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Back In Your Head: The Tegan & Sara Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Listening to my 10s from Heartthrob makes me really want to revisit that album deeply. It feels like a true opus. I am also planning to add my 9s to that playlist so I can get more acquainted to them and feel sad I didnot 10 them in this rate.
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  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I truly appreciate the new listeners who did embrace their older work and are still listening to the songs. I only got truly mad at two of your scores, which is a record. Tegan and Sara are miracle workers.
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  3. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    N n n I realized I underscored a few songs, but specially Knife Going In.

    To be fair - and this explanation is needed for my lowest score in Love You To Death which I regret a little bit - when I scored everything I was in a very specific moment, feeling very down, and most of their older stuff wasn't helping me at all. At least with their recent songs that are still sad, there are pop beats that help a bit. So I do recognised I was too harsh on the rating, but I mean, at least I recognise that now and am more willing to give their older stuff another listen.
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  4. They sure have a huge catalogue of songs that instantly take me over but also from slowburners that make it worth being part of this rate. In my 2016 year end list it isnot surprising one song (and not my 11) managed to be my #2 song from rate discoveries.
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  5. If the music is new it is inevitable. I wished I scored Divided higher and also some tracks from Heartthrob too. But sometimes you also overscore songs. Very instant but also tiresome really fast. On Directing fits that bill a bit for me. It happens.
  6. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    See when I'm really sad I just listen to a shit tonne of sad music, but I do get the opposite perspective. I'm glad you're willing to give some of the older stuff another try though.
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  7. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I do too, but their sadness is just really...... pointed? Like it hits a very very specific nerve. But I was listening to Under Feet Like Ours the other day and really digging it, so.
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  8. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member


  9. Even though I've been stanning for them for years now I do wish I had spent more time with some of the older work before doing the scores. They're one of the few artists whose entire discography remains on my iPod at all times so I was definitely familiar with the older stuff but this rate has made me really revisit and appreciate quite a few of the old songs. Whether it's someone's commentary or one of the videos posted this rate has really helped bring their older work back to life for me.
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  10. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    tegan: yeah but i think i thought that because she might've told me that, but now she tells everybody it's about my grandpa so it's rude to sorta be like no, it's about me. you can maybe think about me and my grandpa.

    sara: it's probably because i actually.. no, i introduced this wrong. i can do whatever i want, so. it's funny because i did kind of write a part of the song about tegan, but i like to talk about my grandpa. tegan's in the band and talks about herself all the time, so it's a change of pace, if you know what i mean, when i bring up my grandpa. but it's interesting because i wrote the end of the song about my grandpa. after my grandma died he called me and he said- i said "how are you grandpa?" this is almost like a year after she passed away, but he was like he was really sad and they were together like 61 years, and he said that he was really sad because his favourite thing to do was drive around in the car with her and that when he was driving around-

    tegan: not her favourite thing to do-

    sara: usually they were on route to some sort of fucked up dust town to look at tractors in a warehouse, so uh wasn't that much fun for her. but he loved it and he said that he would look next to him and she wasn't there and it made him cry. he's already a terrifying driver so it's terrifying that he was crying while driving as well. it pretty much impairs anything you're doing when you're crying so um the last time that i drove in the car with my grandpa he was eighty and he'd just bought a car-

    tegan: still alive.

    sara: he's still alive and i was lucky to be after driving. i never got in a car with him ever again. but he - this was just a side note, it has nothing to do with the song - but he had got amazing wicked kinda like a mobster car. it was all black, black leather, and he told me very proudly that he had paid for it all in cash, which he does for everything and um- he's a retired farmer so he doesn't trust the government, doesn't have much money in the bank. anyway he um, he was like "let me take you for a ride" and i was like "okay sure, sounds good"... which makes it sound like my grandpa was trying to pick me up. actually i think he hates me. not literally.

    tegan: he does not hate us, not even a little bit. we're his oldest grandchildren and he loves us.

    sara: he does, he loves us dearly. i'm sorry, like i won't talk much after this, i promise.

    tegan: no, no no, it's fine, don't say that 'cause now they'll aw and you'll feel encouraged.

    sara: yeah. anyways he took me and my one of my cousins in the car - my cousin's name is jennifer - and jennifer and i get into the car and he drove so fast um that i actually looked at her and thought this, she will be the last person that i see. i was like if i get out of this alive, i swear to god i thought if i get out of this alive, which i've never thought before- not on an airplane, not even when i was something else, doesn't matter. anyways, i thought if i get out of this alive i will never get into a car with my grandpa again and so that's it. that's the end of the story. i did make it out alive and yeah.

    *tegan claps*


    #47. Burn Your Life Down

    10.00 x 1 @First2Run
    LOW: 5.50 x 1 @Remorque
    MY SCORE: 7.00

    ALBUM: The Con
    WRITER: Sara

    I drive around the block
    and I'm not looking to my right
    I feel the glass against my cheek
    and I can't see you in the light
    I break my heart around this
    break my heart around this pole


    I'm a bit surprised I only gave this a seven - I suppose I was doing that thing where I tried not to go overboard with crazy scoring for The Con (I only scored two songs lower than an 8). It could also be because it takes a bit for Burn Your Life Down to get going, but that ending part is devastating, especially if you know the backstory:

    I remember when she sent me “Burn Your Life Down” she said it’d been influenced by my break-up, and also by our grandmother’s passing. She and my grandpa retired really young and they used to drive all over the States. Sara had been really affected by something he had said: that he didn’t want to go on any trips because when he looked to his right, my grandma wasn’t there. He just wanted to cry and go home. The record would’ve gotten redundant if it’d just been full of our own broken hearts. “I drive around the block and I’m not looking to my right… keep on fighting to remember that nothing is lost in the end.” - Tegan

    Case in point- @eccentricsimply (7.5): "Ahhhhh this song is one of the sad ones. The story about their grandfather and their grandmother, and how he didn't want to drive around anymore because she wouldn't be there is sooooooo ridiculously heartbreaking." I'm sobbing. I know he died recently so I suppose he's driving around with her wherever dead people go. I don't think @constantino (9) knew the backstory: "Oh this one is adorable. I’m not 100% if it’s panflute I hear but regardless, the production is magical." In the good words of my friend Grimes: you only like me when you think I'm looking sad. Okay, let's check in with @digitalkaiser (7.5): "I like the twinkly bits and the sentiment of the song’s content quite a bit. Nice a catchy. This one stands out as a gem on an album. I’m feeling the anger, but like...anger represented in a responsible digestible easy way. Burn my life down girls." Why do I feel like Sara would be the arsonist of the group? Meanwhile @Petty Mayonnaise (8) sings the praises of that outro: " It gets a few extra points just for the last 20 seconds or so." And @Slice of Life (9.75) had the Tasha Cobbs experience: ""You've been planning to remember, So nothing will be lost in the end" This is so heartbreaking. But I love that the song has a beat that isn't depressing. Nice touch. And when the vocals started soaring... I WAS BROUGHT TO CHURCH YATH! Spill that gospel!"

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  11. I've really grown to love The Con lately. It hurts to lose anything from it!
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  12. Oh that back story for 'Burn Your Life Down'.

    Tug at my heartstrings a biT.
  13. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    tegan: i wrote this next song after a fan interaction where um somebody met me and they told me that they had been looking forward to meeting me for so many years and then when they met me they *laughs* didn't like me that much. which i was like, well that's why you shouldn't want to meet the people you admire because a lot of times they turn out to be dinks, they turn out to be real assholes and um.. not that i am *clears throat* an asshole. i don't think i am, but this person did um so i decided to write them a song.

    *crowd cheers*

    tegan: which says a lot about me. that i wrote the song for somebody who didn't like me instead of a song for someone who did. i gotta write that down for therapy.


    #46a. You Wouldn't Like Me 7.67

    HIGH: 10.00 x 2 @constantino @LE0Night
    LOW: 5.00 x 1 @Sprockrooster
    MY SCORE: 7.50

    ALBUM: So Jealous
    WRITER: Tegan

    Why would you tell one of your heroes that you didn't like them? Isn't that something you can wait to write down on your blog after you get home??? In interviews and on stage Tegan talks a lot about how she's more of the people pleaser, the one who wants people to like her, so I'm not surprised she would write about that experience. I really relate to these lyrics- I'm sure nobody here is shocked. It's probably for the best I live too far away to meet most of you!!! There's one line in particular that stood out to me: "Well I can't stop talking for fear of listening to unwelcome sound." Reminds me a lot of how sometimes I suddenly find 8000 interesting things to do at 11:00 pm because I don't want to be alone with my thoughts while trying to fall asleep. Musically, I like the mix of acoustic guitar and synth, but it doesn't hit as hard as some of Tegan's other melodies.

    Okay let's go to @Remorque (8) for the opening commentary: "I quite liked this one instantly as I think they were just trying to find their own identity musically and that’s probably the reason why this one sounds a bit messy… But I’ve always loved their vocals, even if they’re not quite right every time…" Is this Tegan shade? Going one step further we have a Tegan read from @digitalkaiser (7): "Great opening to a very solid album. I love how punchy it is and how it builds and builds. “I-I feel like, I wouldn’t like me, if I met me” is one of my all time favorite lyrics. It really brings me back to the inner turmoil I had in highschool. While nostalgic, the song is let down a bit from this more juvenile sentiment." OUCH. Elsewhere in Minnesota @Jwentz (7.5) did not go to school for math: "I kept adjusting my score because I forgot how much better this song gets as it builds." Meanwhile to nobody's surprise @Petty Mayonnaise (9) is crying again: "The way this builds and builds totally floods my basement." @eccentricsimply (6) will join ha with dry eyes: "Okay it's scary how relatable these lyrics are." @Slice of Life (9), who is one of the most likable people on this forum, shows that we all have insecurities: ""I feel like I wouldn't like me if I met me. I feel like you wouldn't like me if you met me." Come on lyrics, let's get sickening! I think this might be my favourite opening song of a T&S album bar Heartthrob and Love You To Death. The lyrics are accessible and somehow, relatable. Kii." We'll close with @constantino (10), who originally tried to give out like eighteen 11s, with one going to this track: "YASSSS! I’m not sure if this is common but every now and then I look at myself in the mirror and question whether I’m a horrible person or not (the conclusion is often yes, kii). The fact that Tegan and Sara can encapsulate this feeling in a song with such a great melody is instantly 10-worthy. EDIT: I’VE BEEN LISTENING TO THIS FOR THE PAST HOUR AND I CANT STOP HJALP." I'm sorry, you're now in Tegan & Sara repeat hell. Have fun.

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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    N N N N N why am I screaming at this???
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  15. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Because Tegan kinda looks like an asshole there.
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  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    She looks very grunge Anna Wintour there and I'm living for the gig.
  17. That was the first cut to really sting, but in a rate with so many tracks it made it a lot further than I was expecting.
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    tegan: we hope that tonight ends up being the night that you imagined it to be, but even better. and so part of that is us creating a set list that compliments all of our old records as well as the new record. so now we're going to go into a two hour stretch of just sara songs acoustic, uh just her and a stool.

    sara: and tegan's going to do an interpretive dance based on my songs.

    tegan: i'm going to dance and sara's going to sing on the stool.

    sara: and the cool part is that tegan and i are going to come out there and watch and it's actually going to be the band, they're going to actually do it. we've got some unitards waiting for them backstage, they're going to switch into those.

    tegan: no, what's actually going to happen is we're going to play a three-pack of my favourite sara songs. this is my part of the setlist- i don't care if you like it, this is where i get to play the tambourine! let's fucking do it!


    #46b. Sentimental Tune 7.67

    11.00 x 1 @First2Run, 10.00 x 2 @ohnostalgia, @Posh Spears
    LOW: 4.50 x 1 @eccentricsimply

    ALBUM: Sainthood
    WRITER: Sara

    o wow what a mess

    I felt pretty sick to my stomach when I realized where Sentimental Tune ended up in the rankings. This easily should've been in the Top 30. Way to fuck it up guys!!!!!!!!!! Sentimental Tune is absolutely brilliant, it's Sara Quin encapsulated into one gorgeous song, and it's also pretty much my personal anthem. I'm so pissed off right now and @First2Run, sweetie, I'm so sorry they did this to you. I honestly can't work out what's not to love about Sentimental Tune: soaring verses, beautiful instrumentation, amazing use of "ohs!," a breahtaking chorus, pointed strings, sharp and relatable lyricism, and this little moment:

    don't worry I'm ready for a fight
    unnerved, the nerve,
    you're nervous, you're nervous
    that I'm right

    *banging orchestral strings*

    now you know you know it now
    and so!
    no you know you know it now


    @Petty Mayonnaise (6.5), what's good? "This is kind of grating...but also kind of a bop...I’m conflicted." Did you just call me grating? Did you just call Sara grating? Did you seriously just do that? I don't know what to say. I'm heartbroken. @digitalkaiser (7) IS A TRAITOR I CAN'T EVEN GET HIM TO STAN THE SONGS HE LOVES: "This song has the most INFECTIOUS sing along lyric so far, I remember it always even after listening to the album as a whole: Hard hearted don't worry I'm ready for a fight. Unnerve. the nerve. You're nervous. Nervous that I'm right! I mean, it just sings itself really, it’s so catchy! The fiddles/strings cascading at the end of the song are also a highlight. Despite these things, I ranked it lower because the rest of the song doesn’t do as much for me." Don't talk to me right now. @constantino (7) marks down an amazing song because of issues he has with the tracklisting: "This is kinda mediocre I’m afraid…they’re basically regurgitating the same sound that they’ve given us earlier in the album. EDIT: The strings at the end stop this from being a 5, because it’s such a gorgeous moment." You need to stop.

    Okay now that we've got the trifling ass opinions out of the way, let's move on. Hello @send photo (8), my convenient friend: "Those strings are really beautiful." DAMN STRAIGHT. I LOVE YOU. @Slice of Life (8.5) stans one of their greatest choruses, as they should: "Queen of Tongue Twister-y Choruses! That chorus is memorable. And the vocals are probably my favourite so far. I love 'em harmonies." Queen of correct and appropriate Tegan & Sara opinions. @Posh Spears (10) simply says: "This really is a sentimental tune, ain’t it!" but I don't really have a lot to work with here so YATH QUEEN. And finally, a final note of mourning for our jilted @First2Run (11) who absolutely predicts the future: " NERVOUS THAT I’M RIGHT! What catchy songwriting! I don’t know how I ended up deciding this should get my 11, but I have a feeling this will end up getting treated poorly." Well at least you know you're on the right side of taste with @ohnostalgia.

    Watch these live videos and feel ashamed.

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    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Okay, but you see, if I'd listened to the live version instead I'd have given it a 7 at least.
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  20. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    *gross sobbing*
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