me Lisa Loeb teas, and that’s a huge compliment. That late 90s alt-rock by way of a coffeehouse vibe always gets me." Yes way to evoke another song that gets me in the feelings, thank you. And the one time I probably won't drag him in this rate, @send photo (10): "Kicking off the rate with a kick in my ass with how close to home this hits. I just came here to have a good time and I honestly feel attacked."

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    Video #2 is iconic and everyone should watch it.
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  14. 'Like O, Like H' is gone?

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    I pour my soul into a post and nobody has anything to say. I see how it is. Hmhph.
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    N N N N I'm so busy with my K-pop charts, boo. Let me live. Also, I can't drag @send photo because he just made my day! Kii.
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    I'm finishing up two rates, working on my best of 2016 post, and keeping up with this rate. I'm not accepting this excuse.
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    I didn't rate this song. Kii.

    Sorry, mom.

    But you must know I always appreciate your posts. Hehe.
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  19. I am this gif, this gif is me.

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    Okay but you're going to give up 3 minutes of your life to listen to it. Or I'll disown you.
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